Frequently Asked Questions About E-Liquids & Mini Tanks

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If you’ve tried White Cloud’s vapor products before, you’ll be familiar with the high-grade e-liquid that is used in our rechargeable e-cig line, as well as in all of our disposables. If you haven’t had the good fortune of experiencing White Cloud’s e-liquid just yet, there are even more options for you to try it out with!

White Cloud E-Liquids & Mini Tanks: FAQs

White Cloud E-Liquids

White Cloud offers a selection of flavors in 5 levels of nicotine strengths ranging from Nicotine Free (0% NBV) up to 5.4% NBV, in 30 ml bottles for use in refillable open tank systems. Over the years, more and more of our customers who chose White Cloud to help them make the switch to vaping began to ask where they could purchase our e-liquids to use in their own devices.

Soon after, we debuted our line of bottled e-liquid along with mini tanks designed to be compatible with our entire line of Cirrus batteries. Not only has our line of e-liquids allowed our customers to vape their favorite White Cloud flavors in other vaping devices, but it has also proven to be a major cost-saving option for customers who have become accustomed to pre-filled e-tanks like ClearDraw Max.

We’ve put together a blog that answers all of the questions we regularly receive from our customers regarding our e-liquids and mini tanks. Check ‘em out below!

Can I Use Refillable Mini Tanks with my Cirrus Batteries?

Absolutely! White Cloud’s refillable mini tanks are designed specifically to be compatible with any Cirrus model battery, ranging from the Cirrus 2 to the Cirrus 3X. Customers have also reported back that the mini tanks are the perfect pairing with the Cirrus FOB rechargeable battery!

If I Buy the 30ml Bottle of E-Liquid, What Am I Putting It In — the E-Tanks?

Our bottled e-liquid can be used in any refillable vaping device. Unfortunately, our ClearDraw line is not designed to be refillable, but our mini tanks are!

The Cap on my E-Liquid Bottle Won’t Come Off. What Should I Do?

If you have difficult removing the cap from your e-liquid bottle, we recommend wrapping a cloth around the cap before pressing down and twisting the cap counterclockwise. Be sure to apply pressure to the sides of the cap as you twist the cap. If you’re still unable to remove the lid, please contact our customer service department for a replacement bottle.

Is There a “Right” Way to Fill My Mini Tank with E-Liquid?

Yes! When you unscrew the black mouthpiece on the top of each mini tank, you’ll see a metal “post” with an opening sticking up from the center of the tank. When filling your mini tank, place the dropper away from that metal post, and slowly squeeze the dropper to fill the tank. If e-liquid enters the post during filling, the first few puffs of your e-cig may lead to some liquid pulling through, which is perfectly safe, but not very desirable. Check out the video below to learn how to fill your mini tanks perfectly each and every time!

How Many Times Can I Refill My Mini Tank?

Each tank, on average, can be refilled 5 to 6 times before users will notice a slightly burnt aftertaste. You can increase the longevity of each tank by topping off the e-liquid before the tank is empty so that the wicks do not dry out and burn. With proper care and filling, some customers report getting as many as 10 refills per tank!

I Currently Use 5.4% NBV ClearDraw Max, Should I Use the Same Strength with Bottled E-Liquid?

There are a number of variables on how a nicotine strength level will feel, which greatly depends on the delivery method and type of device used to create the vapor. If you choose to use your e-liquid with our mini tanks, you’ll receive the same vapor experience that you’re used to with the same level nicotine e-liquid.

If you’ll be planning to use our e-liquid in a third party system, we recommend going down one level of NBV to make for a comfortable transition. Learn more about selecting the right nicotine strength for your tank systems in this great blog written by one of our Customer Service sentinels, John.

What’s the Best Way to Get the Most Life Out of Each Mini Tank?

To extend the life of each mini tank, there are a few easy steps you can take. When you first fill a tank, let it rest on its side for a few minutes, to allow the wicks to fully saturate. You can roll the tank back and forth on a flat surface to speed the process along. Doing this prevents any premature burning of the internal wick in the mini tank. When using the same mini tank multiple times, try to refill it before there is no e-liquid left to prevent the wicks from burning out.

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