Which Baseball Stadiums Allow Electronic Cigarettes?

Which Baseball Stadiums Allow Electronic Cigarettes?

February 20, 2018

A day at the ballpark is as American as apple pie or the 4th of July. With the MLB season just around the corner, the White Cloud team got to work compiling information from all 30 of the league’s stadiums on their electronic cigarette and tobacco policies. Years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to see cigars and cigarettes being smoked right in the grandstands, but with more and more major cities passing laws regarding indoor smoking, e-cigarette users are being pushed into designated smoking sections with cigarette smokers.

In 2016, the MLB began pushing to rid smokeless tobacco from the game, going so far as including a section in the Collective Bargaining Agreement that bans any rookies from using smokeless tobacco. Many MLB stadiums have implemented this rule as well, enforcing a strict no-tobacco policy stadium wide.

Check out the infographic below to see where stadiums still allow vapers to grab a few puffs between innings, and which stadiums do not.

Vaping/Smoking in MLB Ballparks

Vaping/Smoking Policies of Major League Baseball Stadiums

Use these quick links below to scroll down to your desired team’s stadium.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Chase Field

Website: https://azchasefield.com/
Phone: (480) 339-5000

Chase Field is a designated non-smoking facility. The stadium does allow fans to vape or smoke in marked areas located outside the stadium, at Gate A, Gate J, and Gate K. Electronic Cigarette use are not permitted in the seating areas, general concourse, suites, or restrooms. Be sure to bring your ticket stub and ask for a “reentry card” before heading outside to one of the designated areas.

Atlanta Braves

SunTrust Park

Website: https://www.mlb.com/braves/ballpark
Phone: (404) 577-9100

SunTrust Park is a tobacco-free facility, which includes e-cigarettes. Tobacco use is permitted in a designated smoking section located outside of the 3rd Base gate. ALL tobacco use is prohibited in the seating areas, concourses, suites, and restrooms.

Baltimore Orioles

Camden Yards

Website: https://www.mlb.com/orioles/ballpark
Phone: (410) 685-9800

Camden Yards is a completely smoke-free facility, including the use of electronic cigarettes. The stadium policy includes “any device that mimics the act of smoking.” Guests may only vape/smoke outside of the stadium, and reentry is prohibited.

Boston Red Sox

Fenway Park

Website: https://www.mlb.com/redsox/ballpark
Phone: (877) 733-7699

Smoking is not permitted inside of Fenway Park. Guests may smoke outside of the stadium, but reentry is prohibited.

Chicago Cubs

Wrigley Field

Website: http://chicago.cubs.mlb.com/chc/ballpark/
Phone: (773) 404-2827

Smoking, and tobacco use, is strictly prohibited at Wrigley Field. This includes traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Smoking areas are located outside of each entrance. Guests must have their ticket signed or stamped to exit and reenter the park, and must do so within 10 minutes of exiting.

Chicago White Sox

Guaranteed Rate Field

Website: https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/ballpark
Phone: (312) 674-1000

Chicago City ordinance mandates that no smoking or tobacco-use is permitted inside of Guaranteed Rate Field. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes. Guests may use designated smoking areas located outside of Gate 2 and Gate 5, and will be permitted to reenter the stadium.

Cincinnati Reds

Great American Ball Park

Website: https://www.mlb.com/reds/ballpark
Phone: (513) 765-7000

Under Ohio law, Great American Ball Park is a completely smoke-free facility. These restrictions also include smokeless tobacco and vapor devices. Guests at Great American Ball Park can use the designated smoking area outside of Gate B, and may reenter the stadium ONLY through that gate. Guests who exit the stadium from any other gate will be refused reentry.

Cleveland Indians

Progressive Field

Website: https://www.mlb.com/indians/ballpark
Phone: (216) 420-4487

In accordance with Ohio state law, Progressive Field is a completely tobacco-free facility. The stadium’s policy goes to great detail to include electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, and any other devices that mimic the act of smoking. Guests at Progressive Field may use Gate A to exit and reenter the stadium to use their tobacco products outside of the facilities.

Colorado Rockies

Coors Field

Website: http://colorado.rockies.mlb.com/col/ballpark/
Phone: (303) 292-0200

Coors Field prohibits smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, unless in a designated smoking area within the stadium. Marijuana consumption in any form is also prohibited throughout the enter stadium. Coors Field offers it’s guests a variety of smoking sections:
Smoking is permitted in the following areas only:

Outside Coors Field – Guests may exit and reenter at any exit with a reentry stamp and ticket stub.

