Top 5 Reasons We Love ClearDraw MAX Cartridges

June 8, 2018

It’s been over a year since ClearDraw MAX pre-filled e-cigarette cartridges found their home in the White Cloud warehouse. Since then, the vapers of the White Cloud Crew have found so many reasons to love them.

Why ClearDraw MAX E-Cig Cartridges Are the Best

Now, we’re being honest here. At least half of the White Cloud crew uses our products on a daily basis, and not because we have to. Many of us are also seriously heavy vapers—some of us even have lanyards so our e-cigs are always within reach. So after months and months of vaping on ClearDraw MAX as if they were going out of style, we’ve been able to gain some real insight into what makes them so much better. So let’s take a look at the top 5 things we love about ClearDraw MAX.

Reason #1: Tiny Hands

Yes, you read that right: tiny hands. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, then check this out:

Reason #2: More E-Liquid

ClearDraw MAX e-cig cartridges feature more e-liquid than any other prefilled e-cig cartridge on the market. With a full 2 ml of e-liquid, switching to a new e-cig cartridge every few hours becomes a thing of the past. Some of us vapers here at White Cloud can kill one of our ClearDraw Original cartridges (with only 1 ml of e-liquid) in a matter of hours, but a ClearDraw MAX cartridge will last us an entire day, if not longer.

Reason #3: Soft Tips & Bigger Cartridges

We’ve had many cartridge designs throughout the history of White Cloud, from our strong and sturdy SmoothDraw cartridges to the soft tip of our ClearDraw Original Cartridges. We went back to the hard shell with our ClearDraw2 cartridges and quickly realized our customers preferred the soft, comfortable tip of our ClearDraw Original cartridges. The soft tip cartridge simply gives more of an authentic feel, especially for those first making the switch to vaping. But, the original cartridges are pretty tiny, and like I said, we vape A LOT. So when we decided to take the soft tip design and add another milliliter of e-liquid, ClearDraw MAX was born.

Reason #4: Longer Battery Life

With twice the e-liquid, combined with the super easy draw, we’ve noticed our Cirrus batteries last way longer than they did with our ClearDraw2 cartridges. Even the heaviest vapers can make it through an entire day without having to worry about recharging our batteries every few hours.

Reason #5: The Price

You might take one look at the price and think you’re better off buying ClearDraw Original, even though they’re only a few bucks cheaper. But the truth is: you’ll get way more value for your money with ClearDraw MAX. To show just how much value, let’s do some quick math:


If you’ve given ClearDraw MAX a try, let us know how much you love them by submitting a product review. And if you haven’t tried them yet, then make the switch today!

Try ClearDraw MAX

Flavored E-Liquid Heads to the Ballot in San Francisco

May 31, 2018

Vapers in San Francisco have a good reason to vote in their upcoming local elections. After the City Council tried to outlaw flavored e-liquid and tobacco products last year, citizens will have an opportunity to vote on whether or not the ban will stand. Ironically, the political kerfuffle has led to an unlikely alliance between the vaping industry, big tobacco companies and immigrant business owners.

San Fran to Ban Flavored E-Liquids

San Francisco Voters to Determine Flavored E-Liquid Ban

In 2017, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to outlaw the sale of all flavored tobacco products, including flavored e-liquid and e-cigarettes. Even menthol cigarettes could soon be illegal within city limits.

Before the law could even be implemented, advocacy groups collected more than enough signatures to force a referendum vote, which is to be held this June. The effort was spearheaded by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., which spent well over $680,000 promoting the petition. Other supporters of the referendum include e-cig manufacturers and the Arab American Grocers Association, a coalition of immigrant shop owners who fear that the new laws could damage their businesses.

In addition to the negative impact it could have on small businesses in minority communities, the ban may also have a racial component considering the popularity of menthol products among African Americans. On the other hand, the ban’s supporters argue that some companies use flavored tobacco products and e-juices to intentionally target kids and minorities.

Vote NO on E!

The future of the flavor ban will be decided in a few months when vapers and smokers have an opportunity to vote against Proposition E. There’s now speculation that the city council could lift the ban before then to avoid further public backlash. Then again, politicians who are on the ballot could make it a wedge issue.

If voters in San Francisco reject Proposition E, then we will likely see more challenges to such ordinances. However, given that Oakland, Sonoma and Contra Costa County have already adopted similar laws, vapers may have an uphill battle ahead of them.

