Stealth Vaping with InvisiVapor

March 9, 2018

There are times and places where blowing out a cloud of vapor from your e-cig just isn’t appropriate. Maybe you’re around family and don’t want to attract attention as you sneak away for a quick nicotine fix. Almost all e-cigarette and vaping devices cause the user to emit a visual vapor. Depending on the type of e-liquid and the power to the device, that vapor “cloud” could be faint, yet satisfying, like our ClearDraw Max cartridges, or they could be visible from space with how some of the more powerful mods produce vapor.

White Cloud identified a need in the e-cigarette industry for a way for vapers to use their e-cig without notice from others. The desire for a discreet way to vape led White Cloud to create the Invisi-Vapor line of e-cigarette cartridges.

InvisiVapor Benefits

Discreet Vaping on the Go

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Adding Invisi-Vapor cartridges to your e-cigarette kits gives users the ability to vape anywhere (legally) without having to refill a new tank, carry two types of e-liquids, or use two different devices. Invisi-Vapor is packaged in the same pocket-sized packaging as our ClearDraw line of cartridges, and features easy screw-on threading to quickly attach any of White Cloud’s Cirrus rechargeable batteries.

Stealth E-Cigarette Design

InvisiVapor was developed with discretion as the number one priority. The ClearDraw cartridge that is used contains .75mL of our proprietary “low vapor” e-liquid. The smaller cartridge size, a little over an inch long, was chosen to cut down on the total length of your e-cigarette. When paired with White Cloud’s smallest e-cig battery, the Cirrus 3, the total length of your InvisiVapor set up is only 3 ½ inches long, making it easily concealable in hands of any size.

Keep Your Habit to Yourself

E-Cig Efficacy: Study Results

There are not many other things that make a person more unapproachable than a billowing cloud of smoke, or vapor, surrounding them. While fellow vapers and smokers may not mind, in certain settings, like a family event, road trip, or concert, blowing clouds of vapor is a quick way to become the most unpopular person around. Invisi-Vapor cartridges produce 90 to 95% less vapor than traditional e-cigarette cartridges, so you’ll still get the same satisfying nicotine fix and throat hit, but your exhale will produce little to no visible vapor.

Help Us Make Invisi-Vapor Right For You

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our product line, and have had droves of customers who love using InvisiVapor for discreet vaping ask us for an expanded offering of flavors. Check out the quick survey below and let us know which flavor you’d like to see offered in InvisiVapor cartridges!

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