Combining E-Cigarette Flavors

Top 10 ways to combine e-cig flavor mixtures

February 25, 2015

A double barrel shotgun tip and some spare cartridges can change a man. They’ll take a flavor he thought he knew, he thought he loved, and make it into something foreign, something amazing…

White Cloud’s shotgun tips for combing flavors is a soft, convenient mouthpiece that comes in 3 varieties: single-barrel, double-barrel or triple-barrel. Some use the single-barrel shotgun tip because they like a softer mouthpiece. But for the more adventurous vapers, the double-barrel and triple-barrel tips are the perfect way to mix flavors for a totally new e-cig taste experience. They don’t just add comfort to the use of e-cigs, they can open up a whole new world of vaping!

These unique, fearless shotgun tips inspired this blog. How?

Picture it: White Cloud HQ, 2015. Customer Service Sentinels, Guest Bloggers and Flavor Enthusiasts Lucas and Tim armed themselves with a double-barrel shotgun tip to brave the unknown and come up with fresh new e-cigarette flavor pairings. The ideas for combinations were instant, Lucas and Tim firing up batteries like synapses flying towards the next available cartridge to find the perfect e-cig mixture and blend. The result? Ten irresistible shotgun tip e-cig combos!


Flavor Combinations by using Shotgun Tips

Lucas’s Top 5 Shotgun Tip E-cig Flavor Combos

1. Far East Spice (Cin & Clove) – Our irresistibly sweet and spicy Cin flavor merges with our rich and decadent Clove flavor to create an exotic and warming blend that will enrich your taste buds and send them flying! The bite of the cinnamon and the smoothness of the clove unite to create a unique and powerful spice that is incredibly enjoyable.

2. Crisp Cider (Muscat Blanc & Bad Apple) – Have you ever wanted to have some wine with your apple cider? Well with this Muscat Blanc and Bad Apple combination, you now can. The indulging sweet grape of the Muscat Blanc sparks together with the tangy zing of the Bad Apple to create a delicious non-alcoholic delight.

3. The Royal Mist (Bora Bora & Cavendish) – This exquisite tobacco blend combines the tropical Bora Bora with our enriched Cavendish flavor, which will truly make you feel like a glorified sea captain. However, with this exotic mixture, you can ride the waves without leaving the house!

4. Swirl (Chocolate & Vanilla) – Can’t decide between our sweet Vanilla flavor or our smooth Chocolate flavor? Well why choose? You can delight your senses with this classic marriage of flavors.

5. Frosted Tobacco (Menthol & Cavendish) – Take a vacation with this minty pipe tobacco flavor blend that will bring you to the chilly peak of the Appalachian Mountains. With this hearty fusion, we took our refreshing Menthol and aromatic Cavendish flavor to create a concoction of true wonder.



How to Combine E-Cigarette Flavor options

Tim’s Top 5 Shotgun Tip E-cig Flavor Combos

1. Chocolate Covered Banana (Chocolate & Banana) – A sweet aromatic experience that takes you back to a day on the pier buying chocolate covered bananas with your grandfather. This combination is guaranteed to trigger a fond memory. The smoothness of the chocolate blends with the creamy notes of the banana to create a wonderful vaping experience.

2. Vanilla Latte (Vanilla & Espresso) – I don’t always drink my coffee black – sometimes I need a latte to start my day in a sweeter way. Bring the Vanilla bean and the Coffee bean together with this smooth yet bold combination. It delivers the creamy aftertaste of Vanilla and just the right amount of bite.

3. Cool Chocolate (Menthol & Chocolate) – If you’re just in the mood for a minty dark chocolate we already have our Snap flavor .However, if you’re in the mood for a little more indulgence, you’ve found your answer. The elements of hot chocolate spiral together with the freshness of our menthol flavor to create a minty milk chocolate experience. It’s like finding a peppermint in your brownie.

4. Zinfandel Mist (Strawberry & Muscat Blanc) – If you’re like me you probably can’t afford to fly to London to watch Wimbledon with a glass of wine and their famous strawberries and cream. So, since you’re like me, you’ll recreate this experience by watching tennis on television and vaping our Muscat Blanc and Strawberry flavors in tandem. The dry refreshing attributes of the Muscat Blanc meet the sweetness and ripeness of the strawberry to create a new experience: Zinfandel Mist

5. Southern Fair (Lime & Coconut with Peach Pit) – One fantastic smoothie, zero calories. Straight from a Georgia peach tree to a fresh Lime floating in the pristine waters of Key West, this combination will have you riding around on a carousel, waiting to come back for more.

Flavor Notes from Tim and Lucas

In our quest for a Top 10 we tried a lot of flavors, and we mean a LOT. We have some tips and tricks for those of you who are curious about trying your own flavor combinations.

  • We found that as a general rule all tobacco and menthol flavors mixed together pretty nicely and the same goes for the fruit flavors.
  • We also realized that if it sounds good, it probably tastes good.
  • If you’re planning on mixing a lot of flavors we would recommend getting some flavors in the Nicotine Free strength. You might find that two cartridges of your usual preferred strength can be a little overwhelming. (You may also find the opposite to be true and that this extra nicotine and flavor is exactly what you’ve been looking for.)

We had a lot of fun putting these together, so rest assured, we’ll be back with more of our preferred picks in the near future. Until next time – happy vaping from Lucas & Tim!