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March 11, 2019

E-cigarette users are quickly finding out how volatile the industry is becoming. With multiple brands being closed and acquired by other brands, along with looming regulations that could remove e-cigs from most store shelves, customers are realizing that buying their preferred flavors or brands may soon become increasingly difficult. White Cloud’s 10 years of experience in the e-cigarette business has taught us that customers will always prefer ease and convenience, which is why we only offer our products through our easy-to-use website, along with lightning fast shipping around the world!

Ready to give White Cloud a try? Find your former brand below and check out which White Cloud flavors will be most similar to your favorite e-liquids. Our selection of 20+ flavors is sure to have something for everyone, and the widest variety of nicotine strengths on the market ensures that you’ll end up with the perfect vape from the moment you open your package!

Comparable White Cloud Flavors to Major eCig Brands

Replacement Flavors for V2 Ecigs

Founded by VMR Products LLC in 2009, V2 e-cigs were discontinued in November 2018 when the brand was bought out by Juul. When V2 was discontinued, this customer tried a couple of other brands before becoming a happy White Cloud customer: 

On the Cirrus Omni Starter KitI had to replace my current E cigs from V2cigs because they went out of business. I tried three different choices. Blu, (did not taste like menthol) Juul? ( didn’t taste like menthol either) I also tried an e-cigarette from Walmart, that was a joke. It didn’t even have a battery. Anyway, I kept searching until I found White Cloud. WONDERFUL!! My biggest problem? I was looking for E cigs with no nicotine. White Cloud has those and they taste GREAT!!!!! I have a heart condition and can’t have nicotine. Thank you White Cloud. and my heart doctor thanks you. You guys have a very happy customer. :) :) :) :) fourth time is a charm.

Discontinued V2 Platinum E-Liquid Flavors White Cloud E-Liquid Replacement
V2 Red Regular Tobacco Flavor, Apache Tobacco Flavor
Congress Atlantic Cut Tobacco Flavor
Sahara Bora Bora Tobacco Flavor
V2 Black Cherry Black Tobacco Flavor
V2 Gold Atlantic Cut Tobacco Flavor
Menthol Menthol
Peppermint Zero K Menthol Flavor
Grape Muscat Blanc
Chocolate Chocolate
Coffee Espresso
Vanilla Vanilla

Replacement Flavors for MarkTen Ecigs

Another brand by Altria Group, the MarkTen was launched in 2014. As of December 2018, MarkTen vapor products are no longer available for purchase online and will only be available in convenience stores while supplies last, as the product has been discontinued. This MarkTen customer switched to White Cloud in February and is very pleased: 

On the Cirrus Mini Tank Omni KitWith the “death” of MarkTen and dwindling supply I needed a replacement. If you’re on the fence about trying this don’t be. The flavor and feel is great. It is easier to draw than the MarkTen, feeling more like the draw of an actual cigarette. I will say that coming from using the bold menthol MarkTen, I would start with the 2.4% liquid as I got the 3.6 and it is more than I expected. This error could have been avoided if I had looked at white cloud’s chart for nicotine levels first. Super fast shipping and great product.

Discontinued MarkTen Flavors White Cloud E-Liquid Replacement
Classic Regular Tobacco Flavor
Bold Classic Apache Tobacco Flavor
Smooth Classic Atlantic Cut Tobacco Flavor
Menthol Menthol
Smooth Menthol Mint To Be
Bold Menthol Zero K Menthol
Winter Mint Zero K Menthol
Smooth Cream Whippin’ Good
Vineyard Blend Muscat Blanc
Dark Original Cherry Black Tobacco Flavor
Spiced Fruit Grand Ambrosia
Strawberry Brulee Fraise Creme
Glacier Mint Zero K Menthol
Sweet Original Cavendish Tobacco Flavor
Apple Cider The Orchard

Replacement Flavors for Green Smoke Ecigs

Launched in Miami, Florida in 2008, Green Smoke was acquired by Altria Group in 2014. Like MarkTen, Green Smoke vapor products are no longer available for purchase online and will only be available in convenience stores while supplies last, as the product has been discontinued. This Green Smoke customer switched to White Cloud in 2017 when the brand discontinued its nicotine-free option and couldn’t be happier with the design and vapor production compared to Green Smoke: 
On ClearDraw MAX: I switched to these when Green Smoke stopped offering 0% nicotine, and after trying V2 (tanks had a “plastic” taste). I love the ClearDraw MAX–the soft feel and way more vapor than Green Smoke or V2.

