Quick Tip Friday: Try Disposable E-cigs to Test Flavors

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One of the great things about e-cigs is variety, and you’ll be surprised at the options you have to choose from.
There are different flavors available, and you can also decide which strength is right for you. When searching for the perfect balance, it’s important to try before you buy.

White Cloud offers many disposable flavors, so e-cig users can test strengths and flavors before they commit.


Decide What’s Right For You

Our Fling disposable e-cigarettes are filled with the same liquid we sell for regular e-cigarettes, so you can test any e-cig flavor we carry in one of our 6 nicotine strengths. These include:
Snap flavor. If you’re a fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream (who isn’t?!), you’ll love our Snap flavored disposable e-cig. Combining the flavors of crisp, fresh mint and warm, dark chocolate, this e-cigarette tastes like an after-dinner treat with a smooth finish. It comes in three nicotine strengths, light, full, and extra, in packages from 5 to 100.

Peach Pit. If you are more inclined to fruit-flavored treats, you’ll enjoy our Peach Pit flavor. This one can be enjoyed as a light, full, or extra strength e-cig, and it also comes in a nicotine free version for those who just want to relish in the flavor.

Apache flavor. For those who love the taste of traditional tobacco, the Apache flavor is just right. The taste echoes strong, full bodied tobacco and offers a robust alternative to regular e-cigarette tobacco flavors. It is designed to fully satisfy the craving for a strong cigarette and comes in light, full, and extra strength nicotine dosages.

These aren’t the only options we offer! White cloud has 20 different flavors of e-liquid available in disposable form. Remember to have fun trying out your new disposable e-cigs before you commit to a rechargeable version.