Wells Fargo Club – Outdoor terraces behind section 214 and section 247.

Suite Level – Wells Fargo Club terraces, outdoor area across from Suite 56.

Upper Concourse – Behind sections 316, 325 and 347, as well as behind the Clocktower.

Mezzanine – Behind sections 204 and 205.

Rockpile – On elevated platform near the scoreboard.

Detroit Tigers

Comerica Park

Website: https://www.mlb.com/tigers/ballpark/
Phone: (313) 962-4000

Comerica Park is a smoke-free stadium, but does allow reentry to guests who use the designated smoking area located outside of section 140. Comerica Park also features a Cigar Bar, where customers can enjoy cigars inside, but no outside tobacco is permitted for use.

Houston Astros

Minute Maid Park

Website: http://houston.astros.mlb.com/hou/ballpark/
Phone: (713) 259-8000

Minute Maid Park offers a few designated smoking areas to it’s guests seated in the Club, Suite, and Upper Concourse levels. Fans seated in the main level may exit and reenter the stadium to smoke through the Right Field gate. Smoking, and electronic cigarette use, are strictly prohibited in the concourses, seating areas, and stairwells.

Kansas City Royals

Kauffman Stadium

Website: https://www.mlb.com/royals/ballpark
Phone: (816) 921-8000

Both analog smoking and electronic cigarettes are not permitted anywhere inside the structure of Kauffman Stadium. There are smoking areas along the perimeter fence at Gates B, D, A, and E, and on the View Level near section 420. E-cigs are not permitted in the seating bowl, concourse, bathrooms, or stairwells.

Los Angeles Angels

Angel Stadium

Website: http://losangeles.angels.mlb.com/ana/ballpark/
Phone: (714) 940-2000

Smoking and electronic cigarette use are not permitted in the seating areas or concourse at Angels Stadium. There are designated areas within the stadium where vaping and smoking are permitted, including the ramps and the Plaza Courtyard.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodger Stadium

Website: http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/la/ballpark/
Phone: (866) DOD-GERS

Electronic cigarette use is expressly prohibited while inside of Dodger Stadium. E-cigs fall under all of the same restrictions as cigarette smoking. Fans are asked to speak with a Dodger Stadium representative for directions to the nearest designated smoking area.

Miami Marlins

Marlins Park

Website: https://www.mlb.com/marlins/ballpark
Phone: (305) 480-1300

Marlins Park prohibits smoking and vaping while inside of the stadium. There are no designated areas within Marlins Park for smoking/vaping, and re-entry is prohibited for this purpose.

Milwaukee Brewers

Miller Park

Website: https://www.mlb.com/brewers/ballpark/
Phone: (414) 902-4400

Except in designated areas, use of all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, is not permitted for use inside of Miller Park. Designed smoking areas can be found at outdoor plazas on the Field Level, in the area behind section 106, and at the Friday’s Front Row outdoor patio.

Minnesota Twins

Target Field

Website: https://www.mlb.com/twins/ballpark
Phone: (612) 659-3400

The entirety of Target Field, including the public areas behind and adjacent to the stadium, is completely smoke-free. Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited, and there is no re-entry permitted.

New York Mets

Citi Field

Website: http://newyork.mets.mlb.com/nym/ballpark/
Phone: (718) 507-8499

Smoking and electronic cigarette use is prohibited in the seating areas, bathrooms, and concourses in Citi Field. The stadium has 3 designated smoking sections within the stadium:

Plaza Level – Left Field Gate

Field Level – Center field staircase landing across from the back of the CitiVision video board

Promenade Level – Top of the ramp across from section 527

New York Yankees

Yankee Stadium

Website: https://www.mlb.com/yankees/ballpark
Phone: (718) 293-4300

There are no designated smoking sections within Yankee Stadium, and all smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited. Violators may face ejection, citation, and possible revocation of future ticket privileges.

Oakland Athletics

Oakland Coliseum

Website: https://www.mlb.com/athletics/ballpark
Phone: (510) 569-2121

Due to City of Oakland ordinance, the Oakland Coliseum is a completely tobacco-free stadium, including e-cigarettes. There are no designated smoking sections anywhere in the stadium, and re-entry is prohibited.

Philadelphia Phillies

Citizens Bank Park

Website: https://www.mlb.com/phillies/ballpark
Phone: (215) 463-1000

Smoking, along with electronic cigarette use, is not allowed anywhere inside of Citizens Bank Park.

