When Do I Change My E-Cigarette Tank?

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Value. We all want it. Everyone claims to offer it. But sometimes, trying to squeeze a little extra value out of something can result in a negative experience. Take, for example, electronic cigarette tanks. Whether you are a fan of our time-tested ClearDraw line, we’ve worked diligently to ensure your e-tanks last as long as any on the market. But we need to share an unfortunate truth with you – they don’t last forever. And overuse of an exhausted tank can result in bad flavor, burnt odor, and an overall foul experience.

Tips for Knowing When it’s Time for a New E-Cig Tank

Knowing when it’s time to change your e-cig tank doesn’t take rocket science: There are a few telltale signs, some of which will let you know before you even start to wonder if it’s time for a fresh one.

Monitor Your E-Liquid 

Oh sure, there are plenty of you who are convinced a few taps to the side of the tank can draw out some reluctant liquid from a ClearDraw MAX’s cotton wadding. There are just as many who think a few shakes of a filler-free ClearDraw2 will generate a new pool of condensation to vape for a “little while longer.”

But how is that really working for you all?

We put those windows on the tanks for a reason. If there isn’t enough e-liquid to heat, it won’t create vapor. And the wick has to stay wet so it doesn’t burn. When you have e-liquid in your tank, your wick will remain moist and deliver liquid for the heating element to vaporize. After using an e-tank for too long, e-liquid will begin to dry up inside on the wick and surrounding areas, making the experience not as clean, flavorful or satisfying as it once was.

If it helps, ask yourself this: Would you try to nervously milk a few extra drops of fuel from a barren gas tank? Or would you feel more comfortable filling up and enjoying the drive? There’s nothing fun about watching the needle creep toward “E,” is there?

Use Your Judgment

You use e-cigs for enjoyment and satisfaction. Trying to milk a few extra puffs from an obviously spent e-tank isn’t going to provide either. You want to replace your tank once your personal satisfaction has started waning. As soon as vapor production begins to decrease, or the draw becomes too light, it’s time to swap it out.

Another telltale sign is the loss of flavor, or even a burnt taste for cartridges containing cotton wadding. An e-tank can technically last longer than many vapers give it, but honestly, the satisfaction level won’t be the same. But, if you feel the need to get every last drop, try connecting the tank to a freshly charged battery. You can also try cleaning your battery and following these tips for proper care, but if that doesn’t fix the problem, then it’s time to let go and move on to a fresh one.

And for the love of Jeebus, don’t try to refill the ClearDraw tanks. Many have tried, just as many have failed. We didn’t design them to be refilled by users, because, quite frankly, the experience won’t be as good as when we fill them new. (Trust us. We’ve fielded more than our share of calls from people complaining that our e-tanks don’t taste good after refilling with Bob’s Basement Brew Nitro Juice.) 

More importantly, you want to replace your e-tank when you feel it’s necessary. When your desired level of satisfaction is not being met, replace your tank and enjoy fresh flavor and abundant vapor.

No Need for Penny-Pinching: Vaping Already Saves You Money

Remember, the cost of smoking is far greater than the cost of vaping, which means you’re already saving money, so it’s okay to treat yourself to a satisfying experience. Grab a new e-tank, attach it to a freshly charged battery, and remind yourself of why you got into e-cigs in the first place. We’re pretty sure the fresh taste and satisfaction will be worth the few paltry, flavorless puffs you left behind, which – in our eyes – is more valuable than the pennies you’re trying to save.