The Fling Wide Mini: A Disposable E-Cig Like No Other

The Fling Wide Mini: A Disposable E-Cig Like No Other

December 1, 2015

White Cloud is excited to announce the release of one of our most innovative products to date: the long awaited new Fling Wide Mini disposable e-cigarette!

"Nothing like anything currently on the market" - Vapor Voice Magazine

Big Flavor + Big Vapor = White Cloud’s Fling Wide Mini

Good things really do come in small packages! White Cloud’s new Fling Wide Mini gives you 2x the vapor and twice the life in half the size compared to any other disposable e-cigarette on the market. This innovative e-cig delivers BIG flavor and BIG vapor through a super quick and easy draw. That means no more sucking for your life! With just one quick draw, you can enjoy the flavors you love with the vapor you crave from the very first puff to the last!

The Best in Quality and Freshness

White Cloud’s Fling Wide Mini

The best features of the new Fling Wide Mini include the inventive design and the commitment to quality. Made out of sleek thermoplastic to keep your battery cool and your flavor fresh, this e-cig also features a soft, ergonomic mouthpiece and a flat bottom design to ensure your Fling Wide Mini will never roll away from you—it will always be right where you set it down. What’s even better is this new disposable e-cig line is filled and packaged right here in the U.S. with premium USA made e-liquid and will be available in all 20+ White Cloud flavors and 6 nicotine strengths. This means we can not only keep a closer eye on quality control and only order stock when it is needed, rather than ordering bulk stock to be shipped in from a different country; but we can also guarantee our customers will receive the highest quality product with the freshest USA made premium e-liquid!

Oh the Places the Fling Wide Mini Will Go

Whether you’re new to e-cigs or are an advanced user who has moved into the world of mods, the Fling Wide Mini is sure to give you the most enjoyable vaping experience possible. Perfectly designed to go everywhere you go, this sleek disposable e-cig fits naturally in your hand and keeps a low profile in your pocket to make traveling with your e-cig as convenient as possible. From long vacations and business trips to places mods just can’t go, there’s no need to worry about carrying around e-cig chargers, mod tools or big bottles of e-liquid: just throw some Fling Wide Minis in your suitcase and you’ll be good to go!

What Happened to the Old Fling Minis?

Old Model Fling Minis

One of the biggest reasons our customers loved the original Fling Mini was the discreet size and its close resemblance to an actual cigarette; however, many customers may also remember feeling as though they weren’t getting the most value for their money. The original Fling Minis were prepackaged and shipped from China; therefore, we had to order in large quantities, which proved difficult to perform recurrent quality control tests for battery charge status. When we started to receive more and more complaints from unhappy customers regarding the poor performance of the original Fling Mini, we decided it was time to look into a new design since there is nothing we dislike more than hearing our customers are unhappy. Not only did the poor performance of the Fling Mini affect the pockets of our customers, it also became a heavy cloud over the morale of our Customer Service Department. Since our main goal is ensure our customers are given the most enjoyable vaping experience possible through high-quality products, we decided it was best to discontinue our Fling Mini line and create an in-house engineering team to start working on a redesign that would give our customers the most value for their money.

Good Things Take Time

We understand our customers have been waiting quite some time for the Fling Minis to come back and we understand some customers may be unhappy that the design is not the same; however, we believe our new Fling Wide Mini is destined to become a customer favorite! Our in-house engineers worked diligently in creating a superior product since the discontinuation of the original Fling Minis, and although it took much longer than expected, we are elated with the result and believe our customers will be too. Before releasing the newly designed Fling Wide Minis, we chose a select group of White Cloud customers to BETA test them for quality and performance: the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Here is what some of the BETA testers had to say about the new Fling Wide Mini:

“With the first "drag", I was amazed at how smooth it is and the cloud is exceptional. This is a product I would buy again and again.
 I can't wait until it is available for sale". - Nancy D.

“Vapor Hit - Now this I was somewhat surprised. The vapor hit was GREAT. I have used the old minis and the flings and this one is by far the best.” - Diane P.

“I am so happy to report that I received this Mini Fling and it was wonderful. It lasted a whole 24 hours and I’m a heavy smoker. It delivered a nice smooth flavorful long draw and was very fulfilling. It was actually better than the normal.” - Jane C.

“Two words. LOVE IT!” - Barbara C.

Are You Ready for the New Fling Wide Mini?

If you aren’t convinced of the Fling Wide Mini’s greatness just yet, then it’s time to give them a try! We’re sure you will be pleasantly surprised and we promise they will be well worth the wait. So what are you waiting for? Get to shopping so you can start vaping with the most innovative e-cig on the market!