Discontinued GreenSmoke Flavors White Cloud E-Liquid Replacement
Classic Regular Tobacco Flavor
Menthol Ice Menthol, Zero K Menthol, Mint To Be
Signature Red Apache Tobacco Flavor
Smooth Cream Whippin’ Good

Comparable Flavors to Vuse Ecigs

Vuse was launched by R.J. Reynolds in 2013 and held the number 1 spot for convenience store e-cigs from 2015 to 2017, when Juul took over. One Vuse customer gave White Cloud a try when the company recalled its Vibe e-cig line in 2018 due to fire risks: 
On the Fling Wide MiniWhen they recalled the Vuse vibes, I was upset. My sister got me to try these(Fling Wide Minis) and I will not be going back when they re-release them. White Cloud has gained my business, for good.

Vuse Flavors White Cloud E-Liquid Replacement
Original Regular Tobacco Flavor
Rich Tobacco Apache Tobacco Flavor
Menthol Menthol
Fusion Fraise Creme
Melon What A Melon
Mint Zero K Menthol, Mint To Be
Nectar Grand Ambrosia
Crema Whippin’ Good

Comparable Flavors for Juul Ecigs

The Juul e-cig was launched by Pax Labs in 2015 and has become very popular with the younger generation, making the brand one of the main targets of the FDA’s initiative to end youth vaping. To get ahead of the FDA, Juul pulled all flavored e-cigs from convenience stores in November 2018. This Juul customer also uses White Cloud and has determined White Cloud to be the better choice: 
On ClearDraw MAXI have both Juul & White Cloud. White Cloud is a better choice.

Juul Flavors White Cloud E-Liquid Replacement
Virginia Tobacco Atlantic Cut Tobacco Flavor
Mint Zero K Menthol, Mint To Be
Classic Tobacco Regular Tobacco Flavor
Mango Mango Tango
Creme Whippin’ Good
Menthol Menthol
Fruit The Orchard

Comparable Flavors for Njoy Ecigs

One of the first independent e-cigarette companies to hit the American market, NJoy Inc. nearly closed its doors for good when the company filed for bankruptcy in 2016. But by February 2017, NJoy Inc. had been acquired by NJoy LLC and was able to raise enough funds to stay in business. NJoy is still available, but when it comes to flavor and vapor production, these customers prefer White Cloud:  
On Vanilla ClearDraw MAXSwitched from NJoy to these! No complaints! Great flavor!On the Fling Original 10 PackHave tried Njoy and these so far, and I much prefer the Flings. Flings last A LOT longer and also are much more consistent….the vapor lasts, the flavor lasts, unlike the NJoy which lose their potency quickly. Im still going through all the flavors, but so far Atlantic Cut Tobacco is my fav. Customer service is top notch. Ordered on a Monday, they arrived on Wednesday. Overall a great product at a great price. 

Njoy Flavors White Cloud E-Liquid Replacement
Rich Tobacco Apache Tobacco Flavor, Atlantic Cut Tobacco Flavor
Cool Menthol Menthol, Zero K Menthol
Classic Tobacco Regular Tobacco Flavor
Tropical Twist Mango Tango, orAngelic
Watermelon What A Melon
Apple Crisp The Orchard
Watermelon Twist What A Melon

Comparable Flavors for Blu Ecigs

Blu was released by tobacco giant Imperial Brands in 2009. This is the brand you’d see actors like Stephen Dorff and Jenny McCarthy vaping in magazine ads and television commercials. While the sleek design and celebrity appeal made Blu one of the most recognizable e-cig brands, some customers found them to be a bit lacking after trying White Cloud: 
On the Bora Bora Tobacco Fling OriginalHI’ve used all kinds of vaping products. blu rechargeables, vaporizers with too many parts to keep track of, and simple throw-always. These are hands down the best e-cigarettes out there. They last long, have good throat hit, and are so simple to use. If I didn’t buy them myself, I would think the price would be more expensive. These are so affordable. As far as this flavor, it does taste like tobacco, but there’s an aftertaste that I can’t quote explain. Almost like a light taste of piña colada. I would definitely recommend these to anybody. Plus the customer service has been top notch on any issue or question that I have had. Keep it up, White Cloud!On the Espresso flavorYou nailed this one. Even in the light strength, the coffee flavor is soft, savory, not bitter like some real Italian espresso or some I’ve had in the south of France. I’ve tried many brands who think theirs tastes like coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and even latte lovers, you will enjoy this. This is my absolute favorite ecig and I love White Cloud. I was with Blu ecigs and nothing has matched the quality, performance, strength, flavor match, and best customer service you can find in the e-cig market. Must mention the pricing is so much better, and their shipping is unbeatable, fast and inexpensive too. I’m glad I dropped Blu and moved to WC. Thanks to everybody at White Cloud because I’m really enjoying 10 different flavors now that actually taste like they should. Every other brand I tried went right in the trash can including V2, Vapor Couture, BLU ecigs and a few others not worth mentioning. I will never pick up a real cigarette ever again. Awesome.

