Signs You're Into the Vaping Lifestyle

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We vapers are an eclectic bunch.

Some of us go to sleep in our e-cig pajamas with visions of electronic cigarettes dancing in our heads, and we wake up considering all the benefits of vaping. Others are a little less … devout.

Regardless of where vapers fall on the enthusiasm spectrum, however, we like to think that we all have a few core things in common.

Things E-Cig Users Do

  • You’ve forgotten your keys, your phone, your wallet and your toddler at home but you always remember your e-cigarettes. It’s like a piece of you now. You’re attached at the lip. Forgetting it would be tantamount to forgetting your child … wait, we listed that. Okay, forgetting it would be like forgetting to get dressed. It just doesn’t happen.
  • Your flavor supply is better stocked than an ice cream shop freezer. Not only is it so well organized that you can find whatever you’re looking for in a matter of seconds, but you also keep only the best e-liquid flavors on hand. Can the ice cream shop say that? Maybe, but not as confidently as you can.
  • The question, “What are you smoking?” is nerve-grating. You’re not smoking. You’re enjoying the many benefits of vaping. Jeez.
  • Your e-cigarettes have names and personalities. And you treat each piece with the gentleness of a parent tending to their newborn.
  • It takes you at least twenty minutes to read through your daily newsletter subscriptions. Forty on a good day. Sixty when a new study is released or someone important on either side of the vaping debate has something new to say.
  • You can’t imagine life without your e-cig. How did you live before? Were you even living? The benefits of vaping have had such an impact on you that you would miss your electronic cigarettes terribly if it were gone.

How have electronic cigarettes taken over your own lives?