The Incredible Shrinking E-Cig: Mods vs. Cig-a-Likes

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If you’re new to the vaping scene, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options. E-cigs range in size from pocket-sized to giant mechanical monstrosities called mods.

E-Cig Mods vs. Cig-a-likes: When Size Matters

Vaping cig-a-likes vs. mods

White Cloud e-cigs fall into a category we like to call “cig-a-likes,” or e-cigs designed to closely resemble traditional cigarettes. Some people call them “minis” because they are so much smaller than mods, but cig-a-likes have been on the market for much longer than mods, and they were considered the standard for years. The benefits of a smaller build are obvious: Cig-a-likes are discreet, easy to transport and more accurately mimic the act of smoking; however, how do White Cloud products compare to complex mod devices in terms of performance?

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

White Cloud electronic cigarettes

From a technological perspective, mods and cig-a-likes work the same in emulating the act of smoking by producing vapor. However, in a mod device, the tank, drip tip, heating coil and wick are all separate pieces that need to be maintained, cleaned and changed by the user. In a cig-a-like, all of those separate elements are in the cartridge itself. More parts mean more that can go wrong: Leaks, malfunctions and losing parts are all potential issues with mods that you would not have with a cig-a-like.

During the infancy of the vaping movement, batteries depleted much quicker than they do today. Someone who bought a cig-a-like at a gas station seven years ago could naturally assume that bigger batteries mean better performance, but that is no longer the case. Much like cell phones, improvements in technology have allowed e-cig makers to pack more punch into much smaller packages. White Cloud e-cigs are just as effective at producing vapor as large mods, and they are much safer.

The Downsides of Big Mods

The downside of vaping mods

While advocates will say that mods give users more control over their vaping experience, mods may also pose a greater risk to your health. Many mods, which are sometimes called advanced personal vaporizers, can reach higher temperatures than cig-a-likes, yet they often lack the safety features necessary to prevent the device from overheating. When you buy a cig-a-like, you know you’re getting something sturdy and safe; with mods, you’re taking a bigger risk at a much higher cost. Cig-a-likes are far less expensive and come in disposable and refillable options. 

How Do You Choose?

How to choose the right e-cig

If you’re trying to wean yourself off of tobacco, the size of your e-cig can impact your success. You want an e-cig that looks and feels like a traditional cigarette to help make the transition as smooth as possible. When investing in an e-cig, you should always get one that is assembled by professionals and guaranteed to last for a long time. White Cloud e-cigs fit the bill, and they provide just as much power as complicated mods in a more convenient size.