ZFG Rechargeable Products FAQ


Bridging the gap between a cig-a-like and advanced personal vaporizer


Q: Can I purchase a ZFG starter kit, or do I buy the charger, batteries and cartridges separately?


A: No need to buy each piece separately, we sell everything you need to get started in one convenient package, check out our ZFG Starter Kit page for more details.

Q: What type of battery does ZFG use?
A: ZFG uses a Lithium Polymer Battery, similar to the ones used with all Cirrus rechargeable batteries. Check out this Blog post about different E-Cigarette batteries for more information about why we use Lithium Polymer batteries.
Q: How powerful are ZFG batteries?
A: ZFG batteries pack a 450mAh punch, providing a long lasting vaping experience comparable to our Fling Wide Mini and Cirrus 3X rechargeable batteries.
Q: How do ZFG cartridges connect to the battery?
A: The cartridges connect to ZFG batteries with a magnetic system so changing flavors or cartridges is a snap.
Q: How much liquid does a ZFG cartridge hold?
A: Each ZFG cartridge contains whopping 2.5ml of E-Liquid.
Q: What nicotine strengths are available in ZFG cartridges?
A: ZFG cartridges are available in all 6 nicotine strengths, check out our strengths page for more details about our available nicotine levels.
Q: Can I refill my ZFG Cartridge?
A: Vapor production with ZFG is on par with most advanced personal vaporizers, without the hassle of refilling tanks. ZFG cartridges cannot be refilled; additional cartridges are offered in packs of 2. Check out this page for more information about available flavors and prices.
Q: How long does it take for a ZFG battery to recharge.
A: ZFG batteries will be fully charged after approximately 2 hours of charging time.
Q: Should I put my ZFG in my pocket with a cartridge attached?
A: The simple answer is no, carrying your ZFG in your pocket with the cartridge attached can cause the unit to bend and break the cartridge connector.  We recommend removing the cartridge from the ZFG battery before placing it in your pocket.

Technical Specifications

  • Cartridge length: 68.58mm / 2.7in
  • Cartridge weight: 10g/4 oz
  • Battery length: 62.4mm / 2.457in
  • Battery weight: 16g/6oz
  • Battery Power: 450mAh
  • Cartridges Fluid Capacity: 2.5ml