Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

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Everyone who uses ecigarettes eventually experiences the infamous “burnt” taste when vaping. There could be a few reasons why your vape tastes burnt sometimes, but the unpleasant phenomenon is usually the result of a dry puff.

How to Avoid the Burnt Taste When Vaping

Reasons why your vape might taste burnt

A few factors can cause dry puffs while vaping and although there are many different types of vaping devices, they all essentially have the same working parts. A battery provides power to the heating element, the atomizer, which contains a coil of wire that gets heated. The atomizer also contains a wick to absorb the e-liquid to be turned into vapor. A dry puff occurs if the coil is heated without an adequate supply of e-liquid. The wick then becomes too hot and produces the bitter taste. The wick can also dry out if it’s not properly positioned in the chamber.

Chain vaping can also lead to dry puffs. Not allowing the heating element a moment to cool down dries out the wick. Different types of e cigs have their own temperature control mechanisms, some of which are customizable by the user. The quality of your hardware and how you use it will greatly impact your vaping experience.

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Burnt Taste with Open Tank Systems

Open tank systems and e-cig mods are more susceptible to producing dry puffs due to the level of user customization, especially when it comes to inexperienced vapers. Improper wick installation, high battery wattage, low-quality e-liquids and old coils can all cause a burnt taste when vaping. Even the outdoor temperature can affect the performance of such devices. It’s important to understand how your vaping device works and follow tips for vaping safely.

Burnt Taste With Prefilled E-Tanks

E-cigs that use prefilled tanks are less likely to make your vape taste burnt, but it still happens if the wick isn’t saturated. This can occur if the tank is defective or almost empty. Before you get to that point, you should notice the flavor fading and the volume of vapor decreasing. If your vape tastes burnt, it’s definitely time to change the tank.

Are Dry Puffs Dangerous?

A study conducted at the University of Manchester has received media attention for purportedly proving that vaping inflames the lungs in a fashion similar to smoking. Most reports conveniently left out the researchers’ flawed methodology.

Upon testing e-cig vapor, the investigators identified acrolein, a carcinogen found in tobacco smoke. They admitted to finding “acrolein in the vapour extract, but not the e-liquid itself,“ which means acrolein was produced during the heating process. This would only occur if the element overheated, which would result in a dry puff. Simply put, an e-cig user couldn’t comfortably vape at the temperatures needed to produce the carcinogen. Several other e-cig studies have made the same methodological mistake. The issue with such studies is the researchers do not understand vaping or the habits of vapers. Repeatedly inhaling dry puffs could indeed be dangerous; however, no vaper enjoys the acrid taste of a dry puff.

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The Formaldehyde Debate

A 2015 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine received backlash from the scientific community for its misleading statements about the presence of formaldehyde in e cigs. Like the University of Manchester study, the investigators heated e cigarettes to temperatures beyond what any vaper could tolerate. Despite criticisms from fellow scientists, media outlets presented the study as factual, and anti-vaping lobbyist still cite the flawed research when promoting anti-vaping legislation.

No one is claiming that e cigs are 100 percent harmless. In fact, Public Health England looked at all of the available evidence and determined that vaping is safer than smoking by 95 percent, which means that there are still risks associated with e cigs. It’s important to remember that tobacco cigarettes are known to be deadly, yet continue to be sold everywhere in the world. Attempts to compare ecigs with traditional tobacco cigarettes are dangerous because they deter smokers from trying what evidence continues to suggest is a safer alternative.

Does Your Vape Tastes Burnt? Give White Cloud a Chance

All e-cigs are not created equally. Choosing a high-quality e-cigarette and e-liquid is your best bet for avoiding the burnt taste when vaping. White Cloud products are designed to ensure customer satisfaction for the best vaping experience.

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