Where Are E-Cigs Banned in Planes, Trains and Other Public Places?

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As the popularity of electronic cigarettes continues to rise, business owners and public authorities are faced with a decision as to how they should approach the issue. Many places have already implemented e-cigarette bans and other regulations, leaving vapers wondering where they can and can’t use their e-cigs. Here’s a list of just a few of the places that currently prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes. 

Say No to Smoking… and Vaping?

The following businesses and organizations include electronic cigarettes in their no-smoking policies:

  • AmtrakVaping is banned on all Amtrak trains, on Thruway buses, in all stations and in all other areas in which smoking is prohibited.
  • All U.S. airplanes – According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, vaping is banned on commercial flights in the U.S.
  • Many college campuses – Dozens of universities and their stadiums have outlawed electronic cigarettes in all areas where tobacco is prohibited.
  • AMC movie theaters – The popular chain of movie theaters is quoted as saying, “Electronic cigarettes are very distracting for other guests and are therefore not allowed in any of our theaters.”
  • StarbucksVaping and smoking is banned in Starbucks and within 25 feet of the building.
  • Wal-Mart – If their employees are charged more in health insurance premiums when they use e-cigs, it’s safe to say this company does not allow e-cigarettes.

Because the concept of vaping in public is still relatively new, many businesses in the U.S. have yet to even include the devices in their company policies; however, state and local governments have begun implementing their own policies on vaping. Some places have even implemented outdoor vaping bans. So, if you ever wonder if you’re allowed to vape in any given public environment, the smartest thing you can do is ask. You might be surprised by who permits e-cigs and who doesn’t.

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Fighting for Acceptance

Not to be discouraged by the growing number of restrictions, e-cig users continue to defend their choices and their right to vape. Have you ever been told not to vape in public?