Holiday E-Liquid Flavors from our Merry Mixologist

November 27, 2018

It’s the holiday season already! That one really snuck up on us! Whether your busy decorating your home, shopping for gifts, or planning the menu for an intricate holiday feast, there’s no arguing that this is certainly the busiest time of the year. At White Cloud HQ, we shifted our focus to creating a different type of holiday menu full of holiday e-liquid flavors inspired by our favorite holiday treats.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes currently offers 24 flavors of e-liquid, ranging from traditional flavors like Menthol and Regular, to more robust tobacco flavors such as Bora Bora and Cavendish, to fun, fruity flavors including orAngelic and Mango Tango. While there is certainly a flavor for every taste, we decided to step things up to the next level, put on our mixologist hats, and see what types of combinations we could create with our e-liquid flavors.

Holiday E-Liquid Flavor “Mix-Ups”

Here are some of our favorites that you’ll be sure to love during the holiday season!

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Cin (20%) + Chocolate (80%)

This classic holiday beverage combines rich and silky hot chocolate with an added kick of cinnamon and cayenne pepper.We skipped out on the intense heat part(we miss you Diablo!), and combined Cin, White Cloud’s Cinnamon e-liquid, with our Chocolate e-liquid, to create a smooth chocolate taste on the inhale, followed by a robust cinnamon flavor on the exhale. The flavor combination is sure to warm you up on those cold winter nights!

Flavor Mixing Tip: When using a stronger flavor, such as Cin, Zero K, or Mint to Be, be sure to add it FIRST, as too much of these flavors can be overpowering.


Cin (10%) + Muscat Blanc (70%) + The Orchard (20%)

Sangria is a light and refreshing cocktail that is a staple at holiday parties across the country. This drink can be made countless ways, utilizing a variety of fruits, wines, and sometimes, even brandy to kick it up a notch! Our Sangria holiday e-liquid flavor combination utilizes Muscat Blanc, our white wine e-liquid, Cin, our cinnamon e-liquid, and The Orchard, an apple & cranberry e-liquid. The warmth of Cin, paired with the fruity flavors of Muscat Blanc and The Orchard, creates a vape flavor that will leave you wondering where you left your glass!
Flavor Mixing Tip: Drip flavors into your mini tank SLOWLY to avoid air bubbles forming. Try to drip the flavors into the tank so they do not touch the wicks.

Apple Jacked

Cinna-MMM (30%) + The Orchard (70%)

One puff from this flavor combination will bring you right back to your childhood. Remember pouring a big bowl of a certain apple-flavored cereal and dousing it with milk? We combined The Orchard, White Cloud’s apple & cranberry e-liquid, with Cinna-MMM, a lesser-known White Cloud e-liquid flavor that reminds many of their favorite cinnamon breakfast cereals. Apple Jacked hits with a crisp and tart taste of apple and cranberry on the inhale, and follows with a smooth cinnamon and milk aftertaste as you exhale.
Flavor Mixing Tip: Avoid AT ALL COSTS dripping e-liquid into the chimney, the small metal post in the center of the mini tank.

Milk Chocolate Orange “Ball”

Chocolate (40%) + orAngelic (60%)

If you celebrate Christmas, odds are you’ve received one of these Milk Chocolate/Orange candies in a stocking or at a holiday party. While they don’t scream “CHRISTMAS” like a candy cane would, they only seem to make an appearance during the holiday season. We’ve combined White Cloud’s Chocolate e-liquid with orAngelic, our oranges n’ cream e-liquid to create a sweet, yet tart, vape flavor that will hit the spot after you’ve crawled away from the dessert table and nestled up to your spot on the couch.
Flavor Mixing Tip: To get the best flavor out of your e-liquid mix, allow the liquids to steep for 20-30 minutes before vaping.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint To Be (25%) + Chocolate (75%)

Mint and chocolate are two quintessential flavors for the holiday season. Whether you have mint chocolate chip cookies, ice cream pie, hot chocolate, candy, you name it…the combination of mint and chocolate go together like Santa and his red suit. Our Mint Chocolate Chip flavor mix-up uses a small portion of White Cloud’s mint e-liquid, Mint to Be, and is topped with a healthy portion of Chocolate e-liquid. One puff of this flavor will leave you feeling like there are mint-chocolate fairies, dancing in your head!


As you head into the holiday season, give a few of these tasty holiday e-liquid flavor “mix ups” a try to take your vaping to festive new heights! Have a flavor combination you’d like to see us try, or one that you’ve been mixing up at home on your own? Share it with us the White Cloud Facebook page for a chance to see your creation featured in a future blog!