The Cirrus FOB: White Cloud's Longest Lasting E-Cig Battery

The Cirrus FOB: Our Longest Lasting E-Cig Battery

January 12, 2018

The Cirrus FOB, White Cloud’s manual electronic cigarette battery, goes against industry norms by changing the shape and battery capacity of the e-cig battery as we know it. If an easier draw, a greater level of control of vapor production, and a battery that lasts 2-3X longer than “cig-a-likes” sounds appealing, keep on reading to learn more about the Cirrus FOB!

The inspiration for bringing the Cirrus FOB to the White Cloud product line stems from giving customers the ability to “take the next step up” in the vaping world. While it’s still significantly smaller than a bulky, sub-ohm “box mod,” the Cirrus FOB aims to provide users with comparable vapor production while enjoying their favorite White Cloud e-liquids. If you’ve been vaping our disposables or cig-a-likes for a while now, it’s time to get your hands on a FOB. You’ll quickly understand why it has been flying off the warehouse shelves!

White Cloud’s Longest Lasting E-Cig Battery

Cirrus FOB Features

The Cirrus FOB is White Cloud’s most technologically advanced e-cig battery ever. We listened to our customers who wanted a better way to know how much charge was left in their battery, and added a visible battery charge window on the Cirrus FOB that indicates the percentage of battery life that is remaining in the device. Adding a push button to the Cirrus FOB allows users to control the amount of vapor production, making each drag the “perfect hit.” The Cirrus FOB is compatible with the entire line of ClearDraw e-tanks, as well as with our Mini Tanks.

Cirrus FOB Benefits

The biggest problem that the Cirrus FOB solved was a way to extend the battery life of a traditional e-cigarette battery without making the size become an issue. The FOB features a completely different shape, similar in size to a car’s keyless entry fob. Its tapered shape was designed to fit easily in hands of any size and allow for easy access to the single button that controls operation and power. It’s easy to charge your Cirrus FOB with its integrated Micro USB port that is compatible with dozens of different chargers for mobile devices, cameras, and more.

Both customers and White Cloud employees have reported that the Cirrus FOB provides a more robust flavor in its vapor, and that the nicotine “hit” is more satisfying and longer lasting. The visible battery charge window ensures that you’ll never leave home with an “almost-dead” battery and be stuck vapeless until you get back to a charger!

Get Started with the Cirrus FOB

Cirrus FOB battery & charger combo kit

White Cloud offers the Cirrus FOB in 2 forms, as a single battery option, and in a combo kit option. The single battery Cirrus FOB can be found here, and does not include a Micro USB cable. The Cirrus FOB battery & charger combo kit, which can be found here, includes a 1.5 ft. Micro USB cable for charging your FOB, and can be upgraded to a 6 ft. cable for a small additional cost.

For customers who are new to White Cloud, you’ll want to decide whether you’d like to use our ClearDraw prefilled e-tanks or our bottled e-liquid with mini-tanks, and determine what nicotine strength is best for you. For existing customers looking to move to the Cirrus FOB from a Cirrus “cig-a-like” battery, you’ll be happy to learn that any ClearDraw tanks and Mini Tanks that you may already have are compatible with the Cirrus FOB.

Common Questions about the Cirrus FOB

Q: Will the FOB arrive charged?
A: Yes! Your FOB will arrive with a full charge, but will not be activated.
Q: How do I activate my Cirrus FOB?
A: Simply press the button five times quickly. You should see the light flash 3 times, indicating that your battery is activated.
Q: Am I supposed to press the button the entire time I’m inhaling?
A: For the most robust hit from your Cirrus FOB, the button should be pressed the entire time you are inhaling.
Q: How do I turn off my FOB?
A: Quickly press the button five times. Three flashes from the light will indicate that the battery has been deactivated.
Q: How long does the FOB need to charge for?
A: The FOB is designed to fully charge a drained battery in 2 hours. Time to full charge will depend on how much battery is remaining when you put it on the charger.
Q: How do I clean my Cirrus FOB?
A: Cleaning your White Cloud e-cigarette is quick and easy. Check out our e-cig cleaning and maintenance guide for step-by-step guides in ensuring your e-cig battery is always operating correctly.