How to Find the Right Tobacco Flavored E-Cig

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There’s a reason why you smoked a certain brand for so many years. You really liked your tobacco cigarettes. Like, a lot. I know how hard it is to break up with your favorite brand. Make the switch a lot easier and choose wisely when deciding on an e-cigarette flavor.

Choosing the Right Nicotine Vape Flavor

How to choose the right tobacco flavored e-liquid

I know what you’re thinking, and you are so wrong. E-cigarettes are not all the same – and I’m not just talking about White Cloud having the best e-liquid flavors. I mean, we do, but technically that’s a matter of opinion. No matter what brand you choose, make sure you have options. Just as tobacco cigarette brands taste different, so do e-cigarette tobacco flavors. So which White Cloud tobacco flavor tastes similar to your favorite cigarettes? We’ve spelled it all out for you – just read on.

About White Cloud Tobacco Vape Flavors

White Cloud currently offers five unique tobacco flavors, all of which are crafted to satisfy as wide of a range of tobacco users as possible, while still remaining distinctive for more selective palates. Let’s take a closer look.

Regular: Classic Tobacco Vape Flavor

White Cloud Regular Tobacco Vape Flavor

Like a hot cup of no-frills black coffee, our Regular Tobacco e-cig flavor is wildly popular with both new and long-time customers. The experts who crafted it were former smokers. They remember that unmistakable taste of classic American tobacco.

Though nothing except for tobacco is exactly like tobacco (duh), we can offer the same hearty flavor when you inhale, with a smooth, satisfying exhale, just like certain brands that dominate the shelves of retailers nationwide.

If your preferred brand of smokes are strong but filtered and can be compared to those associated with cowboys and sunsets, look no further. Our Regular Tobacco flavor is the best starting point for your switch to e-cigarettes. But you don’t have to take our word for it: just check out this White Cloud E-Cig Review.

Apache: Filterless Tobacco Vape Flavor

White Cloud Apache Tobacco Vape Flavor

Based on the name, you might be thinking of cowboys, and that’s fair. Our Apache is a strong tobacco e-cig flavor more akin to hand-rolled, filter-less cigarettes, or even vintage pipe tobacco that you might find in the American southwest. Likewise, Apache is also a perfect choice for those who prefer the pricier, but longer-burning top-shelf brands that supposedly evoke the “spirit of America.”

(Subtle enough for you?)

Bora Bora: Mildly Sweet Tobacco Vape Flavor

White Cloud Bora Bora Tobacco Vape Flavor

Now for something a little more interesting. The tropically infused sweet tobacco e-cig flavor known as Bora Bora starts off with a smooth tobacco inhale, but soon gives off flavors of nuts, spices and other island notes. It’s complex, multifaceted and a little bit tropical. It becomes more enjoyable with repeated puffs.

Not unlike the more exotic cigarettes offered by the “stately Middle Eastern animal” brand (wink, wink), Bora Bora can be equally satisfying for fans of boxed smokes and those who prefer less traditional, flavor-infused tobaccos. The whole of Bora Bora exceeds the sum of its parts. Even if the description doesn’t appeal to you right away, we’ve seen more than one “traditionalist” change their tune once they tried it. The same goes for fans of our other e-cig flavors—Bora Bora is just a general, all-around favorite.

It didn’t become one of our best sellers by accident.

Atlantic-Cut: Sweet Tobacco Vape Flavor

White Cloud Atlantic Cut Tobacco Vape Flavor

Fans of deep, intoxicating specialty cigarettes, flue-cured cigar and pipe tobaccos, and even those who occasionally enjoy a sweet, infused hookah will find something to love in White Cloud’s rich Atlantic-Cut, another sweet tobacco e-liquid flavor. This one-of-a-kind flavor is infused with notes of maple, apple and even Canadian rye whiskey. Together, these notes help to create a taste experience perfectly matched to the cool temperatures and diverse flavors of the American Northeast.

If you enjoy unique, diverse aromas, or simply want to branch out from standard tobacco tastes, Atlantic-Cut represents a strong step toward the wider world of e-cigarette flavors. Every puff gives you something new and exciting, while staying true to the pure tobacco flavor you want when switching to e-cigs.

Cherry Black Pipe Tobacco Vape Flavor

White Cloud Cherry Black Pipe Tobacco Vape Flavor

It was only a matter of time before pipe tobacco flavors started making their way to e-cigs, so we decided to go ahead and give one of the most popular pipe tobacco flavors a modern makeover.

Our Cherry Black flavor is a sweet pipe tobacco flavor delivering the classic taste of flue-cured pipe tobacco with just a hint of cherry. Comparable to the flavor of classic black cherry pipe tobacco, Cherry Black is smooth and satisfying. with vapor that gives off a pleasantly sweet aroma.

Satisfyingly Authentic Tobacco Vape Flavors

Our distinct tobacco flavors offer satisfying, authentic experiences for a wide range of smokers, and with five tobacco flavors to choose from, you’re bound to find your perfect all-day vape.