Adapter –

Device used to connect ChargeBolt and Squid USB chargers to standard wall outlets, available in both US- and EU-compatible adapters.

Air Reservoir –

In e-cig cartridges, the tube or chamber in which a user inhales and receives vapor is the air reservoir.

Analog –

A common term used by vapers to describe traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Apache –

Is a White Cloud flavor that is bold and caters to smokers who choose unfiltered cigarettes or pipe tobacco.

Ash Tip –

Refers to the tip portion of an e-cigarette. Generally, ash tips are gray and resemble the tip of a lit cigarette when illuminated by the e-cig LED light. White Cloud also offers chrome and crystal tips that create different looks when illuminated, and Blackout tips that do not illuminate.

Atlantic-Cut –

A White Cloud flavor that is similar to a flue-cured tobacco with hints of Canadian rye whiskey, caramel, apple and maple.

Bad Apple –

A White Cloud flavor that is tart and tangy.

Banana –

A White Cloud flavor that tastes authentic with the right level of sweetness.

Battery –

Is the larger portion of an e-cig that powers the device and activates the heating element in a disposable e-cig or cartridge.

Big Green Box –

A federally approved recycling company based in Anaheim, California, used by White Cloud to properly dispose of expired batteries and disposable e-cigarettes.

Bora Bora –

A White Cloud tobacco flavor that is mild, with hints of spice.

Bundle Pack –

Is a money-saving purchase option for customers buying White Cloud Fling disposable e-cigs, available in 10-, 25- or 100-packs.


Cartridge –

The cartridge is the part of an e-cigarette that contains a vaporizer and e-liquid, and is activated by a battery when the user inhales.

ChargeBolt –

White Cloud’s single-pronged, USB-powered e-cig battery charger. It is 4.5” long, has 4.2 volts and is compatible with Cirrus 2, Cirrus 3 and Cirrus 3X.

Chocolate –

A White Cloud flavor that is smooth and decadent, like hot cocoa.

Cin –

A White Cloud spicy Cinnamon flavor.

Cirrus –

The original White Cloud e-cig battery, which began production in 2008. It is also used as an umbrella term when referring to White Cloud’s entire line of rechargeable e-cig batteries.

cirrus 2 battery

Cirrus II –

White Cloud’s second rechargeable battery, introduced in 2009, which surpassed the original for performance and longevity. Cirrus II is still in production today.

cirrus 3 battery

Cirrus 3 –

White Cloud’s smallest, most authentically sized rechargeable battery, introduced in 2011. A popular option among casual smokers and vapers who prefer a more discreet e-cig.

Cirrus 3x battery

Cirrus 3X –

White Cloud’s largest, longest-lasting rechargeable battery, introduced in 2011. This is a popular option for heavy smokers or vapers, who require all-day power and performance from an e-cig.

ClearDraw –

A White Cloud cartridge introduced in 2014 that features a soft, pliable exterior, and a viewing window to allow users to monitor e-liquid levels.

ClearDraw2 –

White Cloud’s latest cartridge, introduced in 2014, which features a longer design, increased e-liquid capacity, and no cotton wadding to dilute flavor.

Clove –

A White Cloud flavor that is bold, rich and spicy.


Co-operation pour les Recherché Scientifique Relatives au Tabacs (Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco). An open scientific body with many industry members involved in a wide range of tobacco and tobacco product issues.

DeMISTified –

White Cloud’s sister website, which covers e-cigarette and nicotine science, for experts and non-experts alike.

Disposable E-Cigarette –

A single-use, one-piece e-cig device that is designed to operate like a traditional e-cigarette, without the need for recharging or replacing cartridges. Once the device runs out of battery power or e-liquid, the user simply disposes of it.

Draw –

A term used to describe the practice of, and the result from, inhaling a cigarette or e-cigarette.

E-Liquid –

The fluid inside an e-cigarette that is vaporized to produce the simulated vapor “smoke” from an e-cigarette. White Cloud e-liquid contains nicotine, flavor components and propylene glycol and/or glycerol.

Espresso –

A White Cloud flavor that tastes like slow-roasted coffee.

white cloud disposables

Fling –

White Cloud’s brand of disposable e-cigarettes, which feature long-lasting battery life and a soft, pliable thermoplastic exterior for a lightweight, authentic look and feel.

Glycerol –

An e-liquid constituent used as an excipient (carrier) for nicotine and flavorings, usually of vegetable origin.

Golden Leaf Award –

An annual tobacco industry awards program, presented by Tobacco Reporter and sponsored by the British Medical Journal. White Cloud won a 2014 Golden Leaf award for “Best Newcomer to the Industry.”

