Cirrus FOB Battery with 18" Micro USB Charger Cable Zoom

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Cirrus FOB Battery & Charger Combo

An all new way to FOB vape White Cloud's beloved ClearDraw E-Cig Cartridge Line

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Product Description


    White Cloud’s Cirrus E-Cig Rechargeable Battery line has a new addition: The Cirrus FOB. Experience an all new way to vape White Cloud’s beloved ClearDraw Prefilled E-Cig Cartridge Line with this easy to use device. Delivering satisfyingly rich and flavorful vapor, the Cirrus FOB’s compact design fits comfortably in your hand, while all of our Original ClearDraw, ClearDraw2 and ClearDraw MAX cartridges easily pop into the cartridge insert to make changing flavors a snap. Welcome to the new way to vape.

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    Additional Information:

    Length: 2 5/8" (6.7 cm)
    Width: 1 5/8" to 3/8"(6.7 cm - 3.5 cm)
    Depth: 6/8" (1.9 cm)
    Weight: 85.5 grams
    Battery Type: LiPo
    Battery Life: 48-72 hours (2-3 days)
    Charge Time: 120 minutes
    Finish Options: Brushed Metal
    Compatible Products: All ClearDraw Cartridges, Mini Tanks, AC, DC & Euro AC adapter
    Micro USB Charging Cable: 1.5ft (18") or 6ft (72")
    Maintenance: See our maintenance tips

Product's Review
    1. We shall see Review by Clinton

      I ordered this product last week. Everything about it seems hands-down the best battery ever, EXCEPT that I got three pulls from it and the button stuck. I tried to pop it out with a knife, only to have it stick again and again-rendering it useless. Thankfully, the excellent customer service at White Cloud had a replacement out within three minutes of my conversation with them. It should be arriving anytime now and I look forward to giving another review. And if this problem is resolved, I expect it to be a 5 Star review like (almost) everyone else I have written. (Posted on 3/28/2018)

    2. Love because it has a good hit and the battery life is awesome! Review by Sarah

      Love the hit and battery life (Posted on 3/9/2018)

    3. Best vape product I’ve ever owned Review by Aaron

      I’ve been using the Cirrus 3X for the last four years now, and occasionally dabbling with other brands (usually gifts from friends). Recently however, my battery was having trouble trying to hold a charge, plus I was never a fan of the proprietary charger, so I decided it was time to finally upgrade. After csreful review, I decided to take the plunge with the Fob for both its robust battery and also the fact that it charges through mini-USB, which means I can plug it in just about anywhere.

      Hands down, my favorite thing about the Fob is the fact that it displays the battery life. That is significant. Never again do I have to guess or stress with regards to how much juice I have left. Not that it matters all that much, because one charge can carry me for about two days, sometimes three depending on how often I use it. But still, it’s peace of mind that I never realized I needed.

      I previously resisted upgrading to anything larger or bulky as I prefer remaining as subtle as possible with my vaping habits. A lot of establishments in my area don’t care for vapers, but I think it’s silly to go outside just to take a quick few puffs. With the Cirrus 3X, I felt confident that I could covertly puff indoors without attracting any attention. Thankfully, while the Fob is larger, it’s not so much bigger that I can’t reasonably conceal it when I need to. It can still fit into my pocket without much fuss and unlike the Cirrus 3X, I’m less worried about crushing this device (although for warranty purposes, I’d rather not further test its durability to undue pressure).

      The only reason the Fob is getting four (and not five) stars from me is because on rare occasion, the button will sometimes get stuck, forcing me to pick at it until it depresses. With my experience, that’s a problem that can only get worse and not better. Thankfully, I’ve had a positive experience with the customer service in the past, so I’m not sweating it too much. But it’s still an unpleasant flaw to have to deal with.

      Minor complaint aside, this is by far my favorite vape battery. The fact that it’s also compatible with ClearDraw Max cartridges means I didn’t have to throw away anything when I upgraded. Yet another excellent product from an excellent company. Great job on this one, guys. (Posted on 3/9/2018)

    4. FOB Review by John

      Received FOB, charged at 98%, was able to use immediately. Recharge is fast and easy. (Posted on 3/5/2018)

    5. The Fob Truly is Fob-ulous! Review by Patricia

      I quit smoking 5 years ago and I give the credit to White Cloud and their products. I had tried several different brands and was convinced I would never be satisfied with vaping. I WAS WRONG! I started out with the Disposables and then switched to the Cirrus 3X and the mini tanks with E-Liquid. I had 4 Cirrus 3X batteries because I have a tendency to set my e-cig down and CAN'T FIND IT! You don't put down a real cigarette but it is so easy to put down an e-cig and have no idea where it's at LOL. The FOB is now my choice because the battery lasts longer AND when I set it down, I'm sure I'll find it much easier than searching for the smaller batteries. Thank you White Cloud for making such an awesome, satisfying product. You have a customer for life here! (Posted on 1/26/2018)

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