Are All E Cigarette Brands Equal?

Are All Electronic Cigarette Brands The Same?

February 3, 2014

Brands are powerful entities. We align ourselves with them whether we mean to or not: choosing Apple over Microsoft, for instance, or purchasing a Volkswagen rather than a Volvo. For better or worse, we’re a nation of Starbucks people, Netflix people or Google people, and we choose those designations based on how each brand speaks to our sensibilities.

Electronic cigarettes — like traditional cigarettes themselves — often carry similar brand loyalties. However, the market is so new, that plenty of people find themselves wondering whether there’s any difference between the companies at all. Curious about what makes each choice tick? Here, we answer the most common questions about the little details that make a big impact.

Does every brand use the same technology?

Not at all. The science behind any given e cigarette is entirely specific to the brand itself. Some use similar versions of a standard design while others — like White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes — have created innovative, proprietary technologies that eliminate common hassles associated with cleaning and refilling.

Are nicotine levels the same across the board?

Not necessarily. Some companies offer only one or two options while others have a large breadth of nicotine strengths. The design that a specific e-cigarette uses can also influence how much nicotine you’re actually getting.

What about fancy flavors?

Some brands offer them; others don’t. Those that do tend to vary widely in terms of how many they provide and whether the taste is subtle or potent. At White Cloud, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of e cig flavors to suit every personal style.

Do some brands disclosure their ingredient list?

Some electronic cigarette brands are more transparent than others about what goes into a typical cartridge. The general rule is that if you don’t see an ingredient list, think about taking your business elsewhere. At White Cloud, for instance, we offer a detailed description of each e cig ingredient and also provide nicotine-free products.

What’s the difference in pricing?

It’s similar to any other industry: Price structures vary from business to business. While you’ll generally find a sweet spot where most companies hover, you’ll also see some brands falling to either side of that spectrum. Just bear in mind that pricier doesn’t necessarily mean better. In fact, some of the least expensive starter kits are the most promising; it all depends on the technology.

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