Heating Element –

The part of an e-cig cartridge that warms the e-liquid to create vapor, which the user inhales. This heating coil is between the battery and the flavor cartridge. When a user inhales, the battery heats the coil which turns to the vapor to be inhaled.

Iced Berry –

A White Cloud flavor that blends menthol and blueberry

InvisiVapor –

A White Cloud cartridge that creates vapor which quickly dissipates upon exhaling. This allows users to be more discreet when vaping, while still providing the same flavor and nicotine strength. This is currently available in Regular Tobacco and Menthol flavors.

Kick –

A White Cloud flavor that combines elements of sweet honey and spicy cinnamon.


Liquid Emitting Diode. A semiconductor diode that converts applied voltage to light and is used in lamps and digital displays. In e-cigs, LED is used to illuminate the tip when the user inhales, creating a similar look to a lit cigarette.

The Lime & The Coconut –

A White Cloud flavor that’s festive and tropical.

LiPo –

Lithium Polymer. A rechargeable, lithium-based battery type used in White Cloud e-cigarettes because of its longevity and resistance to overcharging.

mAh –

Milliamp Hours. A unit for measuring electric power over time. mAh is commonly used to describe the total amount of energy a battery can store at one time.

Menthol –

A White Cloud flavor that’s minty and crisp with a hint of eucalyptus.

Micro-Tank –

Technology used in White Cloud ClearDraw2 cartridges which contains e-liquid and delivers it to the cartridge wicking without the need for cotton wadding.


Nicotine –

An alkaloid (nitrogen-containing molecule), which naturally occurs in all varieties of tobacco plants. It has been well-established that the pharmacological effects of nicotine are primary drivers behind people using tobacco products.

Nicotine Strength –

The amount of nicotine, in milligrams, for each milliliter of e-liquid. White Cloud represents this as a percent per solution, which is where you'll see 1.2% instead of 12mg/mL. They both mean the same thing.

Operation: Comedy HaHa –

White Cloud’s comedy-themed website and promotional partnership with a team of national comedians.

Peach Pit –

A White Cloud flavor that is reminiscent of a Georgia peach.

Propylene Glycol –

An e-liquid constituent used as an excipient (carrier) for nicotine and flavoring.

Puff Count –

Term used to describe the performance expectations for e-cig batteries and cartridges. Because of highly different e-cig user behaviors, White Cloud no longer measures performance by this standard.

shotgun tips

Shotgun Tip –

A White Cloud mouthpiece accessory that comes in 1-, 2- or 3-slot varieties. The 1-slot Shotgun tip serves as a soft mouthpiece for a single Cirrus or Fling e-cig. The 2- and 3-slot tips allow users to puff multiple e-cigs at once to mix flavors and/or intensify nicotine intake.

Smart Chip Controller –

A microchip that senses air flow when you puff a Cirrus battery, activating the battery and heating the coil. When there is no air movement, this chip tells the Cirrus to stand-by to preserve the battery.

SmoothDraw –

A White Cloud cartridge introduced in 2011, known for its high performance and e-liquid capacity when compared to competing products of the time. It was replaced by the ClearDraw in 2014.

Snap –

A White Cloud menthol flavor that combines the flavors of fresh mint and dark chocolate.

Squid –

White Cloud’s multipronged USB-powered charger which allows users to rapidly charge up to three Cirrus batteries at once.

Starter Kit –

A bundle package that provides users with the necessary components to begin using e-cigs. Users can customize kits with a wide range of product options, including different batteries, capacities, colors, chargers and more. These are good starters for new e-cig users.

Strawberry –

A White Cloud favor with a taste of fresh strawberries.

Thermoplastic –

Soft, pliable, food-grade material used in White Cloud Fling Disposable e-cigs, which allows these products to be soft and lightweight.

Throat Hit –

The feeling a user gets when inhaling vapor from an e-cigarette. The vapor from e-liquid hits the back of your throat, just like tobacco smoke, creating a sharp, warm sensation that is relieved when the user exhales.

Vanilla –

A White Cloud flavor that tastes warm, rich and creamy.

Vaping –

A commonly used term to describe the act of using e-cigarettes.

Vaper –

An e-cigarette user.

Vapor –

The simulated “smoke” that comes from using an e-cigarette.

Vaporizer –

A broad industry term used to describe a) The part of an e-cigarette cartridge that converts e-liquid to vapor when activated, or b) Any electronic smoking device, including traditional e-cigs, e-cig mods, etc.

White Cloud Insider –

White Cloud’s free monthly newsletter, which covers the previous month’s blog posts, industry headlines, social media trends, sales, promotions and more.

White Cloud Nation –

Affectionate term for the collective community of our much-valued White Cloud customers.

Zero K –

A White Cloud flavor that combines peppermint and menthol.