E-Cig Mods vs. Cig-A-Likes/Mini Cigs – Vapor Production

E-Cig Mods vs. Cig-A-Likes/Mini Cigs: Vapor Production

August 27, 2015

Vapor, the by-product of e-cigarettes, can be important to the psychological component of quitting smoking. E-cigs that simulate the act of smoking can be more successful than nicotine patches in helping someone cut down on tobacco, but every e-cig user is different.

Big Clouds vs. Small Clouds

While some vapers like blowing big billowing clouds, others crave discretion and want to make as little vapor as possible. In our continuing series comparing e-cig mods and White Cloud products, we will take a look at the differences between the two with regards to vapor production.

Mods Make for Lots of Vapor

Mods offer a tremendous amount of control over vapor production. Changing the heat of your coil through adjusting the volts and watts of your mod can drastically increase the amount of vapor you expel. E-cig users who like a lot of vapor are often called vapor-chasers or cloud-chasers. There are even “cloud competitions,” such as the International Cloud Championships in California and the World Series of Vape in Las Vegas, where chasers challenge each other in creating the craziest clouds. Mixing your own e-liquid also allows you to control the amount of vapor you can produce; however, the do-it-yourself method has some potential drawbacks.

The Consequences of Cloud-Chasing

We must point out the potential risks of cloud-chasing with mod devices: First of all, because mods are made up of many different parts, they are more prone to leaks and malfunctions. Mods also have the potential to push batteries beyond their limits, which can lead to a literal explosion! Also, a highly publicized study found that under experimental conditions, e-cigs could produce formaldehyde at extremely high voltage. While White Cloud products and most other commercial e-cigs (when used appropriately) do not reach temperatures that pose a risk, mods are a different story.

As the vaping community bands together for a positive public relations campaign, some e-cig users worry that cloud-chasing can turn off the general public from vaping. Consequently, some businesses have policies that allow indoor vaping but prohibit cloud-chasing. If you’re going to chase clouds, you should always do it away from the public eye, and study up on the potential risks involved.

White Cloud’s Convenient Vapor Options

White Cloud caters to vapers of all types. Our online store carries pre-packaged cartridges in three different styles, which offer varying amounts of vapor production. Our ClearDraw2 cartridges emit a high amount of vapor while the ClearDraw1 model produces a more traditional quantity. Our Invisivapor is especially innovative as it produces almost no noticeable vapor at all, which makes it ideal for public use. Although the ClearDraw2 offers a large amount of vapor, it is not even close to the huge plumes of vapor you see cloud-chasers making.