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Whether you're a heavy smoker or only light up when the mood strikes, White Cloud has an electronic cigarette to suit your needs. With a range of products and flavors to satisfy even the most discerning smoker, White Cloud's lineup of industry-leading e-cigarette products includes:

  • 18 unique flavors, from authentic tobacco and menthols, to exciting options for more exotic tastes.
  • 3 battery sizes and numerous finish and ash tip types, to match your vaping style.
  • Fling and Fling MINI disposable e-cigarettes, for full-flavored, long-lasting White Cloud satisfaction, in a convenient disposable.
  • ClearDraw cartridges that simply last longer, taste better, and offer a more realistic smoking experience.
  • A wide range of ChargeBolt and Squid chargers and adapters, to ensure you always have a fully charged Cirrus ready to go!
  • A huge selection of accessories to make your White Cloud your own, completely personalized to match your style.
  • We get it. You're interested in trying a premier White Cloud electronic cigarette, but aren't ready to commit to a Starter Kit. Or maybe you're an experienced vaper but don't want to carry your chargers with you for a night out. Don't worry - no matter which camp you're in, we have you covered!

    Our individually wrapped Fling and Fling MINI disposables are the perfect way to get full-flavored e-cig satisfaction, with no muss, no fuss and no worry. Just open, inhale and enjoy! Our Fling and Fling MINI e-cigarettes offer you:

    • 19 unique flavors - more than any other disposable e-cig on the market.
    • 2 size options - whether you want a longer battery life of the standard Fling, or the discretion and authentic cigarette size of the Fling MINI, there's a Fling to meet your needs.
    • Long lasting flavor - 300+ puffs on the Fling and more than 150 puffs for the Fling MINI - that far surpasses our competition.
    • Top-quality e-liquid that gives you smooth, delicious vapor from first puff to last.
    • Convenient bulk packs of 10, 25 and 100 to ensure you're never without a Fling to grab and go, or to share with a friend.
  • When you're ready to experience the best of what White Cloud has to offer, it's time to check out our selection of premium, customizable e-cig Starter Kits. Build your perfect vaping setup from our wide range of battery sizes, ash tips and flavor options. Whether you want your e-cig to stand out from the crowd, or desire a more discreet experience, the choice is yours.

    With a White Cloud Starter Kit, you'll get:

    • 3 unique battery sizes, from the popular Cirrus 2, to the compact and discreet Cirrus 3, all the way to the long-lasting Cirrus 3X, we have the options to match your vaping preferences.
    • 3 distinct battery colors, from classic white, to sleek brushed metal and black finishes.
    • 4 ash tip option, from flashy crystal to a no-light black tip, for more discreet vapers.
    • The exciting Squid charger, which allows you to rapidly charge up to three Cirrus batteries in next to no time at all!
    • Your choice of any 5-pack of tasty, unique ClearDraw cartridges, in whichever flavor and nicotine strength you want.
    • Choice of US or European compatible wall adapters.
  • Flavor. Vapor. Longevity. Enjoyment - these are the things that vapers demand from the e-cigarette cartridges. White Cloud delivers.

    Whether you choose our leading ClearDraw cartridges, or prefer the more discreet, but still satisfying Invisi-Vapor experience, only White Cloud brings you pure smoking satisfaction with so many choices.

    • ClearDraw cartridges feature the smoothest, most flavorful draw of any e-cigarette on the market, available in any of our 17 exciting flavor varieties and 6 nicotine strengths.
    • Invisi-Vapor cartridges offer the same vaping enjoyment, with 95% less visible vapor than standard cartridges, in our classic tobacco or smooth menthol flavors, and 4 nicotine strengths.
    • Proprietary designs that ensure you get more flavor and vapor with every puff, with none of the chemical, burnt taste of other brands.
    • The longest-lasting cartridges on the market today. With nearly 400+ puffs per cartridge, no company matches the value and satisfaction of White Cloud.
  • This is it, folks - the finest e-cigarette battery technology available today. White Cloud's Cirrus line of batteries represent the pinnacle of electronic cigarette development, and offer you more power, consistency and longevity than any of our competitors.

    Sleek, distinct and affordable, the Cirrus brings you unparalleled e-cig satisfaction, with enough personalization options to appease any e-cig user:

    • 3 finish types - classic white, brushed metal or sleek black - to match your style and personality.
    • 4 ash tip types - standard gray, sparkling crystal, unique chrome or discreet black - to perfectly pair with your choice of Cirrus.
    • 3 battery sizes - from the subtle Cirrus 3 to the long lasting 3X - to meet your vaping needs.
    • Need more personalization? Check out our extensive line of Vapor Jackets and custom accessories!
  • Today, we probably spend more time charging our electronic devices than using them. White Cloud wants to change that.

    With our all-encompassing line of chargers and adapters, you're able to charge your Cirrus batteries faster and more efficiently than ever before, so you spend more time enjoying your e-cigs, and less time waiting.

    • The Squid Smart Charger features 3 charging heads while using just one USB slot, allowing you to recharge more batteries at once, saving both time and valuable desk space.
    • If you just need to charge one Cirrus, our ChargeBolt gets the job done in a fraction of the time of competing chargers, ensuring your e-cig is ready to go when you are.
    • Our stylish AC adapters come in both US and EU styles, so your Cirrus is there for you, here or overseas.
    • Our low profile Car adapter offers full-powered charging, in a sleek, attractive design that doesn't clutter your ride with awkward, oversized devices or wires.
  • Your White Cloud electronic cigarette says a lot about you. It says you're dedicated to making a change for the better. It reflects your personality. It tells the world you won't settle for second best, especially when it comes to your satisfaction.

    Your e-cigarette accessories are no exception. With White Cloud's extensive line of personalized carrying cases, lanyards and even battery skins, there's no reason your e-cig can't be the perfect extension of your personal style.

    • Handy and convenient carrying cases - to hold any combination of batteries, cartridges, chargers or even Fling MINIs - in your choice of 14 color choices, 13 textured animal skin prints, or 2 Italian Leather designs.
    • 12 unique Vapor Jacket collections, each containing 7 individual skin designs, that allow you to add any number of diverse, eclectic style to your e-cig, while simultaneously protecting it from wear and tear!
    • Our one-of-a-kind Shotgun Tips allow you to boost your vaping experience with 1, 2, or even 3 Cirrus batteries at once! Combine different flavors or maximize vapor and throat hit with these comfortable, durable rubber tips.
    • Fling MINI Carrying Cases help keep your smaller disposable e-cigs safe and secure, so you never need to worry about bending or breaking them in your pocket.
    • Our E-Cig Lanyards ensure your Cirrus or Fling disposables never get lost, and never get damaged by sticking them in your jeans or shirt pocket.

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