Massachusetts Raises Legal Age to Buy E-Cigs to 21

Massachusetts Raises Legal Age to Buy E-Cigs to 21

January 8, 2019

As of January 1st, the entire state of Massachusetts has implemented new age restrictions on the sale of tobacco products, which includes electronic cigarettes and e-liquids containing nicotine. The bill, which increased the legal age to purchase tobacco products to 21, was passed by Governor Charlie Baker in July of 2018, with the effective date for all municipalities to begin enforcing the law of January 1. Many of the municipalities throughout Massachusetts preemptively raised the age to purchase tobacco products.

Interestingly, the new law in Massachusetts allows for those who are at least 18 before December 31, 2018 to be grandfathered in as legal purchasers of tobacco products. Each municipality was given the freedom to include the grandfather cause, or to implement the law to limit sales to only 21 and older customers. Here at White Cloud, we’ve set our age verification systems to meet the requirements of the new law and will only process orders from customers whose age can be verified to be 21 or older.

More States Following the FDA’s Lead on Vaping

FDASince FDA commissioner Scott Gotlieb released his last statement on, what the FDA refers to as, the teen vaping “epidemic”, more and more states are beginning to reexamine the laws they have on record surrounding the legal purchase of tobacco products and are beginning to rewrite the laws to include electronic cigarettes and e-liquid products to fall under the “tobacco product” umbrella. The sentiment across the board, from lawmakers to shop owners, and even e-cig companies like White Cloud, is that these additional regulations should only aid in reducing the amount of tobacco products that make it into the hands of underaged teens.

The new regulations in Massachusetts also place restrictions on the sale of flavored tobacco and e-cigarette products. Gas stations, convenience stores, and other businesses that sell tobacco products are prohibited from selling these flavored tobacco products, and only smoking bars and adult-only retail stores (vape shops/smoke shops) will be allowed to sell these products.

In addition to the flavored products bans, the Massachusetts law also prohibited the sale of tobacco and e-cig products in pharmacies and health care institutions.

Dedicated to Responsible Practices

It’s no secret that the e-cigarette industry has been taking a beating in the news recently. While a major e-cig company is called out for it’s irresponsible marketing practices, and reports of widespread teen use of vaping products appears on nightly news cycles, White Cloud has continued to stand by its mission of providing smoking alternatives to adults. With an industry-leading age verification process powered by LexisNexus, White Cloud has always been on the leading edge of ensuring that only adult smokers can purchase our vapor products. Since early 2014, each and every order placed with White Cloud is ran through our database of over 34 billion public records used to verify age of the buyer.