Nicotine Vape Levels

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, White Cloud electronic cigarettes come in a variety of nicotine strengths.

Our nicotine levels have been created so you can find the right amount of nicotine to satisfy your cravings. Once you find that perfect strength, you can then feel free to test out all of our tasty e-liquid flavors to find your new favorite.

white cloud nicotine strengths

E-Cig Flavor & Strength Variety

When you purchase e-cigs from a convenience store, you'll often find few nicotine strength options available, along with a small selection of flavors. At White Cloud, we offer an endless amount of options for customizing your vaping experience, from 6 different nicotine strengths to 12 different flavors.

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I love that there are many different flavors, different strengths and it seems like they last a lot longer than other brands. If I can continue to not smoke real cigs and replace with these I will be a long time customer. - Cheryl M.

Lower Strengths

White Cloud’s lower nicotine strengths are perfect for casual smokers or those looking to slowly cut down on their nicotine intake; however, if you start with a lower strength and find yourself puffing on your e-cig too often, you might not be satisfying your nicotine craving. It will be more beneficial to start with a higher strength and slowly step down to the lower strengths as you become more accustomed to vaping.

Higher Strengths

White Cloud’s higher nicotine strengths are perfect for heavy smokers who enjoy the tingling feeling in the back of the throat with each drag from a cigarette and are looking to mimic the experience as closely as possible. However, if you experience irritation in the back of the throat, feel light-headed or uneasy, or experience any other effects caused by too much nicotine, you may want to take a step down in your nicotine strength.

I started with the highest strength of nicotine and worked my way down. I am now on lights and thanks to White Cloud I will be around a little longer to tell people about it and I will breath a lot easier while doing it. - Jenine

Choosing An E-Cigarette Strength

At White Cloud, we believe finding the right nicotine strength is one of the most important aspects of successfully switching to vaping. White Cloud offers everything from 5.4% Nicotine by Volume (NBV) for heavy smokers all the way down to Nicotine-Free for those who enjoy the feeling of smoking but no longer need the nicotine. If you’re unsure of how to choose a nicotine strength to best suit your needs, check out the chart below to help get you started.

5.4% Nicotine by Volume

Our 5.4% nicotine strength was created with heavy smokers in mind. If you’re a 2+ pack-a-day smoker, this strength will give you the satisfaction you need, all day long.

3.6% Nicotine by Volume

For 1-2 pack-a-day smokers, our 3.6% nicotine strength will give you the nicotine and throat hit you crave in flavors you’ll love.

2.4% Nicotine by Volume

If you’re a typical pack-a-day smoker, our 2.4% nicotine strength gives you just the right amount of nicotine so you can enjoy a smoother throat hit while satisfying your cravings.

1.6% Nicotine by Volume

Perfect for casual smokers averaging less than a pack a day, our 1.6% nicotine strength will give you a moderate, smooth throat hit along with full, satisfying flavor.

0.8% Nicotine by Volume

For the Friday night social smokers, our 0.8% nicotine strength will fulfill those occasional nicotine cravings while delivering full flavor.

0% Nicotine by Volume

Don't need nicotine but love to vape? We've got you covered. Our Nicotine Free strength gives you the same premium White Cloud flavor and vapor with no nicotine in the cartridge.

Not Sure Which Strength Is For You?

White Cloud Fling Disposable E-Cig

If you are new to electronic cigarettes, our Fling Disposable e-cigs are an affordable way to try out different nicotine strengths and flavors until you find the right combination that perfectly satisfies your cravings.

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White Cloud Flavors

At White Cloud, we know most people love variety and most vapers love flavors, and that is why we offer 12 different vape flavors – from traditional tobacco to non-tobacco, our premier line of e-liquid flavors gives you more variety.

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