Pittsburgh Pirates

PNC Park

Website: http://pittsburgh.pirates.mlb.com/pit/ballpark/
Phone: (412) 321-BUCS

PNC Park’s fan conduct policy includes prohibiting the use of any tobacco products, and specifically names e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. There are no smoking sections within the stadium, and PNC Park does not allow re-entry.

St. Louis Cardinals

Busch Stadium

Website: http://stlouis.cardinals.mlb.com/stl/ballpark/
Phone: (314) 345-9600

While electronic cigarette use is prohibited within Busch Stadium, fans do not need to exit and reenter the stadium to reach a designated smoking area. At Gate 4, fans can freely pass back and forth to a fenced-in area of Clark Ave, where e-cigarette use is permitted.

San Diego Padres

Petco Park

Website: http://petcoparkevents.com/
Phone: (619) 795-5555

Petco Park is a completely smoke-free facility. Fans who would like to use their electronic cigarettes must exit the stadium and utilize designated areas outside of the ballpark. Re-entry is permitted by receiving a re-entry stamp from gate personnel before exiting.

San Francisco Giants

AT&T Park

Website: http://sanfrancisco.giants.mlb.com/sf/ballpark/
Phone: (415) 972-2000

Electronic cigarette use is not permitted in AT&T Park. There are no designated smoking/vaping areas, and there is no re-entry permitted for fans who exit the park to smoke or vape.

Seattle Mariners

Safeco Field

Website: https://www.mlb.com/mariners/ballpark/
Phone: (206) 346-4000

Safeco Field is a no-smoking facility as per Washington State’s Clean Air Act. This law extends to electronic cigarettes and smokeless tobacco as well. There are no smoking sections inside of Safeco Field, and guests who would like to vape or smoke must exit the stadium at the Home Plate, Right Field, Left Field, or Center Field Gates. Reentry is permitted by having a valid ticket scanned before leaving the stadium.

Tampa Bay Rays

Tropicana Field

Website: https://www.mlb.com/rays/ballpark/
Phone: (727) 825-3137

Tropicana Field is a smoke-free indoor facility, which includes prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes. Fans are able to vape/smoke in designated smoking sections found outside of Gates 2, 5, 6, and 7, or on the exterior ramps at Gates 2, 5, and 6.

Texas Rangers

Globe Life Park

Website: https://www.mlb.com/rangers/ballpark/
Phone: (817) 273-5222

Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is not permitted in the seating areas at Globe Life Park. Guests may utilize any of the 10 smoking sections found throughout Globe Life Park:

Main Concourse, along the outer wall behind the striping
Upper Concourse, along the outer wall behind the striping
Behind section 208
Behind section 243
Behind section 304-306
Behind section 210
Behind section 314-318
Behind section 330-334
Behind section 341-342
Behind section 343-345

Toronto Blue Jays

Rogers Center

Website: https://www.mlb.com/bluejays/ballpark
Phone: (416) 460-4234

Rogers Centre has been a smoke-free facility since 2006. Vaping and smoking are not permitted anywhere in the stadium, and re-entry is not permitted.

Washington Nationals

Nationals Park

Website: https://www.mlb.com/nationals/ballpark
Phone: (202) 675-6287

Nationals Park is a tobacco-free facility as per District of Columbia law. There are no exceptions for electronic cigarettes or smokeless tobacco. Guests may use the designated smoking section at the First Base Gate, but will be required to exit and re-enter the park.

Play Ball With White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

Happy Travels With White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

Planning a trip to a new baseball stadium includes learning where you can enjoy your e-cigs, then stocking up on the essentials. All of White Cloud’s e-cigarettes come in a pocket-friendly design to make transporting your e-cig a breeze, while our disposable Fling e-cigs are perfect for vapers on-the-go as they come prepackaged with no need to worry about packing chargers and extra batteries. And, if you absolutely cannot fathom a 2-3 hour game without being able to take a quick puff or two on your vape, our Invisi-Vapor e-cig cartridges offer the most discreet vaping experience possible.

Petco Park Events
Chase Field, Home of the Diamondbacks

Health Effects of Vaping: Good or Bad?

Health Effects of Vaping: Good or Bad?

