E-Cigs in the Pharmacy? OTC Classification Looms

E-Cigs in the Pharmacy? OTC Classification Looms

April 18, 2018

As studies across the globe continue to find evidence suggesting that e-cigarettes can be beneficial as a smoking cessation tool, the American FDA is finally reconsidering its stance on vaping. E-cigs could soon start appearing in pharmacies as an OTC product if the administration ultimately decides to regulate vapor products as over-the-counter drugs.

Could E-Cigs Be Sold OTC?

Could E-Cigs Be Sold OTC?

Nicotine replacement therapies, or NRTs, like nicotine gum, patches, and lozenges, already fall under OTC regulations. More and more public health officials are revising their stance on e-cigs; even the American Cancer Society has reversed its previously hostile stance toward vaping. Now, public health officials want to classify e-cigarettes as medical devices in the same category as nicotine gum and patches.

In this regard, American health care professionals are a little late to the game. Since 2015, the Royal College of Physicians has OK’d doctors in the United Kingdom to recommend electronic cigarettes fortheir patients who smoke. That same year, a landmark study from Public Health England revealed that vaping is 95 percent safer than smoking. In Australia, you actually need a prescription for certain vape-related products. American vapers probably won’t require a doctor’s note to vape, but they would likely notice the effects of new FDA regulations when purchasing their vaping products.

The FDA’s Ideology in Reclassification

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb claims that transitioning e-cigs from a consumer good to an OTC pathway will permit the administration to better study the benefits and safety of such products. The first step of the process will be developing new criteria for what counts as a smoking cessation aid.

Despite the FDA leaderships’ more conciliatory tone toward vaping as of late, many e-cig advocates are skeptical. The Pacific Legal Foundation is suing on behalf of vape shops from five U.S. states, arguing that the proposed e-cig regulations would cripple their business models. Meanwhile, tobacco harm reduction proponents argue that such restrictions could make it more difficult for people who are trying to quit tobacco altogether.

It remains unclear whether all vapor products would be required to undergo the rigorous process to be classified as an FDA approved over-the-counter medical treatment. If so, most manufacturers and vape shops wouldn’t survive the costs and new standards that the transition would introduce to the industry. The pharmaceutical industry, however, stands to benefit substantially from such e-cig regulations. Hopefully, the FDA will prioritize the interests of public health above “Big Pharma” profits.

Sweeping Tobacco Regulation Overhauls

Sweeping Tobacco Regulation Overhauls

The newest round of proposed FDA regulations are part of a broader campaign to reduce Americans’ dependence on tobacco, for good. Other proposals include capping the amount of nicotine allowed in 

tobacco cigarettes and e-liquids. Flavored e-juices, and even menthol tobacco cigarettes, could be banned with the intention of making both smoking and vaping less appealing to young people.

Of course, these changes would limit the choices of responsible adults who are searching for an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Although public health advocates have already sued the FDA for not acting fast enough, Commissioner Gottlieb has assured the public that the administration will take its time conducting research and analyzing the data to come up with a fair and sensible solution.

“If you’re in favor of getting adults to quit smoking, you can’t turn a blind eye to the people who want to get access to nicotine,” Gottlieb told a reporter at the CNBC “Healthy Returns” conference. “At the very time I am trying to take nicotine out of combustible tobacco, I don’t want to be sweeping the market of products that provide an alternative.”

Florida Vapers, Take Action Now!

April 11, 2018

2018 is an election year, and an possible amendment to Florida’s state constitution is currently on the ballot that could change the way (and places) we vape! This November, Florida voters will vote on 24 proposed amendments to the state’s constitution. One of these proposed amendments, Proposal 65, is focused on banning electronic cigarettes and vaping from the workplace, which is extended to include, restaurants, malls, movie theaters, etc.

Florida Politics, As Usual

In a state like Florida, where e-cigarettes and vaping are increasing in popularity and use by former tobacco-users, one would think the amendment would be voted down fairly easily. Not when politics is involved! Proposal 65, the ban on e-cigs in the workplace, will appear on ballots paired with Proposal 91, which is a ban on offshore drilling for oil and gas in state waters.

If there’s one thing that Floridians will always vote in favor of, it’s our invaluable and beloved coastal waters. This leaves the ban on e-cig amendment in a precarious situation, where it almost surely will be overlooked on the ballot. CASAA, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association, is currently running a campaign to help vapers quickly and effectively contact state representatives and urge them to remove the indoor vaping ban from the ballot in it’s entirety.

Send a Message to Tallahassee

Click here to let your voice be heard in Tallahassee! Sending a message to state representatives will only take a few short seconds…CASAA even gives you a scripted email to send. Let’s all do our part to keep Florida one of the most vaping-friendly states in the country!

