Is Electronic Cigarette Vapor Harmful?

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Using electronic cigarettes responsibly means you naturally don’t want to cause harm to your loved ones by exposing them to toxic chemicals. You’ve no doubt heard the alarming claims made by anti-smoking groups, and even mainstream publications such as Time magazine, about the dangers of secondhand vapor.

Many groups claim to oppose e-cigarettes because they don’t know what’s in them, but the facts about electronic cigarette ingredients are readily available, and current research clearly shows what is emitted in the vapor. At White Cloud, we know exactly what goes into our products, and we are happy to dispel the myths about the safety of secondhand vapor.

What the Research Shows About E-Cig Vapor

What research says about e-cig vapor

Those who are against vaping in public have latched onto the results of a new study on secondhand e-cig vapor, which compares secondhand smoke to vapor and shows that detectable levels of nicotine are in the air after an e-cigarette user exhales. These fear-mongering groups have subsequently jumped to the conclusion that second hand exposure to the nicotine in vapor is dangerous and may even cause heart damage in the same way that smoking cigarettes can. However, these alarmists have failed to mention the following facts about the study:

  • The amount of nicotine in exhaled vapor was 10 times lower than that of cigarette smoke.
  • Traditional cigarettes produced carbon monoxide, toluene, benzene and numerous other volatile organic compounds, but electronic cigarette vapors produced none of these toxic substances at detectable or statistically significant levels.
  • Vapor emitted by e-cigarettes dissipates considerably faster than cigarette smoke, which means that the low levels of nicotine particles produced when exhaling are only in the air for a short time.

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The Ingredients in White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

At White Cloud, we take pride in the quality ingredients we offer. After extensive research and development, we have produced the finest products on the electronic cigarette market to give you the optimal vaping experience. Our e cigs contain the following main ingredients:
  • White Cloud E-Liquid Ingredients
    Propylene glycol and glycerol: These FDA-approved substances make up 84.6 to 92 percent of your e-cig ingredients and have been safely used for years as food additives and in oral and topical pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Nicotine: A stimulant much like caffeine, nicotine is derived from tobacco. White Cloud electronic cigarettes consist of up to 5.4 percent nicotine, though we do offer nicotine-free e cigarette flavors as well.
  • Flavorings: To give your cartridges the pleasant flavors you love, we use the same food-grade flavorings that you’d find in your favorite foods. 

Discover the Pleasures of Vaping With White Cloud E-Cigs

To experience the high-quality ingredients that have earned us so many loyal customers, take a look at the wide array of e-cig flavors we offer. With White Cloud electronic cigarettes, you can rest easy knowing that we only use proven, time-tested ingredients in our products to give you the most pleasurable and consistent vaping experience possible.