The Visual Fixation on E-Cigarette Vapor Clouds

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Back in the yonder years, smoke was just a simple sight–one medium-sized cloud drifting through the air. From cigarettes to cigars, the sight never really changed; the level of smoke rising after a puff of tobacco has always been a consistent and common sight.

Nowadays, these visuals have certainly taken more drastic changes. It has become pretty common to witness gigantic plumes of vapor rising up into the air, completely masking the vapers behind them. Some e-cig users may even feel that vaping isn’t enjoyable without producing such massive vapor clouds; but on the flip side, there are also vapers who prefer to be more discreet with their vaping habits. This is just one of the factors that make the world of vaping so unique: it comes with a range of customization options never before seen with tobacco cigarettes.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what caused these two extremes to be possible and why vapers find them necessary, then your questions will be answered as we delve into the world of vapor.

Chasing the Vapor Clouds

Mod vaping device in vapor cloud

Some may call it an art. Some may call it a hobby. Some may just call it unnecessary. Whichever you choose to call it, cloud-chasing has indeed become a “sport” so to speak, and its popularity is growing rapidly. In fact, cloud-chasing competitions have been popping up across the globe for the last couple of years.

For those of you unfamiliar with this hobbyist competitive movement, we can describe it as the race to produce the biggest and densest vapor cloud. In these competitions, competitors take turns taking long puffs from their modified e-cigarette devices for judges to measure each exhale. The competitor who pushes the most gigantic cloud is deemed the winner and is typically awarded a cash prize. This may not sound like much of a sport, but we can say it does take some advanced e-cig knowledge, as well as quite the set of lungs to inhale a couch-sized cloud of vapor.

Oh My, What Big Clouds You Make

So just how do cloud-chasers produce these clouds of astronomical proportions? The answer is: Advanced Personal Vaporizers, also know as mods. These vaping devices allow users to make several altercations to enhance the battery, alter the coils, lower the resistance of the device, and use an e-liquid that contains more vegetable glycerol, which is responsible for producing bigger, thicker clouds. This level of customization does not come without its risks, however. Mod building and the batteries that power them can actually pose quite a few dangers, so it’s best to obtain knowledge of mod building and battery testing before entering into the world of cloud-chasing.

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The Art of Vapor Clouds

One of the reasons why cloud-chasing has become so popular is an increased fascination with the visual appearance of vapor, coupled with the invention of a new hobby and “competitive sport”. Much like working on hot rods or building model airplanes, mod building has become a very popular hobby for those who love tinkering with electronics; while the visual effects of vapor clouds can also be quite relaxing, much like watching clouds change shape as they move across the sky.

Some may also have the mindset that cloud-chasing is a means to be cool, as seen with tobacco cigarettes in the days when smoking was considered glamorous. For instance, the TV and Film industries have used cigarettes as props to promote the tobacco industry. Therefore, if you see a character you adore in an action film chain-smoking cigarettes while blasting away the bad guys, it could make it seem as though cigarettes and the smoke they produce are part of the heroism. The same goes for e-cigs and cloud-chasing: it is the new age of taking up smoking, or vaping, to be cool.

Keeping Vapor Simple

With both extremes in the world of vapor explained, there is no reason vapers cannot enjoy medium-sized clouds of vapor from a standard e-cigarette. From unenhanced mods to cig-a-likes, vapers can easily enjoy plumes of vapor without the need to make them more massive.

However, whether you choose to indulge in medium-sized clouds or the mesmerizing allure of vapor-less e-cigs or even the hobby-induced visual stimulation of cloud-chasing, all of these options are out there and it’s up to you to decide which works best for you. But, if you do choose to become part of the cloud-chasing scene, just be sure to be considerate of those around you, not only to avoid irate glares from the non-vaping public, but also to maintain the integrity of the vaping community so we can continue to thrive.