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If you’ve been to the Puff Bar website recently, then you’ve probably already seen this message:

Puff Bar has ceased all online sales & distribution in the U.S. until further notice.

The site doesn’t offer any explanation as to why, although you can enter your email to subscribe for updates. So, what happened to Puff Bar?

Why Puff Bar Ceased Online Sales and Distribution

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First, if you’re an adult and need to find a comparable alternative to Puff Bar like RIGHT NOW, then check out White Cloud’s Fling Disposables. Sure, they may not be as “sexy” in appearance (that’s not what they were designed for, anyway) but they won’t let you down, either (as in just completely disappearing from the market). Oh, and we also offer expedited shipping options, plus same day shipping for orders placed by 4 p.m., Monday – Friday!

Available in 3 different styles, 6 nicotine strengths and 20+ flavors, our disposable e-cigs have been customer favorites for over a decade. We also offer a range of rechargeable products to choose from, so be sure to check those out, too! You may just find your perfect rechargeable vape.

Now, if you’re like me and had no idea what Puff Bar is (until a few days ago) or are curious about what prompted the company to cease online sales and distribution, then keep reading.

What is Puff Bar?

puff bar brand

So, what is a Puff Bar, exactly? Well, I’m sure we’ve all heard of Juul by now, (unless you haven’t been on the Internet or watched the news in the last few years 😜 ).

Long story short – Puff Bar is an electronic cigarette (containing nicotine, not THC since we clearly need to differentiate between the two). It looks and works just like a Juul – except it’s disposable vs. rechargeable.

Juul, launched in 2015, became quite popular with its sleek design and high nicotine strength at 5% – yep, there was just one nicotine strength option (as mentioned before, White Cloud has 6, including nicotine-free vape options), It seems pretty silly to us to offer just one when more options are possible, unlike traditional cigarettes. (Have you ever seen a pack of cigarettes label how much nicotine is in a cigarette? Me neither.)

So fast forward to 2019, when Juul had officially (perhaps unintentionally) become the face of youth vaping and a suspected culprit behind the mysterious vaping-related lung illness (that was actually linked to black market THC vapes, by the way). Juul had already been under fire for its appeal to kids, so when the vaping illness emerged, lawmakers jumped on the chance to start enforcing flavor bans (which quickly went up in smoke).

This brought on even more legal trouble for Juul with teens and/or their families, as well as local and state governments, filing lawsuit after lawsuit.

By October of 2019, right around the time the vaping industry was anticipating the Trump administration’s flavor ban, Juul made the announcement that its flavored pods (such as mango, cucumber and creme brulee) were being discontinued, leaving just menthol and tobacco.

This may have opened the door for Puff Bar’s competing disposable products to move on in – but not for very long.

What Kind of Flavors and Nicotine Strengths Did Puff Bar Offer?

Until just a few days ago, Puff Bar disposables were available in 24 different flavors such as cool mint, watermelon and “O.M.G” (which was actually a clever abbreviation for their orange, mango and grapefruit blend but was too appealing to kids in the eyes of lawmakers).

Like Juul, Puff Bar used nicotine salts in its e-liquids and only offered the one strength – 5%. Now, White Cloud admittedly still offers one of the strongest nicotine strengths on the market. However, our products were specifically designed with adult smokers in mind, so we only recommend our 5.4% nicotine strength to the heaviest of smokers looking to make the switch to vaping.

Founded in 2008, White Cloud has also been a leader in the vaping industry, especially when it comes to preventing sales to minors (even before there were any laws). Unlike Puff Bar and even Juul, we’ve been here since the beginning – and we know our customers well.

So Where did Puff Bar Come From and Why is it Banned?

Why is Puff Bar Banned?

Where Puff Bar came from is a harder question to answer. The company’s origins are quite cloudy (pun intended), but “fake Puff Bars” apparently make it even more difficult to pinpoint the true origin of the disposable Juul look-a-like. (This story published by FairWarning may be the closest we get.)

What we do know for sure, just by looking at the company’s own website, is that Puff Bar was founded in Los Angeles in 2019

For those who are familiar with the FDA’s Deeming Regulations, you already know the problem. For those who aren’t, you may come across some warranted speculation for why Puff Bar would cease online sales and distribution. It could be:

  1. The company and/or its distributors got caught selling to minors and exhausted all warnings (as explained on the site’s #no2minors page).
  2. The company got caught “marketing to minors during the pandemic” – plenty of news articles on this one.
  3. The company couldn’t keep up with the legal fees for violating local laws.

While any one of these may have contributed to Puff Bar’s potentially temporary demise, it was that 2019 founding date that shut them down so quickly. That’s 3 years after the FDA regulations officially took effect in August of 2016.

