E-Cigs and Nicotine: Best Nicotine Strengths for Heavy Smokers

August 26, 2014

One of the most common questions we get from both existing and potential customers is about our wide range of nicotine strengths. As most White Cloud customers know, one of the biggest factors that sets our nicotine options apart from the rest, aside from the way we calculate nicotine measurements, is by offering some of the highest levels of quality nicotine in both our rechargeable e-cig cartridges and disposable e-cigs. While most businesses in the vaping industry offer up to 2.4% nicotine by volume (NBV), we offer two of the best levels for satisfying even the heaviest of smokers: 3.6% and 5.4%. As stated, these are higher levels than most – if any – of our competitors offer. And, to be quite honest, they’re not for everyone. But, for heavier smokers and vapers, it’s a notable benefit. Hear me out…

When is High Nicotine Needed?

I can hear the detractors already claiming, “You’re trying to keep us hooked on nicotine so we vape more and buy more products!” Actually, it’s quite the opposite.

As we’ve mentioned in other posts, one of the biggest reasons people go back to tobacco after trying e-cigs is lack of satisfaction. In these situations, smokers try e-cigs and immediately find themselves puffing more frequently than they would smoke, because an advertised e-cig nicotine strength wasn’t quelling those cravings. As these people puff away, they burn through disposables and/or cartridges at an increased rate, costing them more and satisfying them less. It’s a frustrating pattern that usually results in the return to tobacco.

Our higher strengths were formulated to avoid this situation. While both of our higher levels are flavorful and enjoyable, the increased strength provides a very intense vaping throat hit upon inhalation, while simultaneously delivering the nicotine a heavy smoker needs to satiate these cravings.

High Nicotine is Not for Everyone

If you’re a casual, infrequent smoker, you probably don’t want to start at these levels. The throat hit would likely be far too harsh and intense, and the nicotine level would be more than you probably need. However, at these levels, even the heaviest smokers and vapers will immediately get the sensations they desire, and will subsequently use the product less frequently, leading to more satisfaction and lower costs.

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Maybe it’s not the most profitable short-term business model, but that doesn’t matter. We’d much rather provide long-term enjoyment and satisfaction. In other words, we don’t want you blowing through cartridges or Flings at a breakneck pace – we want you to enjoy your White Cloud experience, at a frequency that satisfies you.

More importantly, for those looking to increase or step down nicotine levels or quit nicotine altogether, White Cloud’s strength options give you the ability to do so without making a leap to a level that proves harsh or unsatisfying. So, before you throw away that e-cig because you’re unsatisfied, consider the nicotine level you choose, and how a slight adjustment can make a huge difference in your experience.