February 11, 2018

Laboratory tests around the world continue to confirm that vaping is safer than smoking. Now that e-cigarettes have been on the market for several years, are the people using them experiencing positive or negative health effects? According to a survey conducted in 2015, people who have transitioned from smoking to vaping feel healthier than they did three years ago. This good news coincides with a surge in research supporting the benefits of switching from traditional tobacco to e-cigs.


Survey Says E-cigs May Reduce Smoking-Related Health Effects

Survey Says E-cigs May Reduce Smoking-Related Illnesses

In 2015, Dr. Robert L. Cranfield conducted a survey to measure the health effects of vaping in smokers who switched to vaping. Participants were asked if they had been diagnosed with any health conditions related to tobacco before quitting smoking or after switching to ecigs. Conditions listed included hypertension, respiratory infections, cancers and heart complications. If participants answered “Yes” to having a condition prior to using e-cigarettes, they were asked if it has since been resolved. The answers provided by the 573 respondents led Dr. Cranfield to conclude, “Electronic cigarettes have dramatic and positive health effects on those who are able to switch from smoking.”

Ex-smokers who had been vaping for at least three years were 96 percent less likely to report health problems than study participants who still smoked, and 61.8 percent of the vapers said previous conditions had gotten better since making the leap from tobacco to e-cigs. Shortness of breath was the most commonly reported condition that improved with switching to vaping. Other improvements included those with a history of chronic respiratory infections and high blood pressure. It is important to note that abstaining from tobacco, not the act of vaping itself, likely led to improved health. Considering the proof that e-cigs help ex-smokers leave tobacco, it’s safe to say that e-cigs play a big role in helping people become healthier.


Smoking and High Blood Pressure: Can Vaping Help?

Smoking and High Blood Pressure: Can Vaping Help?

It’s no secret that smoking comes along with health risks. Tobacco smoke can damage your blood cells, your heart and your entire cardiovascular system. In addition to hypertension, such trauma heightens your risk for plaque build-up in your arteries. This plaque limits the flow of oxygen throughout your body. Plaque build-up in the heart can lead to coronary heart disease, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, heart attack and possible death.

According to an e-cigarette study published in the February 2016 edition of Internal and Emergency Medicine, trading tobacco for e-cigs can help smokers wean off nicotine while reducing risks for hypertension and other heart conditions. A team led by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos measured changes in heart rate and blood pressure in former smokers and current e-cig users who vape e-liquid containing high, low, or zero nicotine. Reducing or quitting tobacco led to a long-term decline in blood pressure for the majority of vapers despite nicotine levels. Positive health effects were displayed even in those who had been diagnosed with hypertension while they were smokers. Dr. Konstantinos and his team made headlines in 2012 when they announced, “Electronic cigarettes have no acute adverse health effects on cardiac function.”


Other Potential Health Benefits of Vaping


These findings join a growing body of research supporting the belief that switching from tobacco to ecigs can improve lung damage from smoking. E-cigs are no wonder drug, but they can help people quit smoking, which leads to dozens of health benefits. For example, the authors of a study that found former smokers experienced improvements in airway function while using e-cigs proclaimed, “The emerging evidence that [e-cig] use can reverse negative health effects from tobacco smoking should be taken into consideration by regulatory authorities.” Likewise, a study from the University of Catania in Italy discovered that smokers with asthma who switched to e-cigs demonstrated improvements in lung function over the course of a year.

Can Vaping Prevent Weight Gain During Smoking Cessation?

Vaping also has many unexpected benefits. One of the most common problems from people quitting tobacco is a surge in appetite resulting in weight gain. This happens because nicotine is an appetite suppressant. Studies show that vaping can prevent weight gain from quitting smoking, which increases the chances of successful tobacco cessation and reduces risks for health problems associated with obesity. The list of reasons to give up smoking for e-cigarettes will likely continue to grow. There are probably other benefits we don’t even know about yet. One thing we can be certain of is that evidence continues to suggest that vaping is safer than smoking.


What’s Your Vaping Style?

January 26, 2018

Everyone has their own style of dressing, cooking, talking, walking, you name it! After chatting around the office and noticing different styles and habits that each of us has as we vape, we thought we’d have a little fun and throw together a video of each different vaping style that you can find around the White Cloud headquarters.

Check out the video below, then keep reading for a breakdown of each style and some suggested flavors we received from members of the White Cloud team.

The Different Vaping Styles Found at White Cloud

The Hands-Free Vaper

Taking advantage of White Cloud’s soft tips, the Hand-Free e-cig user is the most efficient of all e-cigarette users. By going hands-free, they are able to focus on any activity at hand (pun intended), all while enjoying their e-cig. The Hands-Free vaping style often leaves vapers wondering, “What am I supposed to do with my hands?”

