Pair and Puff: The Most Satisfying Summertime E-Liquid Mixes

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There are just a few more days until the unofficial start of summer! Here at the White Cloud HQ, we’re looking forward to spending our weekends at our beautiful beaches and parks, enjoying time spent outdoors under the Florida sun. While we’ve discussed what sorts of food and drinks we looked forward to most at holiday BBQs and parties, the team began throwing ideas around for some great e-liquid combinations to enjoy this summer.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes currently offers a variety of flavored e-liquids – 24 to be exact – all available 6 different nicotine strengths. There is a e-liquid flavor for every type of vapor, ranging from traditional tobacco flavors many ex-smokers crave, like our classic Regular Tobacco Flavor and our cool and refreshing Menthol Flavor, to a variety of more complex tobacco flavors, including Atlantic Cut and Cherry Black.

For vapers looking to add some new flavors to their e-liquid lineup, we even offer sweet and fruity dessert flavors, from our ever popular Cin and Vanilla flavors to What a Melon and Fraise Crème. And if you opt for our bottled e-liquids and refillable tanks, the flavor options are endless! Just check out these refreshing summer mixes by the White Cloud team!

Summer E-Liquid Flavor “Mix-Ups”

From sweet and creamy to cool and refreshing, here are a few of our favorite e-liquid combos for beating that summer heat!

Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola E-Liquid MixCherry Black (70%) + Vanilla (30%)

Soda, pop, cola – whatever you choose to call it, a frosty can or glass of cherry cola after a day in the hot sun always hits the spot. By combining Cherry Black e-liquid with Vanilla, we found a very familiar flavor that the entire office loved! Cherry Black’s robust tobacco blend and tart cherry aftertaste provides the “cola” kick that we know and love, and the Vanilla e-liquid gives the e-liquid mix the sweetness that will leave you reaching for your e-cig over and over again!

Flavor Mixing Tip: Drip flavors into your mini tank SLOWLY to prevent air bubbles from forming. Try to drip the flavors into the tank so they don’t touch the wicks.

Ice Melon

Ice Melon E-Liquid MixWhat A Melon (95%) + Zero K (5%)

One of the sure signs that summer is coming the excitement of hearing the familiar jingles playing from the neighborhood ice cream truck – even as adults. Whether you’re a rocket pop loyalist or prefer a snow cone, there aren’t many better treats to cool you off on a hot summer day. This Ice Melon flavor mix up brings us back to a childhood favorite, Watermelon Italian ice! Adding a small amount of Zero K, our “icy peppermint” e-liquid flavor, to What A Melon, a crowd favorite in our lineup of fruity e-liquids, creates a cool treat that you can vape all summer long. It’s the perfect e-liquid mix for hot days by the pool when you’re looking to cool down and get your nic-fix all at once.

Flavor Mixing Tip: Avoid AT ALL COSTS dripping e-liquid into the chimney, the small metal post in the center of the mini tank. If you hear bubbling when you take a draw, unscrew the tank and lighting cover the bottom end with a napkin and blow from the mouthpiece to clear the chimney.

Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine E-Liquid MixBora Bora (80%) + Vanilla (20%)

“That’s so vanilla” is something you’ll never say after trying Liquid Sunshine, the crown jewel of our summertime vape flavors. As described by one team member, “It smells like my favorite brand of sunscreen, and it tastes like a tropical island!” We couldn’t have described it any better. This e-liquid mix starts with a base of Bora Bora, our exotic tobacco and spice e-liquid blend, is amplified when Vanilla e-liquid is combined in a mini-tank or mod device. Just close your eyes and take a puff to transport your senses to your favorite tropical island!

Flavor Mixing Tip: To get the best flavor out of your e-liquid mix, allow the liquids to steep for 20-30 minutes before vaping.

Bring on the Heat!

If you stock up on the e-liquids used to create these mixes now, you’ll be fully-prepared to take on the heat while treating your taste buds to some delicious flavors of summer! And if you want to learn more about White Cloud’s e-liquids and mini-tanks before trying them out, then check out these FAQs , or contact our stellar customer service team for some insider tips – we’re always happy to help you find that perfect vape!