Blu E-cig Flavors White Cloud E-Liquid Replacement
Classic Tobacco Regular Tobacco Flavor, Atlantic Cut Tobacco Flavor
Gold Leaf Cavendish Tobacco Flavor
Magnificent Menthol Menthol
Honeymoon The Hive
Neon Dream Fraise Creme, orAngelic
Tobacco Chill Menthol
Melon Time What A Melon
Citra Zing orAngelic
Polar Mint Zero K Menthol
Vivid Vanilla Vanilla
Green Apple The Orchard
Carolina Bold Bora Bora Tobacco Flavor
Mango Apricot Mango Tango
Mint Chocolate Mint To Be
Caramel Cafe Copper Kettle
Strawberry Mint Fraise Creme

Comparable Flavors for Halo Ecigs

Halo was founded by Nicopure Labs in 2009 and offers a variety of vapor products, from e-liquids and nicotine salts to mods and cig-a-likes. The brand is well-known for producing a variety of e-cig flavors for the mod community; however, it appears that White Cloud’s e-liquid is resonating with sub-ohm vapers, as noted by this customer: 
On the Bora Bora Tobacco flavorI must have tried over 100 different tobacco flavours in the last 2 years and NOTHING has compared to Bora Bora. I have been vaping Bora Bora all day, I could not even wait to let it steep, and it’s the first time i have been satisfied with a vape in a LONG time. Killer throat hit, but smooth, and just a hint of exotic flavour to the tobacco, but WITHOUT any of the horrible floral and perfume taste that brands like Halo have. I am currently using it in an aspire nautilus at 1.8 ohms, and 12 watts. It’s heaven in a vape. Absolutely marvelous tobacco flavour, there is no other e juice like it on the market. Nothing. For tobacco lovers, this is the answer to all day vaping. Pure perfection, I can’t rate it any higher. 10/10 and then some.

Halo E-cig Flavors White Cloud E-Liquid Replacement
Turkish Tobacco Regular Tobacco Flavor, Cherry Black Tobacco Flavor
Torque56 Apache Tobacco Flavor
Tribeca Cavendish Tobacco Flavor
Menthol Ice Menthol
SubZero Zero K Menthol
Prime15 Bora Bora Tobacco Flavor
Mystic Mint To Be
Belgian Cocoa Chocolate
Malibu Mango Tango, orAngelic
Kringles Curse Zero K Menthol

Comparable Flavors for South Beach Smoke Ecigs

South Beach Smoke was founded in South Florida in 2010. The brand’s cig-a-like and prefilled tanks were designed to look exactly like a tobacco cigarette – gold filter and all – and their disposable e-cigs only come in two flavors: Classic Tobacco and Menthol. This vaper tried a range of disposable electronic cigarettes, from South Beach to Blu, before finding full satisfaction at White Cloud: 
On the Fling Original 10 PackI LOVE WC FLINGS!! I have tried Blu, Njoy, Vuse, Greensmoke, Halo, South Beach Smoke, Bull Smoke and Vapor Fi. To me, WC Flings Disposables are the only e-cigs that have satisfied me. I even prefer Flings over the WC rechargeable Cirrus. The packaging is awesome, and each Fling tastes fresh with each new e-cig. They last so much longer than other disposables for only a fraction of the cost. I will be ordering more. It’s been fun to experiment with different flavors too and the vapor is amazing. I think I finally found something that will get me OFF of my 20-year Marlboro Light habit. WC, PLEASE DO NOT STOP MAKING FLINGS.

South Beach Smoke Flavors White Cloud E-Liquid Replacement
Tobacco Classic Regular Tobacco Flavor
Tobacco Blue Atlantic Cut Tobacco Flavor
Golden Tobacco Apache Tobacco Flavor
Menthol Menthol
Double Apple The Orchard
Grape Muscat Blanc
Orange Mint orAngelic
Tobacco Mint Mint To Be
Watermelon What A Melon
Chocolate Chocolate
Vanilla Vanilla
Peppermint Zero K Menthol
Pina Colada Grand Ambrosia