These high-energy vapers tend to use robust flavors like Zero K, Cin, and Espresso.

The Flavor Chaser

When an e-cig user is craving the most flavor from their e-cigarette, they turn to the Cirrus FOB. Each hit is just as full of flavor as the last, and a smart battery display will ensure that Flavor Chasers are never caught off-guard by a dead battery. Chase on, Flavor Chasers!

You’ll find Flavor Chasers vaping our sweeter flavors like Whippin’ Good, The Hive, and Vanilla.

The Trick Shot Vaper

Fidget spinner

When your e-cig can double as a fidget spinner, twirling baton, drumstick, and more, why not take full advantage? The Trick Shot style e-cig user not only appreciates a satisfying vapor hit, but likes to do it in style. Just don’t try any trick shots with a FOB!

Trick Shot vapers prefer fun flavors that match their vaping style like What A Melon, orAngelic, and Mango Tango.

The Discreet Vaper

Sometimes, you just need to take a quick puff of your e-cig. Without drawing any attention, the discreet vaper is a master of hiding their e-cigarette in their hand and taking a puff. This e-cig style allows for vaping just about anywhere!

The Discreet Vaper often sticks with Regular or Menthol flavored e-liquid, and always leaves home armed with an InvisiVapor cartridge.

The Classic Vaper

Audrey Hepburn vaping style

The Classic 2 finger hold is a timeless style that e-cig users most likely carried over from their past using combustible cigarettes. The Classic imparts style and glamour, personified best by iconic images of the late Audrey Hepburn with her smokes in a fancy holder.

E-cigarette users who fall under the Classic style often appreciate the finer tobacco flavors, such as Cavendish and Bora Bora.


Do you have your own unique style, or do you fall into one of the styles that we found around the office and warehouse? We want to know what’s your vaping style? Even if it’s not mentioned our blog, feel free to make up your own vaping style that best describes how you like to enjoy your White Cloud e-cigs and let us know in the comments below!

Top 5 Reasons We Love ClearDraw MAX Cartridges

January 20, 2018

It’s been over a year since ClearDraw MAX pre-filled e-cigarette cartridges found their home in the White Cloud warehouse. Since then, the vapers of the White Cloud Crew have found so many reasons to love them.

Why ClearDraw MAX E-Cig Cartridges Are the Best

Now, we’re being honest here. At least half of the White Cloud crew uses our products on a daily basis, and not because we have to. Many of us are also seriously heavy vapers—some of us even have lanyards so our e-cigs are always within reach. So after months and months of vaping on ClearDraw MAX as if they were going out of style, we’ve been able to gain some real insight into what makes them so much better. So let’s take a look at the top 5 things we love about ClearDraw MAX.

Reason #1: Tiny Hands

Yes, you read that right: tiny hands. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, then check this out:

Reason #2: More E-Liquid

ClearDraw MAX e-cig cartridges feature more e-liquid than any other prefilled e-cig cartridge on the market. With a full 2 ml of e-liquid, switching to a new e-cig cartridge every few hours becomes a thing of the past. Some of us vapers here at White Cloud can kill one of our ClearDraw Original cartridges (with only 1 ml of e-liquid) in a matter of hours, but a ClearDraw MAX cartridge will last us an entire day, if not longer.

Reason #3: Soft Tips & Bigger Cartridges

We’ve had many cartridge designs throughout the history of White Cloud, from our strong and sturdy SmoothDraw cartridges to the soft tip of our ClearDraw Original Cartridges. We went back to the hard shell with our ClearDraw2 cartridges and quickly realized our customers preferred the soft, comfortable tip of our ClearDraw Original cartridges. The soft tip cartridge simply gives more of an authentic feel, especially for those first making the switch to vaping. But, the original cartridges are pretty tiny, and like I said, we vape A LOT. So when we decided to take the soft tip design and add another milliliter of e-liquid, ClearDraw MAX was born.

Reason #4: Longer Battery Life

With twice the e-liquid, combined with the super easy draw, we’ve noticed our Cirrus batteries last way longer than they did with our ClearDraw2 cartridges. Even the heaviest vapers can make it through an entire day without having to worry about recharging our batteries every few hours.

