E-Cigarette Mixology: 5 Irresistable Vaping-Cocktail Combos

March 17, 2014

Ah, smoking and drinking — a duo as timeless as “singing and dancing,” “peanut butter and jelly,” or “Bieber and poor judgment.” Before most of us made the switch to e-cigarettes, the act of smoking went hand-in-hand with … well … whatever cocktail you chose. Which is a little limiting, when you really think about it.

Pairing E-Cig Flavors with Cocktails

Now that we’ve stepped into the more distinctive, flavorful world of vaping, there is a wealth of new taste pairings just waiting to be enjoyed. So, we put the expert White Cloud staff — most of whom are avid e-cigarette users themselves — to work, to find out what exciting new flavor combinations they’ve discovered, and which ones they can’t live without. And, given the time of year, with St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras putting creative mixology at the forefront of everyone’s minds, what better time to learn how to boost your beverages and amplify your e-cig flavorings?

Whether you’re new to e-cigs, or a seasoned vaper, check out the following list to see if you find a pairing (or two) to your liking. (And by all means, please share your own ideas in the comments section, or on our Facebook and Twitter feeds!)

1. Atlantic Cut Tobacco with Hot Bourbon Apple Cider

Atlantic Cut, our sweet tobacco e-liquid flavor, proved to be a very popular suggestion, mostly due to its smooth, clean tobacco flavor. But, while most chose to pair Atlantic Cut with straight whiskeys (a perfectly acceptable and delicious suggestion) one team member took the concept further, pairing it with a spirited bourbon/honey/cinnamon-based hot apple cider.

In this classically influenced combo, the sweet honey and hot cinnamon not only bring out the best in the bourbon, but also the apple and maple undertones of the e-cigarette flavor. If you’re planning on making your cider a “little Irish” this year, give this one a shot.

(If you had a different experience, let us know in the comments!)

2. Espresso with Amaretto Liqueur

Espresso, our coffee e-liquid flavor has a strong, loyal customer base, and with good reason. When we first created the flavor, we wanted to not only reach new segments of our audience, but also satisfy the coffee aficionados that populate our offices. We’re pretty happy with the real coffee bean aroma our Espresso flavor gives off, which got us to thinking about how to better enhance this authentic flavor.

Much like good Italian coffee, our Espresso seemed to pair best with similarly complex flavors — most notably, those found in a high-quality amaretto liqueur. While we’re not partial to any one specific brand, be sure to choose one that contains strong almond and fruit notes, along with hints of spice, to counter the robust coffee vape.

Your post-dinner e-cig should be equally as satisfying as the meal you just enjoyed. Give this combo a try and see if you find yourself skipping dessert a little more often.

3. Chocolate with Pinot Noir

Most everyone who tries our Chocolate flavor agrees they are pleasantly surprised by the deep cocoa notes our rechargeable and disposable e-cigs. Rather than producing a sticky, candy-like chocolate taste profile, White Cloud flavor creators opted for a richer, dark chocolate experience with just a hint of bitterness, not unlike a high-end hot cocoa or strong cacao chocolate bar.

It’s not for everyone, admittedly. But, those who enjoy this flavor were nearly unanimous in thinking it pairs well with deep, rich red wines; most commonly, a good pinot noir. Just as chocolate-covered strawberries remain a popular indulgence the world around, a few puffs of our Chocolate cartridges not only tasted good with bold reds, but they significantly enhanced the deep red fruit flavors of the wines we sampled.

Whether your wine is built upon black cherries, raspberries, or even currants, you’ll likely find our complex Chocolate e-liquid flavor will add some dessert decadence to your regular glass of red.

4. Cin and The Devil’s Advocate

Ah, Cin and The Devil’s Advocate—sounds like the perfect pair, doesn’t it? Apple cinnamon-flavored anything is indeed a tasty treat, but an apple cinnamon-flavored cocktail paired with our fiery cinnamon e-liquid flavor known as Cin? Even better.

Aside from vape flavors, we’ve seen a lot of cinnamon-flavored items popping up in the market, including the cinnamon-flavored whisky known as Fireball. When you that with equal parts Spiced Run, Apple Schnapps, and Lemon-Lime soda, you get The Devil’s advocate, and when you take a sip followed by a puff of Cin, you’ll see why these two pair so well together.

More than any other combination in this list, it’s imperative that you enjoy these flavors in tandem, so be sure you’re in an environment without any vaping bans. The effect just won’t be the same if you have to keep pausing for “smoke” breaks.

5. Zero K with White Russians

Recently, we’ve noticed a resurgence in the number of heavy, rich, cream-based cocktails being served at bars (which is even more notable when you consider we’re based on the Gulf Coast of Florida). So, being the thorough social scientists we are, our team unanimously volunteered to revisit these drinks … in the name of research, of course.

White Russians — typically made from vodka, coffee liqueur and cream — are fairly uniform, flavor-wise. But, when counter-balanced with the sharp peppermint/menthol bite of our peppermint e-liquid flavor, Zero K, the richness is quickly cut, making for a combination that isn’t common, but completely “works.”

By taking a few long puffs off a Zero K, you brighten the thick and heavy flavor profile of the cocktail, while the peppermint takes on almost candy-like notes in parallel. Plus, doing so effectively cleanses your palate with each inhale, so neither your drink nor your vape ever become boring.

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When talking with our team, we received a metric ton of flavor pairing suggestions, so this list is FAR from complete. In the comments below, please let us know the ones you love, the ones you think we missed entirely, and the ones that made you wonder what we were even thinking…