White Cloud Wins a Gold Stevie Award

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On March 4th 2016, White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes was honored with a Gold Stevie Award for excellence in the category of Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year for the Consumer Products and Electronics Industry. With some big competition, we were able to showcase that White Cloud was worthy of earning acknowledgement for having a support staff capable of turning around complaints and solving issues with pristine satisfaction. 

The 2016 Stevie Awards and the White Cloud Gold

Let’s be honest – when ClearDraw2 cartridges were first released, it was not the perfect experience White Cloud had anticipated. While there were many noteworthy reasons for why the newly designed cartridges were spectacular, there were also a few obstructions that tarnished the initial enjoyment of their release. To say plainly, we heard from a large amount of our customers about some of the dissatisfaction they had with the first run of these cartridges.

Customer Service was there to fight the good fight, providing our customers with assurance that we were doing everything possible to resolve the issues with ClearDraw2 and that any feedback they could provide would be extremely helpful in finding the best resolution. Tackling on an influx of customer communications, our support team was able to alleviate the problems our customers were facing with the ClearDraw2 cartridges. Soon after the initial launch, our product development team had developed revisions to the cartridges, thus creating the pleasant vaping experience our customers enjoy today.

Winning the Award for Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year

In order to win a Stevie Award within the criteria of Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year, companies must be able to showcase that their team was able to handle a particularly troublesome issue and turn it around to make a positive experience for the customer. This information is presented to the judges to rank the customer service team’s ability to tackle such an issue and make a successful turnaround. There were over 2100 submissions by organizations from 36 nations and just about 37% of entries rated received scores high enough to be finalists for the 2016 Stevie Awards, and White Cloud was one of them. White Cloud’s presentation showed the judges that our turnaround during this troublesome time was not only swift, but was also based on our number one concern: assuring our customers they can count on us to make things right.

And the Winner is: White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes!

Facing some stiff competition, White Cloud entered the Final 3 for the Stevie Award for Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year, knocking other competitors out of the race for this award. We then headed to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas to attend the 10th annual Stevie Awards Banquet where we squared off against technology giants Lennox and Vizio. During the two-and-a-half-hour awards ceremony, our anticipation grew as we watched one of our competing finalists take home award after award among other categories. Towards the end of the ceremony, our category came up and we held our breaths as we awaited the announcement of the Gold Stevie Award Winner: "White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes"! After taking in the initial shock, White Cloud’s Corporate Administrator, Patti Zapparolli and Customer Service Manager, Bob Engel, made their way to the stage to accept the honor in showcasing our customer service prowess to the world.

Although we've heard from our customers about how wonderful our customer service team is and knew the team was worthy of receiving an award, it was still quite the shock to learn our little team of 8 was not only included in the Final 3 with two very large companies, but also swooped right in and took home the Gold.

About the Stevie Awards

The Stevie Awards were created in 2002 to provide public recognition in honoring the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals around the world. There are six Stevie Awards programs, and each includes its own focus and list of categories. White Cloud entered into the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service, which recognizes the achievements of contact center, customer service, business development and sales professionals worldwide. 

Judges for the Stevie Awards are highly viewed as frontrunners in the business world and include executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators. Over 200 judges are chosen to critique and evaluate the entries for companies striving to win a Stevie Award. These judges help narrow down which companies will become finalists and ultimately which award they will win. The awards are available in bronze, silver or gold, with the gold award being awarded to the company of the highest caliber in their category.

White Cloud’s Award-Winning Customer Service Team

White Cloud is proud to announce the victory that our customer service has achieved, as it showcases our important goal of providing some of the best customer service in the world. With a Gold Stevie Award in tow, White Cloud customers can rest assured that if they ever have questions or concerns, our Customer Service Sentinels will be there to offer helpful and friendly assistance while providing the best solution possible.

A thank you goes out to White Cloud customers for weathering the ClearDraw2 storm with us and for remaining loyal members of the White Cloud Nation.