The FDA’s final rule not only prohibited the sale of vaping products introduced to the market after August 8, 2016, but also prohibited new vaping products from entering the market without first submitting a premarket tobacco application (PMTA).

So, while Puff Bar’s marketing tactics initially caught the attention of lawmakers, it was the company’s founding date that prompted the immediate removal of Puff Bar products from the market.

According to the FDA, the company did not have the required authorization. In other words, Puff Bar was illegally sold from the start. Whether the company decides to follow the rules and submit the required PMTAs to keep their products on the market is another question.

In the meantime, if you’re in search of a reputable company to fulfill your vaping needs, then look no further than White Cloud.

Replacing Puff Bar with White Cloud

Are you ready to find your Puff Bar alternative from White Cloud? Let’s start with nicotine since White Cloud e-liquids are a bit different compared to Puff Bar (and you actually get to choose how much you want to consume).

As mentioned before, Puff Bar disposables were only available in 5% nicotine. Their e-liquids were also made with a different type of nicotine known as “nicotine salts” (just like Juul). When compared to what some have termed “freebase e-liquid nicotine” or simply “regular e-liquid nicotine”, nicotine salt e-liquids contain the same ingredients – with one exception: benzoic acid.

Both nic salts and regular e-liquids are made up of just a handful of ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavoring extracts. The main difference is the addition of benzoic acid to nicotine salt e-liquids. This compound is added to deliver a smoother throat hit in higher concentrations.

The small difference in ingredients also offers two different vaping experiences. For example, the nicotine in salt e-liquids is absorbed faster compared to regular e-liquid, and regular e-liquid offers more flavor complexity and vapor production than nic salts. ( offers a very detailed explanation if you’d like to take a deeper dive.)

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Nicotine Options From White Cloud

Now let’s take a look at the nicotine strength options at White Cloud:

white cloud nicotine strength chart

If you’re replacing Puff Bar, you may be tempted to go straight for the 5.4% considering you may have already become accustomed to vaping 5% nicotine, but we recommend starting a little lower and working your way up, if needed. Our 3.6% strength is usually a great place to start, especially for pack-a-day smokers. It offers just the right throat hit, flavor and vapor production – and if it’s not satisfying enough, you can always bump up to 5.4%.

Puff Bar Flavor Alternatives From White Cloud

Puff Bar Flavor Replacements

Okay, now let’s talk flavors. Just like Puff Bar (except still available 😜), White Cloud’s disposables are available in a variety of flavors – all made for adults. From 6 different tobacco flavors to 3 different menthol flavors to an array of fruity and dessert flavors, you’re bound to find a new favorite from White Cloud.

And if you decide to go the rechargeable route, you can even create your own flavor combination with the Cirrus Mini Tank Omni Kit. It comes with everything you need for rechargeable vaping, including a 30 ml bottle of White Cloud’s premium e-liquid in your choice of flavor and nicotine strength.

Just be sure to add a couple of other bottled flavors to mix with – and check out these summertime e-liquid mixes created and tested by the White Cloud team to help you get started.

Disposable Vape Options From White Cloud

fling disposables

Now let’s look at White Cloud’s disposable e-cig options to help you find an replacement for Puff Bar. Our Fling disposables come in 3 different styles – the Fling Wide, the Fling Wide Mini, and our Fling Originals. All 3 styles are available for purchase as singles or in multi-packs of 5, 10, 25 or 100 – the more you buy, the more you save (we also offer order subscription discounts and a rewards program, too).

In this case, though, we recommend starting out with a 5-pack to find your perfect Puff Bar replacement. This option allows you to try out 5 different flavors and nicotine strengths in one order (and save some money at the same time).

And if you’ve never ordered from White Cloud before, you’ll also receive a welcome discount via email when you create your account. Now let’s check out White Cloud’s Fling disposable e-cigs!

The Fling Wide

white cloud fling wide

White Cloud’s innovative disposable e-cigarette, the Fling Wide was designed to offer a convenient disposable vape that lasts for days. Filled with 3 ml of White Cloud’s premium e-liquid and powered by a high-capacity battery, the Fling Wide produces an impressive amount of satisfying vapor.

Shop Fling Wides

The Fling Wide Mini

white cloud fling wide mini

The Fling Wide’s mini-me, our Fling Wide Mini is for those looking for something a little smaller. Just like its big brother, this convenient little disposable delivers impressive vapor with a super easy draw, but in a smaller package.

Shop Fling Wide Minis

The Fling Original

white cloud fling original

One of White Cloud’s flagship products, Fling Originals have been satisfying vapers since 2008. Designed to look and feel like a traditional cigarette, this has been the go-to disposable for smokers looking to make the switch.

Shop Fling Originals

If you still need a little help deciding, feel free to reach out to our award-winning customer service team via phone, email or live chat. Our team members are super knowledgeable when it comes to the world of vaping, and they’re always happy to help!