FDA Deeming Regulations and White Cloud Vapor Products

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August 8th, the FDA Deeming Regulations effective date, has come and gone. You can still shop for your e-cigarettes, you are still receiving your White Cloud products and the sky isn’t falling; so what does it all mean for our customers? Well, right away you won’t see many changes; however, the biggest thing you are going to notice, if you haven’t already, is that our product labels and packaging are changing–specifically in regards to how we need to label our nicotine strengths.

E-Cigarette Nicotine Levels Explained

Since White Cloud’s beginning, we used terms like “Extra”, “Full” and “Light” to describe the nicotine levels in our e-cigs. Under the new FDA Deeming Regulations, however, words such as “Light” are no longer allowed so we are in the process of evolving our packaging. Nothing is changing inside your e-cig cartridges, so you need not fear. The nicotine levels are all going to be the same, but how we identify those levels will change. We are no longer going to be using names to describe our strengths. Instead, we will be labeling our nicotine strengths using nicotine by volume, or NBV.

Below are the changes we have already begun implementing on our ClearDraw MAX cartridges and packaging:

  • Double Extra becomes 5.4% NBV
  • Extra becomes 3.6% NBV
  • Full becomes 2.4% NBV
  • Light becomes 1.6% NBV
  • Ultra Light becomes .8% NBV
  • Nicotine Free becomes 0% NBV

What is Nicotine By Volume?

Nicotine by volume explained

Alcoholic beverages have long been marketed using alcohol by volume (ABV). The ABV is the ratio of alcohol to other ingredients in the bottle. If a beer is advertised as 4 percent ABV, that means that 4 percent of the bottle’s total content is alcohol, so each sip you take will contain 4 percent alcohol.

NBV operates the same way as ABV. If you vape a 1.6% NBV cartridge,that means 1.6% of the cartridge is comprised of nicotine and the other 98.4% is made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol and flavoring. So every puff off of your 1.6% NBV cartridge contains 1.6% nicotine.

Even though this is a pretty big change in how we label things, nothing will be different in the actual product. We believe this is an even better way to describe our nicotine strengths as it gives our customers a better understanding of just how much nicotine they are inhaling with each puff.

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If you have any questions about nicotine strengths of e-liquids, you can always read through our e-cig strengths page or contact our award-winning customer service team.