About White Cloud

White Cloud stands out from an ever-growing slate of competitors through top-quality products and impeccable customer service.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to offer adult customers the most enjoyable, authentic e-cigarette experience possible, through our high-quality products, educational materials and ongoing science of electronic cigarettes.


  • White Cloud is founded by Matthew Steingraber, Danielle Steingraber and Michael Murray. Their first office? A Volkswagen.
  • White Cloud introduces the original, and still-beloved Cirrus batteries.
White Cloud Founders


  • White Cloud enters the brave new world of social media, with its first Facebook page. Twitter soon followed.
  • Development begins on a longer-lasting, smoother drawing e-cig, soon to be known as Cirrus II.
White Cloud Social Media


  • Cirrus II batteries and kits are introduced, offering significantly improved performance over its predecessor.
Cirrus 2 Batteries


  • Not one to rest on its laurels, White Cloud introduces the Cirrus 3 and 3X batteries.
  • The Fling Disposable is launched. Customers of other e-cig brands have no idea what to do when given the option of more than 2 flavors and nicotine strengths.
White Cloud Cirrus 3 and Fling Disposables


  • The ChargeBolt is released, in both short- and long-cable versions. The three-pronged Squid would show up later this year.
  • The limited-edition Phantom stealth vaping kit is released to 500 lucky customers. These exclusive kits are still hot commodities worldwide.
  • Welcome to the world, Bora Bora, Apache and Moscow Mule.
E-Cig accessories and Vaping Kit


  • ClearDraw are introduced, as is the ultra-popular Fling MINI.
  • White Cloud enters a groundbreaking strategic research partnership with the University of South Florida.
  • White Cloud participates in/contributes to a number of collaborative studies within the (CORESTA) e-cigarette Task Force.
ClearDraw E-Cig Cartridges


  • White Cloud “moves on up” to its state-of-the-art new facilities in Tarpon Springs, FL..
  • The revolutionary ClearDraw2 is released, setting a new benchmark for performance and value.
White Cloud Headquarters
The New White Cloud HQ

E-Cig Education and Advocacy

2014 saw the launch of our E-Cigarettes DeMistified website. This site is dedicated to the science of e-cigarettes and the state of their regulation at the State, Federal and International levels. E-cigs DeMistified keeps vapers informed about the latest in regulatory news and helps combat anti-e-cigarette myths. The site gave birth to our E-Cig Demistified webinar series in 2016.

White Cloud ClearDraw2 E-Cig Cartridges


  • We introduced the Fling Wide and Fling Wide Mini line of disposable e-cigarettes. The industry changing design and long lasting batteries quickly became customer favorites.
  • All of our Cirrus batteries got an impressive aesthetic upgrade. Featuring new finishes and logos this upgrade keep the Cirrus looking as stylish as it is effective.
Fling Wide Mini


White Cloud Stevie Award 2016