The FDA Takes Aim at E-Liquid Flavors

April 3, 2018

Vapers currently have thousands of e-liquid flavors to choose from, but that could soon change due to the FDA’s relentless crackdown on e-cigarettes and the vaping industry. Under the guise of going after “flavored tobacco products,” the administration is now moving towards putting a ban in place on flavored e-liquids.

Of course, there’s an obvious flaw in that logic: E-liquids are as far from a tobacco product as you can get. Only the nicotine used in e-liquids also occurs in tobacco products. Although the motivations of most health care professionals are pure, their policy positions are often misguided by misinformation campaigns backed by corporate interests. Even worse, these additional regulations will make it more difficult for tobacco users to find a vapor alternative that works/tastes best for them.

Flavored Tobacco Product Regulations

FDA Takes Aim at E-Liquid Flavors - Image 1

In 2009, flavored tobacco products were outlawed as part of an effort to reduce youth smoking. Advocates of the ban argued that flavored cigarettes were intentionally marketed to children, and the FDA is now saying the same about flavored e-juices. However, to be fair to the FDA, Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has addressed the benefits of vaping.

“I’ve talked to ex-smokers who’ve told me that they quit cigarettes altogether, and that they now vape,” he said in a recent press statement. “And they’ve also told me it was the flavors that helped them make that transition off combustible cigarettes.” Now, the FDA wants more data on the potential of e-cigs as tools for tobacco harm reduction.

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Do E-Liquid Flavors Attract Youth?

There’s already some data on the subject of e-liquid flavors and youth smoking, but the results of various studies have been largely distorted. Surveys have shown that youth who try e-cigs are indeed more likely to try tobacco products, but that doesn’t necessarily imply cause and effect. A large portion of the e-liquid industry uses brand names, labeling, and marketing that, to many, would appear to be explicitly targeting the youth. With flavors and packaging that mimic the shelves of a candy aisle, these manufacturers claim they are purely going for a “nostalgia-feel” for their adult customers, but fail to see the appeal of their products to a younger crowd. Whether it’s ignorance, or irresponsibility, as the FDA continues to tighten the belt on e-liquid flavors, manufacturers will quickly find out that new laws will no longer permit these types of practices.

What is an ANPRM?

The FDA Takes Aim at E-Liquid Flavors - Image 2

In March 2018, the FDA published an advanced notice of proposed rule making, or ANPRM, in the federal register announcing its intention to more tightly regulate e-liquid flavors, and the e-cigarette industry as a whole. The publication of the ANPRM kicked off a 90-day public comment period to seek input from manufacturers, physicians and special interest groups. In turn, organizations like the American Vaping Association, CASAA and SFATA will gather opinions from vapers and e-cig vendors to craft formal responses to the ANPRM.

Want your voice to be heard? CASAA, the Consumer Advocated for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, is currently accepting testimonials from e-cig users. You can submit your story here.

More FDA News: The FDA’s New Approach to Vaping Regulations

E-Cigs in the Pharmacy? OTC Classification for E-Cigs Looms

In addition to all of that, the FDA has also presented the idea of regulating e-cigs as pharmaceutical products. Other countries have taken this approach: In Australia, vapers must get a doctor’s prescription to obtain e-liquids from a pharmacy for the purpose of beating their tobacco addictions.

Placing e-cigs on this path would give the FDA more funding to study the safety and benefits of vaping. Plenty of studies have already been conducted, which is why other countries already treat e-cigs on the same level as a medical devices. While such a system isn’t ideal, it’s more sensible than a full ban of e-cigarettes.

White Cloud Continues to Offer Flavored E-liquids

Until any regulations are passed down from the FDA, White Cloud will continue to offer our full lineup of e-liquid flavors to please the taste buds of all vapers. Keep an eye on our blog for the latest updates on the FDA’s battle against flavored e-liquids!

Why Do I Smoke More When I Drink?

Why Do I Smoke More When I Drink?

March 15, 2018

With St. Patrick’s Day nearing, one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year, not only will millions of gallons of green beer be consumed, but also millions of cigarettes will be smoked outside of pubs, bars, and parties across the globe. While many of us simply write off smoking while drinking alcohol as “Oh, I only smoke when I’m buzzed,” there may actually be more to your urge for nicotine while throwing back a few drinks than your pals’ peer pressure and some liquid courage.

Do Drinkers Really Smoke More?

From a top-level perspective, alcohol is classified as a depressant, while nicotine, found in cigarettes and e-cigs alike, is considered a stimulant. Anyone who has had a beer or a smoke knows that you won’t immediately fall asleep or start bouncing off the walls, but it’s clear that each substances’ chemicals alter the way our body functions. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimates that somewhere between 80 and 95 percent of alcoholics also use cigarettes. With such a significant amount of those who are chemically dependent on alcohol also chemically dependent on nicotine delivered by cigarettes, the days of the “social smoker” excuse are numbered.

