Surviving Holiday Stress with E-Cigarettes Part 3

Surviving Holiday Stress with E-Cigarettes Part 3

January 5, 2018

The bells have been jingled, the gifts have been unwrapped, and the ball has dropped. The holiday season has officially come and gone. Holiday stress often has a way of getting the best of us, especially when it comes to trying to remain smoke-free. If you’ve made it this far without lighting up, congrats! If not, today is the perfect day to start a new journey to ridding yourself of cigarettes for 2018!

Post-Holiday Stressors for Ex-Smokers

We went around the White Cloud office and asked the team what sorts of things happen during the holidays that stress them out so much, that they’d want to light up a cigarette. The team even offered up their suggestions on the best White Cloud products to handle the stressful situation with and remain smoke-free.

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Putting Toys Together

The joys of watching children open their gifts on Christmas morning and in the days following is quickly replaced by the dread and anxiety of having to unpack and assemble each of the gifts. Regardless of size, the words “some assembly required” send a shiver up the spine of parents across the world. The Fling Wide Mini is the perfect ally for the ex-smoker who is tasked with assembling the 100-piece dollhouse. The size of the Fling Wide Mini makes it easy to pull from a pocket, even with gloves on as you set up the kid’s new basketball hoop in 10-degree temperatures.

The Time Spent with Family

You made it to 2018! Despite any hiccups along the way, another holiday season is officially in the books. Kick back and grab your new FOB and enjoy a few drags of your favorite White Cloud e-liquid. Once you’re in a good state, it’s time to plot out how to salvage any awkward family encounters that took place over the holidays. A short “Thank You” note written out to Grandma will make her feel a little better about her Fruit Cake that “the dog ate.” A social media post of you wearing the hand-knit sweater Aunt Phyllis gifted to you might do the trick and lock down an invite to her summer house.  If you engaged in a heated political debate around the dinner table…there’s not much you can do to recover from that one. Apologizing for all the terrible names you called them and sending a White Cloud e-gift card might be a good place to start.

Too Much Christmas Music

Now that Christmas has passed, the holiday playlists that every radio station has been looping for the past month and a half have finally gone back on the shelf until next year. While hearing “Run, Run, Rudolph” may have driven you to the brink of run, run, running to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes, you should be proud that you’ve made it through the holidays smoke-free. Treat yourself to the ZFG rechargeable e-cigarette this year and start preparing for Santa Clause to Come to Town in 2018!

Taking Down Decorations

For those who take “decking the halls” to another level, it can create a truly remarkable Christmas feeling for all. Thousands of lights, an ornately decorated tree and mantle, and hundreds of little trinkets and decorations spread around the house just add to the holiday magic. That magic comes to an abrupt halt once the holiday season comes to an end. Finding the right box for each item, untangling yards of Christmas lights, and figuring out “how in the world the artificial tree fits back in this tiny little box” will surely stir up some frustrations, so keep your cool and get your nicotine fix with a few puffs of Mango Tango. This tropical flavor will remind you that warmer days will be here sooner than you know it!


From all of us at White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, we hope you had a happy and healthy holiday season. We’re looking forward to an amazing year in 2018! Be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings at White Cloud, special White Cloud coupon codes, and more great content created for vapers, by vapers.