Electronic Cigarettes Need Proper Care And Attention

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Proper care for your electronic cigarette is a critical component of its overall function, just as is true with a luxury watch or an automobile. When you keep them clean and treat your e-cigs well, they will serve you well in return.

How to Properly Care for Your E-Cigs

Common sense can play a huge role in properly caring for your e-cig. As with most technology, you never want to expose your e-cig battery to water, or any other liquids for that matter. Think of it this way: if the screen on your cell phone gets a little dirty, you surely won’t run it under the sink or stick it in your dishwasher, so the same goes for your e-cig. Since there are so many different electronic cigarette options out there, your best bet for properly caring for your e-cig is to consult the user manual or FAQ’s for your device; however, these tips should serve helpful when you don’t have the information for your device right at your fingertips.

E-Cig Storage and Handling: More Important Than You May Think

Tobacco cigarettes are stored in plastic-covered packs to keep them from tearing, breaking and getting wet. Though e-cigarettes are made of materials that are undoubtedly more durable than a tobacco cigarette, the way they’re handled and stored matters just as much (if not more). You wouldn’t, for example, ever toss a traditional paper cigarette carelessly into your jeans pocket and head out the door. It would be ruined within seconds. While your electronic cigarettes are admittedly sturdier than that, the principle holds true for all types of vaping devices.

Proper Care for Cig-A-Likes

How to care for cig-a-like ecigs

The e-cig tanks and batteries that make up a cig-a-like are delicate works of advanced technology on a very small scale. They should be treated with care to ensure that their miniature internal components remain intact. While the majority of cig-a-likes, such as White Cloud’s Rechargeable and Disposable varieties, are usually sized to fit perfectly in your pocket, opting for an e-cigarette carrying case rather than your pocket or the bottom of a purse will help prevent unnecessary damage and keep your e-cigarette working better for longer.

Keeping your cig-a-like’s battery and mouthpiece clean can also help increase its longevity, while also ensuring you're getting the best flavor. Fortunately, this process is relatively simple and quick. All you need is a clean, dry toothbrush for the battery and a lint-free cloth for wiping the portion of the e-tank that touches your mouth, then keep the following tips in mind to ensure you're getting the best vaping experience.

Proper Care for Cig-a-Like E-Cig Batteries

Here's a list of steps to take to properly care for your e-cig batteries:

  1. Let the back-up battery charge while you’re using another one. You’ll never have to worry about dead batteries.
  2. Clean the battery often with a dry toothbrush – but not the one you use for your teeth, please! Debris, lint and dust can get stuck in between the battery connection and cartridge. Gently brushing the battery with short strokes will keep it looking brand new.
  3. Never expose your e-cig to the elements. Like anything electronic, exposure to water and extreme temperatures will destroy its inner components. Never leave your e-cig outside in the rain or hot sun. Don’t ever try to clean it with liquid, either.
  4. Make sure your e-tanks are fresh. These can go stale quickly if they’re not kept in the appropriate place. White Cloud e-tanks are sealed air-tight and will stay fresh for up to a year unopened. No matter the style, always keep any e-cig cartridge in a cool, dry place that isn’t exposed to sunlight or fluctuating temperatures.
  5. Never mix brands! Just because another brand component may fit your Cirrus e-cig doesn’t mean they should go together. Using another brand of cartridge or charger that isn’t meant for Cirrus can erode the battery and break your device.

Proper Care for Vape Pens and Advanced Personal Vaporizers

How to care for different types of vaping devices

A typical vape pen comes with 3 parts: a battery, a tank and an atomizer. Each piece requires maintenance and cleaning to help extend the life of your vape pen. Some vape pens even come in a kit with all the needed tools for cleaning. If your vape pen does not come with a cleaning kit, the supplies needed to maintain your device seem simple enough: dry cottons swabs for the atomizer and battery contacts, and warm water or rubbing alcohol for the tank and mouthpiece. For more detailed instructions, you can find how-to videos on YouTube.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs), also known as Mods, require a little more maintenance and care than a vape pen or simple cig-a-like. Mods are made up of several parts, and each part requires maintenance. As a matter of fact, the steps to properly care for a mod are so in depth, we decided it was best to make a step-by-step video on how to clean a mod.

How To Properly Store Your E-Cig

Following proper storage guidelines goes for all types of vaping devices. Never leave your vaping device exposed to extreme temperatures, such as the glove box of your car on a hot summer day. Not only could this cause damage to the battery but also, in extreme cases, can lead to a fire or explosion with certain types of e-cig batteries, such as those used in mods. Even extreme temperatures in the wintertime can damage your e-cig batteries, so your best bet is to store them in a cool, dry place away from any humidity. The same goes for e-liquid and e-tanks.

Other mishandling of e-cig batteries includes keeping them in your pocket or purse with loose change or other metals, such as keys. The metal-to-metal contact can cause the heater to switch on, while manual switches such as those used for mods and vape pens can be unintentionally switched on while in your purse or pocket. This is why it is vital to familiarize yourself with all of the working parts of your vaping device and follow the do’s and don’ts of e-cig battery safety.