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Increased Tolerance

Smoking Increases Tolerance to Alcohol

No, smoking a pack of cigarettes will not help you drink twice as much as usual. Alcohol and tobacco actually cancel out the effects of each other, creating a chemical “storm” in the body that can counteract the ability to feel the adverse effects of smoking, or the memory-impaired effects of alcohol. If you’ve ever left the bar at the end of the night and saw dozens of patrons smoking outside to “sober up”, this concept reinforces the idea that nicotine can mitigate the loss of mental alertness caused by alcohol consumption.

Triggers “Reward” Brain

Both alcohol and cigarettes contain chemicals that trigger the body to release dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for transmitting information between neurons in the brain. Naturally, dopamine is released when something good happens, like getting paid or sitting down for a meal. When drinking alcohol or smoking a cigarette, dopamine is artificially released, creating a feeling of satisfaction, or reward. This chemical release in the brain is what’s responsible for “feeling good” after a few beers, or “feeling good” after a post-meal smoke.

Feeling good yet? When alcohol and tobacco are consumed together, dopamine levels flat line, creating the risk of a dangerous, addictive cycle of juggling alcohol and tobacco use to “chase” that bolstered dopamine production. For one night out of the year, it may not seem like that great of a risk. What many are not aware of is that the leading causes of death in alcoholics isn’t alcohol-related, but rather smoking-related diseases like chronic lung disorders, lung cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.

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Societal Norms & Peer Pressure

Peer pressure to smoke when drinking

Heading out with friends for drinks and celebration doesn’t automatically mean you’ll need to light up a cigarette with them in between every drink. Do you dress in the same exact outfit as your “gang” before heading out? Then why would you need to partake in the evening’s festivities when they head outside for a cigarette? Most bars and pubs embrace smokers, as they are often also the biggest spenders/best customers, and have made a shift towards making larger outdoor spaces that can accommodate smokers without having to send them away from the bar.

Bring an E-Cig to the Bar!

So, what’s the best way to handle the urge for a social smoke? Well, with a Fling Wide Mini of course! White Cloud’s smallest disposable e-cigarette is the perfect e-cig to bring out for a night on the town. It’s strong vapor production and various nicotine levels will let you get your “nic-fix” while the rest of the crew is lighting up, without having to break your smoke-free habits.

We want to hear from you about your experiences with alcohol and tobacco! Do you find that the two go hand-in-hand, or is it an individual choice to combine the two? Let us know in the comments below, and your comment could turn into the next blog discussion!

Stealth Vaping with InvisiVapor

March 9, 2018

There are times and places where blowing out a cloud of vapor from your e-cig just isn’t appropriate. Maybe you’re around family and don’t want to attract attention as you sneak away for a quick nicotine fix. Almost all e-cigarette and vaping devices cause the user to emit a visual vapor. Depending on the type of e-liquid and the power to the device, that vapor “cloud” could be faint, yet satisfying, like our ClearDraw Max cartridges, or they could be visible from space with how some of the more powerful mods produce vapor.

White Cloud identified a need in the e-cigarette industry for a way for vapers to use their e-cig without notice from others. The desire for a discreet way to vape led White Cloud to create the Invisi-Vapor line of e-cigarette cartridges.

InvisiVapor Benefits

Discreet Vaping on the Go

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Adding Invisi-Vapor cartridges to your e-cigarette kits gives users the ability to vape anywhere (legally) without having to refill a new tank, carry two types of e-liquids, or use two different devices. Invisi-Vapor is packaged in the same pocket-sized packaging as our ClearDraw line of cartridges, and features easy screw-on threading to quickly attach any of White Cloud’s Cirrus rechargeable batteries.

Stealth E-Cigarette Design

InvisiVapor was developed with discretion as the number one priority. The ClearDraw cartridge that is used contains .75mL of our proprietary “low vapor” e-liquid. The smaller cartridge size, a little over an inch long, was chosen to cut down on the total length of your e-cigarette. When paired with White Cloud’s smallest e-cig battery, the Cirrus 3, the total length of your InvisiVapor set up is only 3 ½ inches long, making it easily concealable in hands of any size.

Keep Your Habit to Yourself

E-Cig Efficacy: Study Results

There are not many other things that make a person more unapproachable than a billowing cloud of smoke, or vapor, surrounding them. While fellow vapers and smokers may not mind, in certain settings, like a family event, road trip, or concert, blowing clouds of vapor is a quick way to become the most unpopular person around. Invisi-Vapor cartridges produce 90 to 95% less vapor than traditional e-cigarette cartridges, so you’ll still get the same satisfying nicotine fix and throat hit, but your exhale will produce little to no visible vapor.

Help Us Make Invisi-Vapor Right For You

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our product line, and have had droves of customers who love using InvisiVapor for discreet vaping ask us for an expanded offering of flavors. Check out the quick survey below and let us know which flavor you’d like to see offered in InvisiVapor cartridges!

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