White Cloud Rechargeable E-Cigarettes

At White Cloud, we’re all about options when it comes to delivering the best vaping experience possible – from beginner to advanced. With our selection of rechargeable batteries, e-tanks and premium e-liquids available in 6 different nicotine levels and 12 different flavors made just for adults, you’re bound to find your perfect vape at White Cloud.

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Are You New To Electronic Cigarettes?

White Cloud’s Cirrus rechargeable cig-a-like battery line is for both new and seasoned vapers, alike. Designed to provide you with a hassle-free vaping experience, these long-lasting rechargeable e-cig batteries come in 3 different sizes and finishes, making them the perfect option for smokers making the transition to vaping. It’s as simple as screwing on one of our prefilled or refillable e-tanks and vaping away.

Prefer button-activated vaping? We’ve got those in Cirrus cig-a-likes, too!

white cloud cirrus cig-a-like batteries

White Cloud’s Cirrus Rechargeable Cig-a-Like Battery Options

cirrus 2 e-cig battery

Cirrus 2

cirrus 2 e-cig battery

The Cirrus 2 (C2) rechargeable battery is affordably priced to offer 7-9 hours of usage per charge, with a charge time of 90 minutes. The C2 is our medium-sized battery measuring at 2 3/4" (7cm) long.

cirrus 3 e-cig battery

Cirrus 3

cirrus 2 e-cig battery

Measuring at only 2 1/4" (6cm) long, Cirrus 3 (C3) is the smallest and lightest of our rechargeable batteries, yet it still produces 5-6 hours of usage per charge with a charging time of only 60 minutes.

cirrus 3x e-cig battery

Cirrus 3X

cirrus 3x e-cig battery

The Cirrus 3X (C3X) is our longest-lasting cig-a-like battery measuring at 3 1/8" (7.8cm) long. With a charge time of 120 minutes, the C3X can churn out 10-12 hours of vaping from a single charge.

Looking for More Advanced Vaping Options?

If you’re looking for a more advanced vaping experience, then look no further than the Cirrus FOB and eVod rechargeable e-cig batteries from White Cloud.

The Cirrus FOB

The most advanced and long-lasting White Cloud rechargeable e-Cigarette battery, the Cirrus FOB delivers satisfyingly rich, flavorful vapor via a compact design that fits comfortably in your hand. Powered by a 900 mAh battery, the FOB is 3 times more powerful than our longest lasting cig-a-like battery. But more than just powerful, it’s also smart. The LCD screen on the front of the device indicates your battery's remaining life so you don’t get caught without a charged vape.

white cloud fob e-cig battery

Compatible with White Cloud’s ClearDraw Max and refillable mini e-tanks, using a Cirrus FOB is as easy as screwing an e-tank into the insert, making changing flavors a breeze. Experience a true all-day vape with this powerful, yet easy-to-use device.

*Battery, charger and e-tanks sold separately.

white cloud fob e-cig battery
white cloud eVod vaping products

The eVod

Separate from White Cloud’s Cirrus rechargeable e-cig line, the eVod rechargeable battery offers 1300 mAh of vaping power and is compatible with eVod T-2 tanks to give you plenty of room for your favorite e-liquid. The battery and charger are sold separately, along with replacement coils to ensure you never have to power through a day of vaping with burnt, stale-tasting flavor.

Choose Your Nicotine Vape Level & Flavor

After deciding on the best rechargeable e-cig battery for you, the next step is choosing the best nicotine level and flavor to satisfy your cravings.

White Cloud Nicotine Vape Levels

white cloud nicotine strength

White Cloud offers the widest range of nicotine levels in the industry with 6 different strength options. From 5.4% nicotine by volume (NBV), made for the heaviest of smokers, all the way down to nicotine-free for those who still enjoy the feel of vaping but no longer need the nicotine.

White Cloud Vape Flavors

white cloud flavors

Tired of the same 4 vape flavors from the convenience store e-cig brand? White Cloud’s premium e-liquids come in 12 different flavors, all made just for adults! From familiar tobacco flavors to minty menthols and sweet dessert flavors, White Cloud has a flavor for everyone.

white cloud batteries arrive charged

Ready for Vape Off!

While most of our Cirrus batteries require 1-2 hours to fully charge, you won’t need to wait on chargers when your White Cloud delivery arrives! All of our rechargeable batteries come pre-charged and ready to go. Simply attach an e-tank and vape away!

white cloud fling disposable e-cigarettes

No Commitments With White Cloud’s Disposable E-Cigarettes!

Prefer a more out-of-the-package vaping experience? White Cloud’s Fling disposables offer easy vaping at a convenient price! Experience the convenience and simplicity of our Fling Original and Fling Wide disposable vapes, available in all White Cloud flavors and nicotine levels and sold in packs of 10 for the best cost-savings.