Quality & Variety: Why I Chose White Cloud's ClearDraw2 E-Cig Line

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ClearDraw2 is the Clear E-cig Leader

Our first guest blog comes from Tim Zeller, E-cig Customer Service Sentinel and Regulation Expert. Tim is a graduate of Florida State University, with a background in political science, literature and writing. When he’s not helping customers or sorting out e-cig industry news, you can probably find Tim pursuing his other passion – sandwiches.

Like a Chemist in a Bar

When I first started using electronic cigarettes I had no delusions about what the product was or where it came from. I purchased an OEM Ego tank system and bulk e-liquid directly from a Chinese manufacturer’s e-cigarette website where even Google translating services could not clarify exactly what I was purchasing.

The product I received worked, albeit poorly. The e-cig e-liquid tasted nothing like the flavor description, and it often required new parts and maintenance, causing me to give up on the endeavor entirely. I went back to smoking for a few years, intermittently trying various types of liquid tank systems and always encountering the same problems.

The benefits of e-cigs were great. The concept of the e-cig was phenomenal – I just couldn’t get the idea to work in practice. I couldn’t be bothered with constantly changing atomizers, and I hated looking like a chemist in the bar while I was refilling my tank system.

The flavors and nicotine strengths I ordered just weren’t of the quality that I expected either.

A Lesson in Patriotism

Perhaps the problem with my initial e-cig experiences can be summed up by the words of a WWII veteran who used to babysit me. A toy of mine had lost an arm in a rather intense recreation of scenes from the movie Toy Story, and I had asked Bob – still a handy man at the age of 76 – if he could fix it for me. After taking one look at the toy, he pointed at the small imprinted text at the base of the toy and said “There’s your problem right there.” The toy was not made in America.

So, my personal distrust of products made outside of the United States most likely stems from this early memory of a caring patriot, unable to repair the poorly made Buzz Lightyear action figure. Bob believed in American production and manufacturing, that what we make as Americans meets an inherent standard to surpass the expectations of the consumer. That was the America he returned to after the war, the one he worked and lived in.

My lesson from Bob sticks with me even today. It’s why I chose ClearDraw2 vapes. Finally, there was an e-cig that was filled and assembled with USA-made e-liquid, produced in the city where I was born.

When I first tried White Cloud’s ClearDraw2 vapes, the flavor was as described and the performance was finally what I had been looking for. To my surprise, even when I encountered slight problems with my e-cigs, I found myself willing to try again. I believed in this product above all other available e-cigs because I have always held the firm belief that here in America we don’t stop until the job is finished, we correct errors, and strive for higher quality standards and always develop innovative ideas.

ClearDraw2 E-cigs: A Symbol of Progress

When I use ClearDraw2, I know that I am supporting a renaissance of this American ideal. I also know that I am supporting American families and the characteristically American notion that what anyone else can do, we can do better. I get satisfaction from the fact that ClearDraw2 is a product that we can take pride in as a company, as consumers, and as Americans. This isn’t just an e-cig – it is a symbol of progress.

The ClearDraw2 impresses me in many ways. The main advantage of a disposable e-cig is that I don’t have to worry about replacing atomizers, not to mention that disgusting burnt taste that accompanies them after prolonged use. ClearDraw2’s full 1ml of e-liquid is the perfect measurable quantity. (I often find myself using a single ClearDraw2 through a day and a half of heavy usage, a level of usage I once could only sustain on my large tank system with its 4.8 volt battery.)

The Clear E-cig Choice for a New Industry

With ClearDraw2, I can finally measure my usage in a clear way. There is never any doubt about whether or not I have enough liquid. Things were not always perfect – at first a difficult draw and a casual drip of e-liquid would occasionally disrupt my pleasant vaping experience. What encouraged me to continue are the consistent improvements.

It’s easy to forget how new e-cigarettes are. I was definitely an early adopter of the concept. In the old days when I encountered e-cig problems I didn’t always stick with the product, because the problems were never corrected. That’s what separates ClearDraw2 from the rest: Continuous improvements. Now the early errors are virtually a thing of the past, and if any issues arise, I have no doubt that the issues will be corrected.

An E-cig Good Enough for Bob

Bob and his lovely wife Ethel passed in 2000, both members of the greatest generation who spurred the rise of a country from isolationist obscurity into the greatest nation on earth. I often wonder what both of them would think of the electronic cigarette. Both were heavy two-pack a day smokers of filterless cigarettes, and the habit cost them their lives.

When watching over me Bob and Ethel were always careful to not expose me to the dangers that tobacco presented, taking turns stepping outside to “check the mail” rather frequently. I know what Bob would have to say about all the foreign made e-liquid that populates the market today. I’m sure his expressions would still bring a childish smile to my face. I know what ClearDraw2 Bob would have spun onto his battery, and that’s why I chose ClearDraw2.