Reason #5: The Price

You might take one look at the price and think you’re better off buying ClearDraw Original, even though they’re only a few bucks cheaper. But the truth is: you’ll get way more value for your money with ClearDraw MAX. To show just how much value, let’s do some quick math:


If you’ve given ClearDraw MAX a try, let us know how much you love them by submitting a product review. And if you haven’t tried them yet, then make the switch today!

Try ClearDraw MAX

The Cirrus FOB: White Cloud's Longest Lasting E-Cig Battery

The Cirrus FOB: Our Longest Lasting E-Cig Battery

January 12, 2018

The Cirrus FOB, White Cloud’s manual electronic cigarette battery, goes against industry norms by changing the shape and battery capacity of the e-cig battery as we know it. If an easier draw, a greater level of control of vapor production, and a battery that lasts 2-3X longer than “cig-a-likes” sounds appealing, keep on reading to learn more about the Cirrus FOB!

The inspiration for bringing the Cirrus FOB to the White Cloud product line stems from giving customers the ability to “take the next step up” in the vaping world. While it’s still significantly smaller than a bulky, sub-ohm “box mod,” the Cirrus FOB aims to provide users with comparable vapor production while enjoying their favorite White Cloud e-liquids. If you’ve been vaping our disposables or cig-a-likes for a while now, it’s time to get your hands on a FOB. You’ll quickly understand why it has been flying off the warehouse shelves!

White Cloud’s Longest Lasting E-Cig Battery

Cirrus FOB Features

The Cirrus FOB is White Cloud’s most technologically advanced e-cig battery ever. We listened to our customers who wanted a better way to know how much charge was left in their battery, and added a visible battery charge window on the Cirrus FOB that indicates the percentage of battery life that is remaining in the device. Adding a push button to the Cirrus FOB allows users to control the amount of vapor production, making each drag the “perfect hit.” The Cirrus FOB is compatible with the entire line of Clear Draw cartridges, as well as with our Mini Tanks.

Cirrus FOB Benefits

The biggest problem that the Cirrus FOB solved was a way to extend the battery life of a traditional e-cigarette battery without making the size become an issue. The FOB features a completely different shape, similar in size to a car’s keyless entry fob. Its tapered shape was designed to fit easily in hands of any size and allow for easy access to the single button that controls operation and power. It’s easy to charge your Cirrus FOB with its integrated Micro USB port that is compatible with dozens of different chargers for mobile devices, cameras, and more.

Both customers and White Cloud employees have reported that the Cirrus FOB provides a more robust flavor in its vapor, and that the nicotine “hit” is more satisfying and longer lasting. The visible battery charge window ensures that you’ll never leave home with an “almost-dead” battery and be stuck vapeless until you get back to a charger!

Get Started with the Cirrus FOB

Cirrus FOB battery & charger combo kit

White Cloud offers the Cirrus FOB in 2 forms, as a single battery option, and in a combo kit option. The single battery Cirrus FOB can be found here, and does not include a Micro USB cable. The Cirrus FOB battery & charger combo kit, which can be found here, includes a 1.5 ft. Micro USB cable for charging your FOB, and can be upgraded to a 6 ft. cable for a small additional cost.

For customers that are new to White Cloud, you’ll want to decide on whether you’d like to use Clear Draw cartridges or e-liquid in your mini-tanks, and determine what nicotine strength is best for you. For existing customers looking to move to the Cirrus FOB from a Cirrus “cig-a-like” battery, you’ll be happy to learn that any Clear Draw cartridges and Mini Tanks that you may already have are compatible with the Cirrus FOB.

Common Questions about the Cirrus FOB

Q: Will the FOB arrive charged?
A: Yes! Your FOB will arrive with a full charge, but will not be activated.
Q: How do I activate my Cirrus FOB?
A: Simply press the button five times quickly. You should see the light flash 3 times, indicating that your battery is activated.
Q: Am I supposed to press the button the entire time I’m inhaling?
A: For the most robust hit from your Cirrus FOB, the button should be pressed the entire time you are inhaling.
Q: How do I turn off my FOB?
A: Quickly press the button five times. Three flashes from the light will indicate that the battery has been deactivated.
Q: How long does the FOB need to charge for?
A: The FOB is designed to fully charge a drained battery in 2 hours. Time to full charge will depend on how much battery is remaining when you put it on the charger.
Q: How do I clean my Cirrus FOB?
A: Cleaning your White Cloud e-cigarette is quick and easy. Check out our e-cig cleaning and maintenance guide for step-by-step guides in ensuring your e-cig battery is always operating correctly.