The Best Nicotine-Free Vape Options from White Cloud

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Since their introduction, electronic cigarettes have been used by many smokers as an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Despite the many opposing views on the potential health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping, research has suggested that more and more people have successfully kicked the habit with vaping, as opposed to the available nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) such as patches and gum. Many attribute this to how closely vaping resembles the act of smoking and the different nicotine options available with e-cigs – including zero-nicotine.

So What’s the Point of Nicotine-Free Vapes?

The majority of e-cigarettes on the market are available in varying nicotine strengths to allow e-cig users to fully customize their vaping experience – but why? This has never been an option with tobacco cigarettes, and most smokers don’t even know how much nicotine is in a cigarette or how much their bodies actually absorb per puff – not to mention how the nicotine might react with the hundreds of other chemicals added to cigarettes.

When you really think about it, though, not all smoking habits are the same. Some people smoke a pack or more a day while others may smoke only a few cigarettes a day. Then there are the social smokers who only smoke on occasion. With this wide range of smoking habits, it’s quite obvious that the need for nicotine differs greatly among smokers. But why offer nicotine-free vapes? For many, it’s used as a final stepping stone to quit their nicotine habit for good.

The Stepping Stones to Nicotine-Free

For those making the switch from smoking to vaping, some find a nicotine strength that suits them best and stick with it, while others use the varying nicotine strength options as stepping stones to slowly decrease their nicotine intake and eventually make their way down to nicotine-free. Those who make it down to zero-nicotine no longer want or need the stimulating effect of nicotine, but still enjoy the way it feels to inhale a satisfying puff of full-flavored vapor.

For many, the simple act of smoking is a huge part of their smoking habit as it becomes part of their everyday routine, from that morning cigarette with a cup of coffee to that after dinner must-have smoke. Vaping allows smokers to keep their routine, with or without the nicotine.

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Nicotine-Free Vapes: Choices, Choices, Choices

So, if you’re a smoker looking for an alternative to cigarettes or still love to vape but don’t want the nicotine, then we’ve got you covered with some of the best zero-nicotine vape options, from bottled e-liquids to disposable e-cigs!

Nicotine-Free Bottled E-Liquids

About White Cloud E-Liquid Flavors

At White Cloud, we cater to vapers of all varieties with an extensive array of bottled e-liquids in six different nicotine strengths measured in percentages or nicotine-by-volume (NBV) – from 5.4% all the way down to 0% or nicotine-free (more on nicotine percentages and NBV here).

From our traditional tobacco and menthol flavors like Regular and Zero K to refreshing fruity flavors like The Orchard and Muscat Blanc to sweet and creamy dessert flavors like Chocolate and Vanilla, all of White Cloud’s flavored e-liquids are available in nicotine-free (and made for adults).

Be sure to grab a pack of refillable e-tanks and one of our rechargeable e-cig options for the full White Cloud vaping experience – and yes, we’ve got options for those, too, so read on!

The Cirrus Rechargeable Line

The Cost Savings of Rechargeable E-Cigs

White Cloud’s flagship product, our Cirrus rechargeable batteries come in three different colors and sizes, including our powerhouse CIrrus 3X for a long-lasting, all day vape. Designed to closely mimic the act of smoking, the Cirrus “cig-a-like” e-cig battery is activated upon inhalation and is the perfect option for smokers looking to make the switch. Don’t forget to grab one of our Squid Chargers so you can keep those babies charged up – or just get the whole kit and caboodle with one of our Cirrus Starter Kits.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced but still easy to use, then check out the button-activated Cirrus Fob battery. Delivering satisfyingly rich and flavorful vapor, the Fob is powered by a 900mAh battery, making it 3 times more powerful than the Cirrus 3X. More than just powerful, it’s also smart – the LCD screen on the front of the device keeps your battery life in check so you won’t have to worry about running out of vaping power when you need it the most.

The Fob is compatible with all ClearDraw e-tanks and refillable mini tanks, both of which easily screw into the cartridge insert to make changing flavors a breeze. Get everything you need to vape nicotine-free with a Cirrus Fob starter kit.

The ZFG E-Cig Battery

ZFG Advanced Vaping System

White Cloud’s innovative ZFG E-Cig Battery combines the simplicity of a cig-a-like with the e-liquid capacity of an advanced personal vaporizer to deliver a vaping experience like no other. With the ZFG, gone are the days of fussing with screwing on or filling up e-tanks – the battery and compatible ZFG e-tanks fit together with a game-changing magnetic connection to make changing flavors a snap!

Get everything you need to vape with ease with the ZFG Starter Kit, complete with the ZFG battery, charger and a 5-pack of ZFG e-tanks in your choice of flavor.

The eVod Advanced Vaping System

evod vaping system

With 1300mAh of vaping power, the button-activated eVod battery will power you through an entire day of vaping – without even thinking about stopping to recharge or refill. The compatible eVod T-2 Tanks give you enough room for 2.4ml of your favorite e-liquid so there’s no need to waste precious time refilling your tank more than once a day.

Get everything you need to advance your vaping experience with the eVod Starter Kit, complete with the eVod battery and charger, a 5-pack of T-2 tanks and 5-pack of replacement coils, and a 30ml bottle of White Cloud’s premium e-liquid.

Nicotine-Free Disposable E-Cigs

fling disposables

When it comes to vaping on-the-go, nothing beats the convenience of a disposable e-cig – and at White Cloud, we’ve got options for those, too!

First up is the Fling Original, another flagship product from White Cloud. A customer favorite throughout the nearly 12 years of White Cloud’s existence, the Fling Original has earned a reputation for being the longest lasting disposable e-cigarette on the market. You can find nicotine-free options in any White Cloud flavor, and the multi-pack options help you save on cost while trying out different flavors.

Next up is the Fling Wide, White Cloud’s advanced disposable e-cig. With a high-capacity battery and 3ml of e-liquid, the Fling Wide keeps you vaping long after other disposables would’ve run out of juice, while its thermoplastic design ensures your flavor stays fresh with each and every puff. Just like the Fling Originals, Fling Wides are available in both singles and multi-packs.

Then we have the Fling Wide’s “mini-me”, AKA the Fling Wide Mini. With the same thermoplastic design as its big brother, complete with an ergonomic mouthpiece and super easy draw, the Fling Wide Mini fits naturally in your hand and keeps a low profile in your pocket, making it the perfect travel companion for vapers on-the-go.

Only the Best from White Cloud

Whether you’re in search of the best nicotine-free vape or the strongest nicotine strength on the market, you can find it here at White Cloud. We strive to deliver the best in vaping satisfaction, from quality products and premium e-liquid ingredients to a knowledgeable and award-winning customer service team that is more than happy to help you find the best vape for your needs.