Electronic Cigarettes Smarter Alternative To Tobacco Cigarettes

E Cigarettes – Smarter Alternative To Tobacco Cigarettes?

October 15, 2013

Since the electronic cigarette industry topped $1.7 billion in sales in August of this year, more American smokers than ever before have begun to pay serious attention to the benefits associated with using e cigarettes rather than tobacco.

As their popularity continues to increase exponentially, one question continues to surface among smokers, non-smokers and policy makers alike: Are e cigarettes a smarter option than tobacco cigarettes?

Smart vs. Safe: Differentiating the Terms

No matter where you turn, it seems that someone is either defending the safety of e cigs compared to tobacco or condemning it because they haven’t been proven non-dangerous.

When the question as to whether electronic cigarettes are a smarter alternative is posed, it’s important to focus on the fact that “smarter” here isn’t limited to concerns of health or safety.

While numerous clinical studies have been conducted over the past five years in an effort to determine the safety of electronic cigarettes, definitive evidence is still relatively limited. Currently, the majority of the medical community is still hesitant to speak of the health implications of these increasingly popular products.

Even so, many esteemed medical professionals like Dr. Robert Lahita (Chief of Medicine at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center) and Dr. Michael Siegel (renowned researcher and Professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University) have made the claim that e cigarettes are indeed a better alternative than tobacco cigarettes.

Until sufficient evidence of this is produced, e cig companies and proponents of vaping are unable to accurately make health-related claims.

Why Consumers Love Their E Cigs

In the meantime, there exists an abundance of other reasons one might say that electronic cigarettes are a smarter alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Ask any number of e-cigarette users what makes an electronic cigarette the smarter choice and you’ll find that the reasons offered are fairly consistent across the board.

  • E cigs cost substantially less than tobacco cigarettes
  • E-cigs don’t produce smoke, ash or the offensive odor that comes with burning tobacco
  • Vapers report feeling freer to enjoy a puff almost anywhere, anytime (unlike with tobacco cigarettes)
  • They don’t stain your teeth or contribute to bad breath
  • It’s easy to personalize your vaping experience: flavors, nicotine strength and appearance are all customizable

While we’ve always agreed that electronic cigarettes are the smarter alternative to tobacco cigarettes, it’s the opinions of our customers that really matter to us.

What makes your switch to e cigarettes the smartest decision you’ve ever made? Sound off in our comments section!