White Cloud E-cigs wins recycling award

White Cloud Earns Recycling Award from the Florida DEP

March 5, 2015

White Cloud’s Corporate Administrator Patti Ray (left) and Director, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Robert Burton (right) accepted the Recycling award from DEP Southwest District Director Mary Yeargen (center) at White Cloud’s HQ in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) likes us – they really, really like us! Recently, the Florida DEP gave White Cloud a recycling award for recycling more than 72% of our solid waste in 2014. You read that right – 72%! To win the award, we only needed to exceed 50%. We obviously take reusing and recycling as seriously as we take offering top-tier e-cigs.


One Idea Can Make a Huge Impact

One of the best things about working at White Cloud is that everyone here has a voice. Our best ideas come from our employees, including this one. It was Art Director Ryan Hoddinott who was the first to suggest that White Cloud take part in the Big Green Box battery recycling (more about that below). Through this process, Ryan learned of the DEP’s Business Recycling Tracking Tool (Re-TRAC) program. He took the steps to get us enrolled.

Since then, Customer Service Super Sentinel Amanda Chenard has done the legwork of keeping track of our solid waste and working with the DEP to provide them with the information they need to get accurate recycling numbers. Our Go-to-Guy Darrin Hillson did all of the arm work every week to keep the program going. Ryan, Amanda and Darrin have given us all a case of recycling fever. Thanks for the inspiration! (Mother Earth thanks you, too!)

We don’t stop with the usual recycling bins in the kitchen or break room. We also don’t stop with just paper recycling containers at each employee’s workstation. White Cloud employees can put all of their recycling into one bin, which is then appropriately sorted to be recycled. Our fine warehouse folks have their own recycling bins and are obsessed with reusing or recycling boxes and other warehouse materials.

Small Company, Big Difference

Separate solid waste and recycling containers demonstrated to the DEP how much White Cloud is recycling, which led to the more than 72% recycling rate and recognition. The DEP’s Re-TRAC tool kept tabs on White Cloud’s recycling efforts, which showed the recycling container was usually completely full while the garbage container was usually only 75% full.

We know we’re a small company – but we also know we can make a big difference! This award from the DEP just encourages us to do even better and increase our recycling numbers even more. Our top priorities are taking care of our customers and our community, so this award from the DEP means the world to us!

Want to Recycle Your E-cigs?

White Cloud customers can recycle their e-cigarette batteries through a partnership we have with Big Green Box recycling. Through this program, customers can recycle both the rechargeable Cirrus batteries and the batteries in our Fling disposable e-cigarettes.