Oakland Takes a Similar Stance on Flavored E-Liquid

Bay Area to Ban all Flavored E-Liquids and Tobacco

Unlike the San Francisco law, the “Oakland Children Smoking Prevention Ordinance” provides an exception for “tobacco stores” that derive more than 60 percent of their revenues from tobacco sales. Unfortunately, vape shops will get no such reprieve, so a flavored e-liquid ban would still kill many small businesses. While the ban’s proponents think that’s a good thing, e-cig advocate Stefan Didak says the ordinance “takes away the option of less harmful vapor products and wipes out a decade of progress in curbing smoking.”

“Vapor products and electronic cigarettes should have never been included in this ordinance,” Didak recently told the East Bay Times. Indeed, even some health care professionals are worried that a flavored e-liquid ban could turn some vapers back into smokers.

Get Your Favorite E-Liquid Flavors From White Cloud

The future of vaping in San Francisco is unclear, but White Cloud will continue selling our full variety of e-liquids as long as it remains legal across the country. That said, now might be an ideal time for vapers in the Bay Area to stock up on their favorite e-juices.

Puff & Pair: The Most Satisfying Summertime E-Liquid Mixes

May 24, 2018

There are just a few more days until the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day Weekend! Here at the White Cloud HQ, we’re looking forward to spending days at our beautiful beaches and parks, enjoying time spent outdoors under the Florida sun. While we discussed what sorts of food and drinks we looked forward to most at holiday barbeques and parties, the team began throwing ideas around for some great e-liquid combinations to enjoy this summer.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes currently offers a variety of 24 flavors of e-liquid in all 6 of our nicotine strengths. There is a e-liquid flavor for every type of vapor, ranging from traditional flavors that ex-smokers crave like Menthol and Regular, to a variety of more complex tobacco flavors, including Atlantic Cut and Cherry Black. For vapers looking to add some new flavors to their e-liquid lineup, we even offer fruit and dessert flavors such as orAngelic, Cinna-MMM, and Fraise Crème.


Summer E-Liquid Flavor “Mix-Ups”

These are a few of the White Cloud team’s favorite e-liquid combos to beat the heat this summertime!


Mango-jito E-Liquid Mix
Mango Tango (80%) + Mint To Be (20%)

There are few beverages that are more synonymous with warm weather than the Mojito. Our White Cloud twist on the refreshing minty cocktail introduced one of our fruitiest flavors, Mango Tango, to add a sweet touch to the refreshing cool mint flavor of Mint To Be. Even if you’re just enjoying an evening in your backyard, the “Mango-jito” e-liquid mix will leave you feeling like you’ve been transported to the streets of Havana. Feel free to do a little tango as well!
Flavor Mixing Tip: When using a stronger flavor, such as Cin, Zero K, or Mint to Be, be sure to add it FIRST, as too much of these flavors can be overpowering.

Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola E-Liquid Mix
Cherry Black (70%) + Vanilla (30%)

Soda, pop, cola, whatever you choose to call it, a frosty can or glass of cherry cola after a day in the hot sun hits the spot. By combining Cherry Black e-liquid with Vanilla, we found a very familiar flavor that the entire office loved! Cherry Black’s robust tobacco blend and tart cherry aftertaste provides the “cola” kick that we know and love, and the Vanilla e-liquid gives the e-liquid mix the sweetness that will leave you reaching for your e-cig over and over again!

Flavor Mixing Tip: Drip flavors into your mini tank SLOWLY to avoid air bubbles forming. Try to drip the flavors into the tank so they do not touch the wicks.

Ice Melon

Ice Melon E-Liquid Mix
What A Melon (95%) + Zero K (5%)

One of the sure signs that summer is coming is hearing the familiar jingles playing from the neighborhood ice cream truck. Whether you’re a rocket pop loyalist, or prefer a snow cone, there aren’t many better treats on a hot day than a cool frozen treat. The Ice Melon flavor mix up we’ve came up with brings us back to a childhood favorite, Watermelon Italian ice! Adding a small amount of Zero K, our “icy peppermint” e-liquid flavor, to What A Melon, a crowd favorite in our lineup of fruity e-liquids, creates a cool treat that you can vape all summer long. The perfect e-liquid mix for hot days by the pool when you’re looking to cool down and get your nic-fix all at once.

Flavor Mixing Tip: Avoid AT ALL COSTS dripping e-liquid into the chimney, the small metal post in the center of the mini tank.

Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine E-Liquid Mix
Bora Bora (80%) + Vanilla (20%)

“That’s so vanilla” is something you’ll never say after trying out Liquid Sunshine, our crown jewel of our summertime vape flavors. As described by one team member, “It smells like my favorite brand of sunscreen, and it tastes like a tropical island!” We couldn’t have described it any better. This e-liquid mix starts with a base of Bora Bora, our exotic tobacco and spices e-liquid blend, is amplified when Vanilla e-liquid is combined in a mini-tank or mod device. Close your eyes and take a puff, and you’ll be transported (in your mind) to your favorite tropical island!

Flavor Mixing Tip: To get the best flavor out of your e-liquid mix, allow the liquids to steep for 20-30 minutes before vaping.

Orange Slush

Orange Slush E-Liquid Mix
orAngelic (95%) + Zero K (5%)

Frozen drinks are a staple of the summertime. Hot days and humid nights always lend themselves to a beverage with a little extra “chill” to it, so we decided to concoct a mix of e-liquids that created the same effect when vaped. Being headquartered in Florida, oranges immediately came to mind, so we took our delicious orAngelic e-liquid, a sweet and creamy orange-flavored e-liquid, and paired it with just the right amount of Zero K, our icy peppermint e-liquid, to create an e-liquid mix that is cooling and satisfying for vaping, even when the thermometer is skyrocketing.


As the dog days of summer roll on, give a few of these delightful e-liquid flavor “mix-ups” a try to beat the heat! Want to learn more about White Cloud’s e-liquids and mini-tanks before trying them out? Visit the link below to read up on the features and benefits, as well as some insider tips from our Customer Service team on how to make the most of your e-liquids. Have a flavor combination that you love and would like to share with us? Leave us a comment on the White Cloud Facebook page and we’ll be sure to include it in our next edition of e-liquid flavor mixes!

The Vaper’s Guide to Vaping Across the United Kingdom

May 14, 2018

While many countries are racing to regulate e-cigarettes into non-existence, the United Kingdom has taken a remarkably different approach. In 2015, Public Health England released an evidence-based report proclaiming that e-cigs are 95 percent safer than tobacco cigarettes, Consequently, British doctors are now actually encouraged to recommend vaping to their smoking patients as a harm reduction strategy. Despite the ongoing turmoil within the EU and the implementation of the Tobacco Product Directive, the future of vaping in the UK looks bright. Nonetheless, each region has different rules for where you can vape, so mind the local laws while you’re out and about.

Vaping Laws in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom consists of four nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK is still technically part of the European Union, but in a 2016 referendum, a slight majority of voters elected to withdraw from the international organization. This ongoing situation has been dubbed “Brexit.”

Brexit has many ramifications including changing how e-cigs are regulated in the region. As of now, the United Kingdom is technically beholden to the Tobacco Product Directive, or TPD. The TPD was adopted by the EU parliament to standardize regulations regarding smoking and tobacco sales. Unfortunately, although there is substantial evidence that e-cigs can help people quit smoking, European public health officials have largely sought to outlaw the devices.

As of 2017, e-cig manufacturers and distributors in EU countries must adhere to strict packaging and labeling rules. The UK government has adopted the minimal requirements of the TPD, but e-cig regulations are expected to further liberalize after the country officially splits from the EU.

Vaping in England

English public health officials were among the first in the world to advocate vaping as a tool for tobacco cessation and harm reduction. Two major national organizations, Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians, have independently released reports deeming e-cigs safer than tobacco. A recent government sponsored public health campaign included a television advertisement stating that e-cigs are a “great way to combat nicotine cravings and carry a fraction of the risk of cigarettes.” Public Health England has even encouraged employers to permit vaping in the workplace so that e-cig users don’t have to be subjected to tobacco in smoking areas.

Travelers shouldn’t have any problems bringing their vaping goods across the border, but you should still be mindful of where you can vape in public. The BCC has composed an excellent guide to vaping etiquette in England.

Vaping in Scotland


Scotland’s vaping laws are identical to Northern Ireland’s, so vaping indoors is permissible in some places. Scotland just recently adopted age restrictions for purchasing vapor products.

Vaping in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has banned tobacco use in all indoor public places including workplaces and pubs. Fortunately, indoor vaping isn’t illegal, so it’s up to establishment owners to allow or prohibit e-cigs. Therefore, you should look for signs or ask before taking a puff indoors.

