NYC Raises Tobacco & Electronic Cigarette Purchase Age

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Electronic cigarettes are the latest target in New York known for the highest cost of tobacco cigarettes in the nation at an average price of $14.50 per pack. Now, with the passing of a new bill that also includes e cigarettes, New York City smokers will soon be even more hard-pressed to get their tobacco fix.

In approximately six months, a bill prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to anyone under 21, instead of 18 years of age like most states, will take effect.

An Unexpected Twist for Vapers in New York

New York includes e-cigs in new tobacco age restrictions

Unfortunately for consumers who would rather vape an e cigarette than smoke a tobacco one, the decision to raise the legal purchasing age also includes electronic cigarettes.

Though the bill ultimately passed 35 to 10, it did spark some serious debate regarding consumer rights. Opponents of the measure argued that residents of New York City who are under 21 are mature enough to vote, drive and even go to war; they should be able to make their own decision regarding whether or not they buy cigarettes. In the end, it was the mayor’s position that won out.

“By increasing the smoking age to 21,” Bloomberg said, “we will help prevent another generation from the ill health and shorter life expectancy that comes with smoking.”

Why E-Cigs, Too? – “No Comment”

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After the bill had been passed, City Council speaker Christine C. Quinn remarked on the way it would affect the lives of New York City’s young adult residents. “This is literally legislation that will save lives,” she said oblivious of the fact that potential benefits of e cigarettes are being recognized by doctors in other parts of the world.

While there is truth in her statement regarding the use of tobacco cigarettes, it’s not an entirely accurate description of the facts. That’s because electronic cigarettes are included in this legislation and, while tobacco has been proven to kill and cause disease, e cigarettes have not.

The bill provided no scientific evidence to support the inclusion of e cigarettes in the same category as tobacco, so naturally, vapers are angry.