Disposable E Cigs Or E Cig Cartridges: What’s Best For You?

September 1, 2018

Everyone’s got their favorite flavor, feel and nicotine strength when it comes to electronic cigarettes.

Since White Cloud uses the same nicotine-infused liquid to flavor both our disposable electronic cigarettes called Flings and our e cigarette cartridges, the difference between the two ultimately boils down to user preference.

Which kind of e-cigarette is the best fit for you?

The Argument for Disposable E Cigs: Fling, Fling Wide and Fling Wide Mini

One of the most common reasons our customers give in favor of the Fling is the convenience factor.

There’s no charging, so vapers who are constantly on the go never have to worry about whether or not their battery will last while they’re out and about.

Packaged in single-serve wrappers for easy transport and access, Flings are the perfect e cigs for people that don’t want to bother with batteries and chargers to keep the vaping going.

When your Fling no longer produces vapor, simply dispose of it in a battery-recycling bin (or throw it away if recycling is unavailable) and open a new one. It’s that easy.

Another advantage of Flings is the ability to try a number of White Cloud’s different flavored electronic cigarettes for a low price. Before you commit to a new flavor or nicotine strength in a Cirrus kit, you can try any of our tasty varieties by purchasing a single Fling disposable of your choice.

Offering rich, satisfying vapor, the Fling Wide is the e cigarette of choice for vapers from all over the country. The smaller disposable Fling Wide Mini e cig is loved for its compact design.

In fact, all of White Cloud’s disposable e cigs feature a soft tip and lightweight construction, providing a vaping sensation that’s closer to smoking than any other product on the market.

But what about the cartridge lovers out there?

What Makes Our E Cigarette Cartridges a Fan Favorite?

White Cloud electronic cigarette cartridges have many of the same benefits associated with our disposable e cigarettes, from cost effectiveness and immense nicotine satisfaction to the extensive variety of flavors available.

The primary differences between our disposable Flings and our Cirrus rechargeable e cigs involve longevity, the need to charge the battery, and the product’s feel between the fingers and lips.

For most fans of the rechargeable version of our product, the time it takes to plug a battery into a charger every once in a while is a negligible issue.

The reward tends to far outweigh such a simple task and, especially in the case of our Cirrus 3X, the immense number of puffs you get from one charge is entirely worth the short wait.

As for the way the Cirrus feels, many vapers find that they prefer the slightly more robust construction. It feels solid, durable and well-made from the inside out.

When it comes to personally customizing the ideal vape, which product do you prefer: disposable electronic cigarettes or e cigarette cartridges?