Vaping in Wales


Vaping laws in Wales are a little stricter than other parts of the United Kingdom. For example, Public Health Wales is currently trying to ban flavored e-liquids by arguing that sweet flavors intentionally appeal to children. The Welsh government has tried unsuccessfully to ban vaping in all public places, but e-cig use is prohibited in certain facilities such as hospitals. Some buildings are even equipped with “e-cig panic buttons” that concerned citizens can press if they catch someone vaping. You won’t go to jail, but you will be reprimanded by a recording of a child’s voice. To avoid such public shaming, always ask permission before vaping indoors

Public Health Groups Sue the FDA

May 7, 2018

The Food and Drug Administration has spent the past few years trying to develop new regulations for tobacco products and e-cigarettes. Apparently, it isn’t acting fast enough for some public health organizations, as several organizations are now taking the FDA to court over the delayed implementation of new e-cig rules. While these groups may have benevolent intentions, they are relying on fear and misinformation to paint an inaccurate portrayal of the vaping industry.

FDA Deadline Pushed to 2022

Bottled E-liquid

Most e-cig products will soon be subject to federal oversight. Tobacco products, like cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, will also be subject to government analysis to ensure that brands adhere to new limits on nicotine content. E-cigarette and e-juice manufacturers were initially required to submit all product review applications by August of this year, but the FDA has now extended the deadline for 4 more years, pushing it to August 2022. The decision came largely in part because of the efforts of vapers, e-cig makers, vape shop owners and tobacco harm reduction advocates who argued that enforcing the strict deadline would essentially kill the vaping industry and potentially push more people back into combustable tobacco products.

Although many American health care professionals originally took a tough stance on vaping, public sentiment has changed as more research has become available. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has even expressed his desire for “a world where less harmful alternative forms [of tobacco], efficiently delivering satisfying levels of nicotine, are available for those adults who need or want them.” Thus, the government has decided to heavily regulate the vaping industry rather than destroy it.

Public Health Groups Push Back

Shortly after the FDA’s announcement to delay product review applications, six advocacy groups filed suit against the administration in a Maryland court. By failing to solicit public comments regarding the delay, the plaintiffs argue that the FDA violated both the 2009 Tobacco Control Act and the Administrative Procedures Act. Furthermore, they accuse the administration of endangering the public by leaving most e-cigs on the market for now.

The plaintiffs currently include the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and Truth Initiative. Some individual pediatricians have also signed on to the case.

JUUL’s Popularity Among Youth Gives the E-Cig Industry a Bad Rep


The lawsuit specifically focuses on the issue of flavored e-juices. Citing media reports about JUUL, an e-cig brand that has become popular among teenagers, the plaintiffs claim that e-liquid flavors entice young people to take up vaping. Ironically, JUUL’s website explicitly states that their products are not for teens or non-smokers.

According to JUUL’s spokesperson Christine Castro, “The entire conception, premise, operations and mission of the company is to eliminate cigarettes and get adult smokers to switch to our vapor product.” JUUL packages also come with a warning label indicating that the product could increase users’ risks for cancer and birth defects. The company even conducts research on youth prevention, distributes educational materials and funds addiction counselors for schools. Still, some health care professionals aren’t satisfied.

“I don’t think any tobacco or nicotine delivery device company should be doing their own prevention work,” developmental psychologist Bonnie Halpern-Felsher told the Washington Post. “The idea that tobacco industries, including cigarettes or JUULs, are putting flavors in or having flavors because they want to promote this to adults is ridiculous,”

Fortunately, vaping critics like Dr. Halpern-Felsher represent a shrinking portion of the medical community. While the benefits and risks of e-cigs are still under investigation, the dangers of smoking are well documented. Many health professionals now concur that vaping is preferable to smoking, but there is still some concern over certain chemicals that are used in lower quality e-liquids. Therefore, the government should probably research and regulate vapor products; however, if all e-cigs were to suddenly disappear, many ex-smokers would likely fall back into tobacco addiction.

Vaping is for Responsible Adults

At White Cloud, we agree that young people shouldn’t have access to vape products, which is why we’ve set up a thorough age verification process for all online purchases. Adults, on the other hand, have a right to make their own decisions. While we await the upcoming legal battle, White Cloud will continue offering a variety of e-liquid flavors and nicotine levels for responsible vapers who want an alternative to tobacco.