What is Vaping?

Consider this your e-cigarette education station. There is a LOT of e-cigarette information out there, which can make switching to vaping overwhelming.

Why Switch to E-Cigarettes?

benefits of white cloud

Benefits of White Cloud

  • Guilt-Free Alternative
  • Easy To Use
  • Save More Money
how white cloud e-cigs work

How Do E-Cigs Work

  • Battery
  • Heating Element
  • Flavored E-Liquid
rechargeable vs disposable e-cigs

Customize Your E-Cig

  • Rechargeables offer big value
  • Disposables require no commitment
  • Both offer unparalleled ease of use

Strengths & Flavors

white cloud nicotine strengths

Nicotine Strengths

  • 6 Nicotine Percentages
  • 0% up to 5.4% NBV
  • Satisfy Any Craving
white cloud e-cigarette flavors

E-Cigarette Flavors

  • Classic Tobaccos And Menthols
  • Refreshing Fruit Flavors
  • Exotic Desserts and Beverage Blends
white cloud e-cigarette ingredients

White Cloud Ingredients

  • 4 Primary Ingredients
  • Propylene Glycol and Glycerol
  • Nicotine And Flavorings

Additional Resources

white cloud blog

White Cloud Blog

  • E-Cig Beginner Basics
  • Vaping Tips & Product Info
  • Industry News & Regulations
e-cigarettes demistified

E-Cigs DeMISTified

  • Laws by State and Country
  • E-Liquid Ingredients Information
  • E-Cig Current Events
white cloud faqs

White Cloud FAQs

  • Extensive database of knowledge
  • You have questions
  • We have answers