6 Holiday Gifts to Help Kick the Habit

December 8, 2017

The holidays are only a few short weeks away, and everyone is scrambling to get gifts purchased and wrapped for everyone on their list. There’s no better feeling than giving a gift that the person is actually going to use, and it’s even better when it’s something that can help improve their well-being. For the cigarette smoker in your life, or one who has been struggling with quitting for a while, here’s some suggestions for holiday gifts by the White Cloud team that will help them kick the habit for good!


For the Smoker Who Really Wants to Stop

White Cloud Cirrus Starter Kit with Mini Tanks & E LiquidHow is Nicotine Used Today?

The Cirrus Starter Kit comes with everything that a user will need to get started with vaping. Utilizing our mini tank system with White Cloud’s e-liquids gives the user the full “throat hit” that they’ll be craving, while allowing the user to customize their flavors or nicotine levels as they begin to adjust to life without cigarettes. Keep an eye out on the White Cloud website for Cirrus Starter Kit special offers, which usually run through the holidays and into the New Year.

View our entire lineup of Cirrus Starter Kits here.

For the “I Only Smoke When I’m Driving” Smoker


While this may sound more like a gag gift, we stumbled across a Buzzfeed post about how people quit smoking cigarettes, and the harmonica suggestion was too good to not share in this blog! BuzzFeed user RaymondK4 packed a harmonica in his car for a cross-country drive from California to Connecticut, and would bust out a tune every time a craving for a cigarette hit.

Here’s a cool harmonica made by Fender for only $12!

For the Smoker Who Doesn’t Want to be Seen Vaping

Fling Wide MiniFling Disposables

The Fling Wide Mini is one of the best disposable electronic cigarettes currently available on the market. While the Fling Wide Mini measures in at just over 3 inches long, don’t let it’s size fool you. This portable e cigarette packs 2 mL of e-liquid into each device, providing users with a satisfying hit and an impressive vapor cloud after each drag. The best part of the Fling Wide Mini is that it’s small size allows it to easily be concealed in your hand.

Check out the Fling Wide Mini line of disposable electronic cigarettes here.

For the Ex-Smoker Who Wants to Get Back in Shape

Fitbit Activity Tracker

Activity tracker devices have been a hot holiday item for the past few years now, and industry leader Fitbit continues to lead the charge with 7 unique offerings this season. The lower end Fitbit devices will track basic wellness data, such as number of steps taken, number of floors climbed, and amount of calories burned. The higher end of Fitbit’s product line functions similarly to a smart watch, and are packed with features such as GPS, heart rate monitors, MP3 storage capability, and sleep tracking. Users are able to track their process through the Fitbit app, which year after year, is ranked one of top fitness apps for Apple and Android devices.

Learn more about Fitbit here.

For the Ex-Smoker Who Needs to Improve their Diet

JuicerE-Cigarette Flavors

It’s very rare to find a cigarette smoker who also maintains a well-rounded diet. For those who recently kicked the habit, it can be overwhelming to worry about fighting off cravings and getting in regular workouts on top of eating the right amount of fruits and veggies. A juicer solves that problem in less than 10 seconds, pulverizing delicious fruits and veggies into healthy homemade juices. There’s no easier way to get a fruit and veggie fix in!

This Breville Juicer is the #1 ranked juicer on Amazon at the time of publication.

For the Ex-Smoker Who is Now in Better Shape than You

Workout Apparel

Everyone’s heard the saying “(insert fitness regiment) is my DRUG!” Without getting into a full-blown biology lesson, they aren’t completely wrong in making a statement like that. The brain actually does release endorphins during workouts, which many refer to as a “runner’s high.” For ex-smokers who are getting back into fitness, it’s often what keeps them coming back time and time again.

Make sure they’re comfortable during their workouts by gifting some apparel from brands like Under Armor, Lululemon, and Gymshark, or footwear from industry leaders such as Nike, Asics, and Hoka.