MarkTen and GreenSmoke Close: Find Replacement E-Cigs with White Cloud

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Two major American e-cigarette brands are being discontinued, forcing thousands of vapers to search for alternatives. In response to increased regulations and financial pressure, Altria Group announced that it’s shutting down production of MarkTen and Green Smoke e-cigs at the end of 2018. At the same time, the tobacco company unveiled plans to invest in JUUL Labs, which is in the process of reevaluating its own catalog and marketing practices.

Vapers have fewer and fewer choices these days, but White Cloud has managed to outlast our competitors for over a decade thanks to our selection of high-quality cig-a-likes and our award-winning customer service. So, If your favorite e-cig brand is no longer available, we probably have something you’ll like even better.

Why Are MarkTen and Green Smoke Being Discontinued?

MarkTen and Green Smoke vapes discontinued

Altria Group, which also makes Marlboro tobacco products, saw its stocks begin to slide after the FDA threatened to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored e-cigs. While such a ban would take years to enact, Altria decided in October 2018 that it would soon stop selling vapor products. Instead, the company will now focus its resources on helping JUUL navigate the coming regulatory nightmares facing the vaping industry.

JUUL recently disappointed a lot of vapers when it acquired V2 Cigs and immediately discontinued the brand. This is especially unfortunate because V2, like Green Smoke and MarkTen, specialized in a specific type of e-cigs known as cig-a-likes. As their name suggests, cig-a-likes are designed to resemble traditional tobacco cigarettes, which is why they are particularly popular with smokers who are trying to quit.

Unfortunately, these products haven’t been as profitable as their corporate shareholders had banked on. As predicted, increased FDA regulation of e-cigs has led to a consolidation of the market into fewer and fewer hands. Thus, former smokers have fewer alternatives to tobacco.

What Happens to MarkTen and Green Smoke Customers?

All MarkTen and Green Smoke e-cigs are no longer available for online purchase as of December 19th, 2018. Orders scheduled to ship after that date have been canceled, but products will remain available at retail locations until supplies run out. After that, customers will have to find a new brand to satiate their nicotine needs.

Unfortunately, White Cloud batteries and e-tanks are not compatible with MarkTen or Green Smoke products. White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes are one of the closest comparable products currently available, and are sure to satisfy former customers of either brand.

Need a Replacement for MarkTen E-Cigs?

If you’re a former MarkTen customer, you’ll find White Cloud e-cigs to be very similar. Our cig-a-likes are designed to look and feel like tobacco cigarettes because that’s what people who are trying to quit smoking prefer. We also offer a nice selection of flavor options, so you’re likely to find one you like even better than your old favorite. In addition to flavors like regular tobacco and menthol, we also carry sweeter options like Fraise Creme and What-A-Melon. Each of our flavors are available in six different strengths, including a zero nicotine option.

Discontinued MarkTen E-Liquid Flavors White Cloud E-Liquid Replacement
Bold Menthol Zero K Menthol Flavor
Menthol Menthol
Regular Tobacco Flavor
Smooth Classic
Atlantic Cut Tobacco Flavor
Winter Mint
Zero K Menthol Flavor
Dark Original
Cherry Black Tobacco Flavor
Strawberry Brûlée
Fraise Creme
Glacier Mint
Zero K Menthol Flavor

Searching for Alternatives to Green Smoke E-Cigs?

While Green Smoke’s flavor list doesn’t offer nearly as much variety as MarkTen, their thousands of customers are left looking for a replacement for Green Smoke’s e-cigs. Check out our flavor comparison chart below to find the perfect replacement flavor from White Cloud.

Discontinued Green Smoke Flavors White Cloud E-Liquid Replacement
Classic Regular Tobacco Flavor
Menthol Ice Menthol, Zero K