E-Cigarette Etiquette: Be an Ambassador for Vaping

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As vaping continues to move into the mainstream, more questions are arising about e-cigarette etiquette. As vapers, we are obligated to be good ambassadors for our hobby, which is why White Cloud provides advice about basic e-cig etiquette.

Rising Above the Vapor Clouds

We all know about the tons of research studies that have confirmed the safety of e-cigs for users and bystanders, but misinformation from media and even government sources have put a bad taste in the mouth of the non-vaping public. The more respectful we are in our vaping habits, the less push back we will be subjected to as the market continues to grow.

Popular Opinions About E-Cigs

Vaping survey

In 2014, research firm Harris Interactive conducted a survey of over 1,000 Americans to gauge popular perceptions of vaping in public. Well over half, or about 63 percent, of respondents said they were fine with others vaping near them; however, when asked about specific locations, people were a little more picky. About 60 percent of those surveyed approved of e-cig use at sporting events, and close to half were OK with them in malls, restaurants and bars. Approval of public use declined to 35 percent when participants were asked about offices and public transportation, and only about a quarter thought e-cigs were OK in movie theaters and on airplanes.

The Basics of E-Cig Etiquette

Laws regarding where you can vape greatly vary by region, but here are some common decency rules that should apply wherever you go:

  • If you’re in a group, ask your friends or family if they mind you vaping around them. If someone reacts negatively, try not to get on the defensive. People are often afraid of things they don’t understand, so be respectful until they come around.
  • Be ready to explain the difference between e-cigs and traditional cigarettes. Mini e-cigs, also referred to as “cig-a-likes”, can especially look like real tobacco products, so make sure everyone knows that you are not putting them at risk for cancer or lung disease.
  • Before whipping out your e-cig in a bar or restaurant, ask the manager if they are OK with you vaping.
  • Stay up-to-date on local e-cig laws as they are rapidly evolving. If you’re taking your e-cig with you on a trip, make sure to check the laws of wherever you’re going.
  • Try to limit the amount of vapor you create. Using White Cloud’s invisi-vapor is a great way to vape without causing any unwanted attention. It produces no noticeable vapor when you exhale, yet it still delivers the same great taste and satisfaction as our other cartridges.
  • Speaking of which, never chase clouds in public. Cloud chasing is a technique that creates a massive amount of vapor. While many e-cig users think it makes for a cool visual effect, non-vapers often see it as pollution. Nonetheless, it is the one form of vaping that could really turn off the general public since most people don’t want to be forced to sit in a giant cloud of vapor.
  • Avoid vaping around children. White Cloud strongly believes that e-cigs are only for adults who want a potentially safer alternative to tobacco, which is why we adhere to a very strict age verification policy. Parents who do not understand e-cigs may be frightened for their children’s health, so it’s best to avoid confrontation by saving vaping for adult company.
  • If you vape in a crowded place, you’re asking for dirty looks. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid using your e-cig during busy hours in restaurants or on public transportation.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

Tips for answering questions about vaping

Even though the vaping community continues to grow, there are still many people who are unsure of what exactly e-cigs are. If someone seems interested in your e-cig, encourage questions and let them know about your positive experiences. These moments give you a great chance to explain how e-cigs work. A positive interaction with a vaper could do more than countless positive articles about e-cigs; you may even change a negative perception someone may have. It may get old or be annoying to answer the same questions over and over, but those interactions also give you a real chance to make a positive impact.