What’s Your Vaping Style?

January 26, 2018

Everyone has their own style of dressing, cooking, talking, walking, you name it! After chatting around the office and noticing different styles and habits that each of us has as we vape, we thought we’d have a little fun and throw together a video of each different vaping style that you can find around the White Cloud headquarters.

Check out the video below, then keep reading for a breakdown of each style and some suggested flavors we received from members of the White Cloud team.

The Different Vaping Styles Found at White Cloud

The Hands-Free Vaper

Taking advantage of White Cloud’s soft tips, the Hand-Free e-cig user is the most efficient of all e-cigarette users. By going hands-free, they are able to focus on any activity at hand (pun intended), all while enjoying their e-cig. The Hands-Free vaping style often leaves vapers wondering, “What am I supposed to do with my hands?”

These high-energy vapers tend to use robust flavors like Zero K, Cin, and Espresso.

The Flavor Chaser

When an e-cig user is craving the most flavor from their e-cigarette, they turn to the Cirrus FOB. Each hit is just as full of flavor as the last, and a smart battery display will ensure that Flavor Chasers are never caught off-guard by a dead battery. Chase on, Flavor Chasers!

You’ll find Flavor Chasers vaping our sweeter flavors like Whippin’ Good, The Hive, and Vanilla.

The Trick Shot Vaper

Fidget spinner

When your e-cig can double as a fidget spinner, twirling baton, drumstick, and more, why not take full advantage? The Trick Shot style e-cig user not only appreciates a satisfying vapor hit, but likes to do it in style. Just don’t try any trick shots with a FOB!

Trick Shot vapers prefer fun flavors that match their vaping style like What A Melon, orAngelic, and Mango Tango.

The Discreet Vaper

Sometimes, you just need to take a quick puff of your e-cig. Without drawing any attention, the discreet vaper is a master of hiding their e-cigarette in their hand and taking a puff. This e-cig style allows for vaping just about anywhere!

The Discreet Vaper often sticks with Regular or Menthol flavored e-liquid, and always leaves home armed with an InvisiVapor cartridge.

The Classic Vaper

Audrey Hepburn vaping style

The Classic 2 finger hold is a timeless style that e-cig users most likely carried over from their past using combustible cigarettes. The Classic imparts style and glamour, personified best by iconic images of the late Audrey Hepburn with her smokes in a fancy holder.

E-cigarette users who fall under the Classic style often appreciate the finer tobacco flavors, such as Cavendish and Bora Bora.


Do you have your own unique style, or do you fall into one of the styles that we found around the office and warehouse? We want to know what’s your vaping style? Even if it’s not mentioned our blog, feel free to make up your own vaping style that best describes how you like to enjoy your White Cloud e-cigs and let us know in the comments below!