Are E Cigs Better Alternative To Smoking Tobacco?

Are E-Cigarettes Better Than Smoking Tobacco?

February 21, 2014

The popularity of electronic cigarettes has risen tremendously in recent years, and with it, controversy about the perceived benefits of e-cigs over conventional tobacco cigarettes. Since electronic vaping devices are fairly new types of technology, their benefits, side effects and regulatory oversight are still being debated. However, the products continue to evolve.

How Electronic Cigarettes Work

Promoted as personal vaporizers, e-cigarettes are designed to replicate the smoking experience without the use of burning tobacco. The typical design of e-cigarettes includes a liquid solution and a battery-operated heating element. The e-cig battery and heating element work together to heat e-liquid ingredients to deliver flavoring and nicotine through vapor. The act of inhaling vapor released from electronic cigarettes has been termed “vaping”, which is also used to describe the e-cigarette industry. As the vaping industry has evolved, e-cigarette options have gone from simple “cig-a-like” e-cigs in both rechargeable and disposable models to a plethora of vaping devices in many shapes and sizes.

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Technology

Rechargeable e-cig models require a commitment, as well as an investment—whether it is in an e-cig starter kit or all of the working components of a mod box or advanced personal vaporizer. Along with charging, rechargeable vaping devices require maintenance and a bit of knowledge when it comes to the working components of e-cigs, especially with advanced personal vaporizers due to the high level of customization that comes along with most models. Vapers using advanced devices need to become familiar with the two different types of batteries used in e-cigs, the importance of ohm testing and how to clean and refill tanks. They should also follow along the basic guidelines for e-cig battery safety.

Basic rechargeable e-cig kits, which are most common with cig-a-like devices, come with everything needed to start vaping with little maintenance. For example, our Cirrus 3X Starter Kit comes with 3 of our longest lasting batteries, a USB charger, a wall adaptor, a 5 pack of prefilled cartridges and an extended warranty. The only maintenance involved is keeping the battery connection clean, which can be done quickly and easily by gently brushing the connection with a soft toothbrush.

Although an initial investment is required, rechargeable e-cigarettes offer the most cost effective way to vape in the long run; however, some vapers may still opt for the convenience of disposable e-cigarettes.

Disposable Electronic Cigarette Technology

Disposable electronic cigarettes are perfect for those in search of a convenient vaping experience without having to worry about maintenance and recharging. For instance, the disposable e-cigs in our Fling Line come individually packaged and sealed to maintain freshness, making them great for travel or even as backups for vapers who find themselves without a charged e-cig battery. Flings come in a few different options, from the traditional cigarette feel of our Fling Originals to the powerhouse vaping production of our evolved Fling Wides—our longest lasting disposable e-cigs.

Just like rechargeable cig-a-likes, vaping with disposable e-cigs is initiated by simply puffing, rather than the button activation seen with more advanced vaporizers. Disposable e-cigs also provide a great option for trying out different flavored e-liquids and nicotine levels before making a full commitment to a rechargeable e-cig kit or advanced vaping device.

Benefits of Switching to E-Cigs

Smokers switching to electronic cigarettes are pleasantly surprised when it comes to managing their nicotine cravings. Given the broad selection of e-cigarette products in the market today, anyone can find an e-cigarette to suit their preferences, lifestyle and budget, and one that satisfies nicotine cravings.

Since e-cigs were designed to deliver a dose of nicotine through vaporization of a liquid solution, rather than combustion, the risk of burns and damage to clothing or property is eliminated. Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes offer a variety of nicotine strength options to allow users to tailor their vaping to fit their needs, from high nicotine strengths for heavy smokers all the way down to nicotine-free for those who no longer want the nicotine but still enjoy vaping. The varying nicotine levels also offer users a choice of stepping down nicotine intake to reach nicotine-free. Surveys have even shown that smokers who switch to vaping have had more success with cutting out nicotine through the use of e-cigs when compared to quitting smoking cold turkey or with the use of nicotine replacement therapies such as nicotine gum and patches.

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E-cigarettes also offer variety when it comes to flavorings. While the majority of those who switch to vaping often go for tobacco-flavored e-liquid in the beginning, they eventually branch out and experiment with different flavors and discover they no longer crave the taste of tobacco.

Electronic Cigarettes: To Switch or not to Switch

As electronic cigarettes have evolved in form and function, they have become a superior alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Current research continues to suggest vaping is a potentially safer alternative to smoking; however, since this industry is still fairly young, more research is needed to determine the long-term effects. Despite the unknown, millions of people across the world attribute vaping to their success in quitting smoking, and even countries like England have begun recommending e-cigs for smoking cessation.