White Cloud Starting Out Series: What lifestyle changes do I have to make to use e-cigs?

Starting Out Series: Can E-Cigs Really Make A Difference?

June 22, 2015

People switch to e-cigs for many reasons.

It’s more socially acceptable, and it offers a great way to get your nicotine dosage without walking around surrounded by smoke. What other lifestyle changes can smokers expect when they make the switch?

What To Expect After the Switch to E-Cigs

  • Exceptional savings. There’s no argument about it. Cigarettes are expensive. Many states tax cigarettes heavily, and in some places, a pack of cigarettes costs over $15! If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, you’re spending hundreds of dollars every month on cigarettes. E-cigarettes offer savings because you pay an up-front cost for the hardware and a small ongoing cost for the flavored cartridges or e-juice.Usually, a starter kit with a few batteries and flavor cartridges costs anywhere from $50-$100 or more. After that, all you need is take care of your e-cig. How much you spend on cartridges varies depending on how much you vape, but regular smokers usually spend about $40-$50 a month on cartridges.That’s a big difference from paying a couple hundred a month buying a pack every other day!
  • Social acceptance. E-cigs are more socially acceptable than regular cigarettes. Smokers who switch find that they don’t have to leave conversations to go out and smoke. They may also find they don’t get nearly as many dirty looks or complaints about smoke while using their e-cigarette. What’s more, smokers may notice their clothes no longer have that lingering odor like traditional cigarettes.
  • More convenience. E-cigarettes are more convenient because they can travel everywhere with you. They are discreet and less bothersome than traditional cigarettes. Of course, they also take up less space in your bag or pocket, and if properly charged, could last you all day. You’ll never have to scramble to find the closest gas station to buy cigarettes.

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