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white cloud disposable e-cigs
July 23, 2020

Find Puff Bar Replacements at White Cloud

If you’ve been to the Puff Bar website recently, then you’ve probably already seen this message:   “Puff Bar has ceased all online sales & distribution in the U.S. until further notice.”   The site doesn’t offer any explanation as to why, although you can […]

FDA Vaping Flavor Ban Update 2019
January 16, 2020

Vaping Flavor Ban Update: It Could Be Worse

After months of anticipating a full flavor ban, the FDA’s Final Guidance for e-cig regulations brings a small sigh of relief to the vaping industry.

Legal Age to Purchase Tobacco Now 21

Latest Spending Bill Increases Legal Age to Purchase Tobacco Nationwide

After years of constantly shifting, varying age restrictions across the nation, the legal age to purchase tobacco products is now 21 under federal law.

FDA 2019 Flavor Ban
November 6, 2019

The Land of the Free to Become the Home of Adults Who Can’t Vape Flavors

The vaping industry is on pins and needles awaiting the Trump Administration’s announcement of the FDA’s flavor ban expected this week.

Judges Block Flavor Bans
October 31, 2019

Statewide Flavor Bans Are Going Up in Smoke

From New York to Montana, judges are now blocking states from using executive orders to enforce bans on flavored vaping products.

VTA Sues FDA Over 2020 PMTA Deadline
October 29, 2019

Vapor Technology Association Responds to New PMTA Deadline

The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) has filed yet another lawsuit against the FDA regarding PMTA deadlines and vaping regulations.

Judge Rules in Favor of 2020 PMTA Deadline
October 17, 2019

Here Comes The Judge: Ruling Moves PMTA Submission Deadline to 2020

A judge ruling on a new PMTA deadline sent shockwaves through the vaping industry, with vape businesses scrambling to meet the new deadline in May 2020.

About Tobacco 21
October 15, 2019

Tobacco 21 Campaign Gains Traction Nationwide

Tobacco 21, a national campaign aimed at raising the minimum age for tobacco sales to 21, is gaining traction across the U.S. with its main target on vaping.

Massachusetts Vaping Ban
September 25, 2019

Another State Bans Vaping – And It’s Not Just Flavors

With the recent lung illnesses and concerns over youth vaping, emergency vaping bans are happening – and up next is a statewide vaping ban in Massachusetts.

Vape Flavor Bans Rising in U.S.
September 17, 2019

A Flurry of Flavored Vaping Bans is Forcing Vapers Back to Tobacco

We’ve all seen the news. Headline after headline… “Outbreak of Lung Disease Associated with E-Cigarette Use, or Vaping” says the CDC. “Sixth Person Dies of Severe Lung Illness, CDC Says to Stop Vaping as They Investigate 450 Cases” says “Cases of Vaping-Related Lung Illness […]