WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

ClearDraw2 Electronic Cigarette Cartridges


White Cloud's E-Cig Cartridge: ClearDraw2


Our MOST ADVANCED cartridge brings you pure, consistent, unmatched flavor from start to finish.


ClearDraw2 Cartridge Vaping Experience:

  • Unparalleled flavor and vapor
  • No cotton filler to dilute flavor enjoyment
  • Wider air reservoir for the smoothest draw available
  • A FULL 1ml of White Cloud's premium long-lasting USA-made e-liquid
ClearDraw2: Clear Quality

Clear Quality

ClearDraw2 cartridges are assembled, filled and packaged in our state-of-the-art Tampa, FL facility, using only 100% USA made e-liquids.

ClearDraw2: Clear Advances

Clear Advances

Our proprietary design holds more e-liquid and contains no filler, so there’s no foul tastes or loss of vapor. Just full-flavored enjoyment throughout.

ClearDraw2: A Clear Leader

A Clear Leader

ClearDraw2 cartridges are compatible with all Cirrus rechargeable e-cigarette batteries and are available in all flavors and nicotine strengths.

Experience the Difference of ClearDraw2


White Cloud’s ClearDraw2 cartridges are filled with 100% USA made e-liquids and are available in more than 20 flavors and 6 different nicotine strengths. Compatible with all White Cloud Cirrus rechargeable batteries, ClearDraw2 is designed to give you more e-liquid, more longevity and more value than any other rechargeable e-cig cartridge.

E-Cigarette Nicotine Strengths

Rechargeable Vs. Disposable

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